Cleaning When Depressed – How to Clean Your Messy House

Why is it so hard for depressed people to
clean? That’s a great question and we’re going to
talk about that today. Hi there, I’m Angela Brown and this is Ask
a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house
cleaning question and I get to help you find an answer. Now today’s show is brought to us by And there are a whole bunch of professionals
that service the home. So, if you find yourself depressed and you
are not able to actually make a dent in the cleaning yourself, you can find somebody who
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to window washers, professional organizers, there’s junk and hoarding removal, there are
house cleaners, there’s a whole bunch of people that are designated to help you get your place
back up to a living standard. All right, on to today’s show which is from
a homeowner who wants to know why is it so hard to clean when you’re depressed. Well, that’s a great questions because when
you’re depressed, there’s a whole bunch of other stuff that’s going on and cleaning house
is not a priority. The priorities are eating and exercising and
taking a shower. And it’s very difficult for a really depressed
person to even get out of bed in the morning. When you get out of bed in the morning, you
feel like you’ve just been hit by a Mack truck and so cleaning up your house isn’t even on
the radar. That’s one of the reasons it’s so hard to
clean when you’re depressed. All right, what happens to a depressed person
is things slide. When you take off your clothes, you don’t
feel like putting them away so they go on the floor or on the back of a chair or the
back of a sofa. And they just keep piling up. Along with the piling up, there is a lot of
guilt associated with that because you know you should pick up after yourself and you
know you should put things away. So you feel guilty because, “Oh, I don’t feel
doing it,” and then you feel bad. And with the feeling bad, that creates more
depression. And so it’s kind of a vicious cycle that feeds
itself. Then along with the stuff that’s left around,
there’s also other stuff that gets neglected. So instead of scouring out of the bottoms
of the bathtubs and the shower pan when you’re done taking a shower, it’s easy to neglect
that until it becomes overwhelming and just mucky. If things are mucky, it doesn’t inspire you
to go take a shower because you get in there and there’s mold growing around the bottom
of the shower pan or the bottom of your bathtub. And so there’s no inspiration because you
don’t feel clean when you’re inside there. And then other things pile up in the bathroom
and you have leftover shampoo bottles and hairspray bottles and things that are strewn
about and there’s no energy to try to clean those things up. So it’s very hard to be depressed, but it’s
very hard just to live a day-to-day life. So, one of the things that I would recommend
if you’re having a problem cleaning your house because you are depressed, number one, don’t
worry about cleaning the house right now. Cleaning the entire house right now is going
to be an overwhelming task and it’s only going to get worse if you start to unravel things
and you don’t get them put away. It’s only going to feed the guilt and the
frustration that you already have. So my suggestion for you is this, you have
to take care of yourself first. You cannot take care of your house, you cannot
take care of your family until you can take care of yourself first. So if you’re having a hard time cleaning,
forget about the cleaning for a minute. Get out of bed, get on a pair of shoes and
get out the door and go for a brisk walk. It’s going to be one of the hardest things
that you do because you do not feel like it. But once you get out and you start walking,
and I’m not talking about sauntering along the road, I’m talking about a brisk walk. If you get out and you start going for a brisk
walk, that’s going to activate a bunch of neurons in your brain and you’re going to
get oxygen flowing through your blood and it’s going to help you breathe better and
it’s going to build self-confidence. When you exercise, you feel better because
you release endorphins. It’s a natural drug, it doesn’t cost anything
and going for a walk is absolutely free. So my recommendation to you is get out and
go for a walk first. When you come back from your walk, before
you take a shower, do one small task. One small task like washing the dishes. That’s it. Don’t clean up the whole kitchen. Don’t put all the food away. Don’t worry about going through the cupboards. Don’t try to do everything at once, do one
small task. That’s it. Go for a walk and do one small task. Once you’ve cleaned up the dishes, now the
goal is to maintain those dishes. That’s it. Just one small responsibility, do the dishes. And so every meal, do the dishes, that’s it. It’s easy. The rest of your house can be chaotic for
a minute, that’s okay. The important thing is that we take care of
you and you do one small task. If you feel better and time will happen if
you keep exercising and you keep going for a brisk walk every single day, you may come
back and feel like doing two things. And it might take a couple of weeks to get
up to this point. It’s going to be a slow progression. But when you get to the point of you feel
like doing something else, then add one more small task to your plate. And this might be when you take off your clothes,
instead of putting them on the floor, even if you’re tripping over clothes and there’s
stuff all over the floor, take these clothes that you just took off and hang them up or
put them in the hamper. Make it a point to do one small thing in addition
to what you’re already doing. And so now it might be the clothes. So when you take the clothes off now, the
clothes that you’re wearing go inside the hamper or they get hung up. And like I say, there may be stuff strewn
all about, don’t worry about that stuff right now. We’re going to do the dishes and we’re going
to hang up the clothes after you wear them. And so, if we do small, small tasks, we can
build until we’re doing more and more. There may come a time when you decide you
want to hire someone to come help you. The problem is that most people that are depressed
don’t hire house cleaners for this reason. There’s a lot of guilt associated with having
someone else come in your house and see how you live. And so because of the shame and the frustration
and the anxiety, some people will call house cleaners and then they cancel on the house
cleaner before the house cleaner gets there because they’re so ashamed and they’re so
fearful. I don’t know why, but in my experience over
the last almost 30 years, my experience is a lot of depression and this frustration and
shame comes from one of two things. It comes from a home where the parents were
uber tidy. They were like super, super, super tidy and
they demanded that the rooms were always clean and that there was never anything out of place. And so it’s almost a revolt against the parent. As an adult, these kid have grown up now and
they’re like, “I am not cleaning up my space.” And because their place has become busy or
messy, then they get frustrated and depressed and like I say, it’s a cycle that feeds itself. The other one, ironically, comes from church
crowds. There are people that grow up in the church,
they go to church every Sunday of their lives and I’m not knocking religion, but there’s
a thread of, “I am not worthy,” and I don’t know where it comes from but it’s very thick
in the church organization group. So, people that grew up in the church or maybe
their parents were ministers or they were very involved in the church, what happens
is they go to church every Sunday and they hear that they are sinners and they need to
repent and they are not worthy and they are worthy of all these things and they internalize
that. And so, they go home and they feel like, “Well,
I’m not worthy to have a clean house. I’m not worthy to have a beautiful home. I don’t deserve to clean up after myself.” They put all this shame and guilt on themselves. There’s really no bearing in that whatsoever. That might be a broken tape that you are given
as a small child or even sitting, listening in church services Sunday after Sunday that
you are not worthy. Well, the good news is, and I’m here to break
the news to you, that you are in fact worthy. If you’re on this planet, somebody created
you and you are worthy of being here. Now, if you take a small child and the small
child is in his crib and he’s crying. If you are the parent you are like, “Oh, hey,
my kid is crying.” And so you go and you feed the child. And then when the kid dirties his diaper,
he stands and he cries or whatever, you go and you change the diaper. The kid doesn’t say, “Oh, hang on dad, I’m
not worthy. You know, wait until I get my life in order
and then you can feed and change me.” That’s weird, right? It doesn’t happen that way, even a tiny child
is worthy of love and attention and you know, a clean house and clean space and clean diapers
and food and all these things. Even a tiny child, so as a grown adult with
all of these skills and information that you have, with all the resources that we’ve been
given, you are worthy and you deserve a clean place to stay. And so, if you are in a state of depression
because you feel bad, that is an illness that needs to be dealt with. However you deal with that, there are a variety
of different ways, there are a variety of different books, there are podcasts, there
are things you can do. The very first thing I would request that
you do is get out of the house and go for a walk. And go for a walk every single day from here
through the rest of your life. Because if you get out and you go for a brisk
walk, you get away from it all. You get a chance to clear your head. You get a chance to release those endorphins,
to get some exercise, and to get the oxygen flowing through your body because you are
worthy. The next thing that I would recommend, and
this again is free, it doesn’t cost any money. But most people have a smart phone. On the smart phone there are apps that allow
you to record messages. I need you to record a message to yourself
that says, “I am worthy. I deserve a clean place to stay.” And then record it as if you’ve already accomplished it. “My house is beautiful and it’s clean and
it’s shiny and it’s polished and I love waking up in the morning and I bounce out of bed
with energy.” And say it as if you have already accomplished
those things. Here’s what happens, if you listen to it over
and over and over and over again, what happens is your mind starts to believe it and then
your mind starts to go in search of things that make that true. So when you wake up in the morning, instead
of feeling like, “Oh, I just got hit by this truck and I’m so exhausted.” You wake up and you’re like, “Hey, I feel
great!” Because you’ve told your unconscious mind
and your conscious mind a multiplicity of times that you bounce out of bed like toast. And you feel great in the morning when you
get up and you are ready to take on the day. And then what happens is, your unconscious
mind starts to produce those results. So even if your house is trashed, even if
you’ve got mold growing in the corners of your showers and you feel unloved and unworthy
and all these things, if you will listen to a tape and it’s great if it’s in your voice
because your mind, your unconscious mind recognizes your voice. You keep telling yourself things over and
over and over and your mind has become accustomed to listening to your voice. So if you will make a tape in your voice and
you play it over and over and over again, it will start to bounce you out of the cycle
that you’re in and it will start to create a new cycle for you and you will start to
reprogram the way that you feel about yourself. Because if you feel unloved and you feel unworthy
and you feel like you don’t deserve a clean place, you’re wrong! The good news is, you’re wrong. You do deserve it. If you are here on this earth, you deserve
a clean place to stay and you deserve however you get there. Whether you hire someone or whether you do
it yourself or whether you enlist the help from family and friends or church friends,
whatever. I don’t care how you do it, but over a period
of time you will start to recreate the space that you’re in to have it be in alignment
with the stories that you’re telling yourself. So if the tape that you’re listening to is
old, if it’s broken, if it doesn’t apply to you anymore and if it’s not how you want to
live, you do have the power to change it. And it may not be easy and it may not be instantaneous. It may take some time. But if you will start by getting out and going
for a walk, that will be a starting point for you that will revolutionize the rest of
your life, I promise you that. All right, that’s it for today. Until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.

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  1. are there really cleaners who tackle extremely messy homes? Everyone I see is about cleaning already clean and organized homes. I feel like no one would be willing to help me get it together. I think if I could get it cleaned and get rid of a bunch of stuff then I could function better and have someone regularly come in a keep it up But, I wouldnt know who to ask.

  2. I agree with most of this. The religion stuff I don’t think there is anything to back that up as it pertains to not cleaning.

  3. I suffer with depression and anxiety, my house is an absolute mess! I cant motivate for the life of me 😥


  5. What you said about being raised in a super clean house is definitly true for me. My mum has always kept a super clean home and my step dad was a bully to me growing up and i'd get punished for leaving my shoes out or not making my bed etc etc.

  6. I'm just a tad overwhelmed (understatement) after a difficult, long move to a place I don't know, to a lifestyle that's far removed from my Pacific NW home and culture. I'm chronically ill so the move and everything involved, really demolished me physically. When I arrived, I was greeted with a home we inherited and never saw before. It is beyond filthy. I had a bit of a breakdown and my health took a turn, so I spent 6 months in bed. The family who lived here before we arrived never, ever cleaned it. I'm serious. Thick gluey grease is dripping off of every surface of the kitchen. Ceilings, floors, walls. It looks like a stalagmite cave! Or, better, those amber sap things that were in Jurassic Park! The kind of grease that's been on there so long, it's hardened. I've cleaned half a cupboard door in the 6 months I've been here, using every cleaning supply I have and all the elbow grease I can spare. I don't say this for dramatic effect. Anyhoo…just sittin' here, months later, sitting out in literally nowhere and I still have a ton of boxes to unpack, unorganization to the max and a filthy house I can't do much about due to health. I want to torch it!

  7. When I got a warning from my landlord that if I didn’t clean up I would be evicted. I finally kicked my ass into high gear and cleaned my entire apartment in 2 days. It took so many trash bags I’m embarrassed about it. But I did it all on my own. But here I am again my apartment is a mess (not as bad as before) but I feel zero motivation to clean it. I hate it, I used to be super super clean. But then just all the sudden I slipped into a massive depression.

  8. Wow this is me 100%… But cleaning is always on my mind I just can't get there to were I want to get up and clean… I do not take antidepressants because I don't want to be dependent on them either… So I just fource myself to be OK and clean so me house isn't a mess

  9. It's a vicious cycle…messy home makes you more depressed because it's all so overwhelming. Great advice!

  10. Thank you. Feeling inspired. I had an abusive relationship for 13 years where I did everything for him and myself. The relationship broke down and so did the cleaning around me. I suspected I may get depressed but never wanted to acknowledge it. So I am drowning in a lot to do and ashamed I'm in this mess and trying to get out. I stumbled across your video whilst looking for "where to start, when every room is a mess" – I now feel inspired- thank you so much x

  11. Wow this is great advice. I didn’t realize i stressed myself out by forcing myself to think about cleaning my entire house in one day. I have major depression & i get into this cycle of getting mad at myself & feeling worthless that im not up & being productive at all times. Im starting to ask myself, can you put this one thing away? Can you clear this desk? And even doing something so simple feels like more of an accomplishment than laying down thinking about all the things i have to clean

  12. I thought living alone was the problem. After listening to this presentation I see more clearly what is really going on with me.
    I noticed feeling very worn out and aching this morning. As soon as I went shopping (walking) I felt normal again. So yes to taking a walk! So yes to just taking one thing at first. So yes To gradually building a better belief system.

  13. Yes to taking a walk, yes to doing one task when you get home. Yes to gradually creating a better belief system.

  14. Angela, you are far more than a cleaning guru. You have the power to change people's lives!! Your video is amazing… when I watched your video and read the comments below, I seriously cried, because I'm a really good person, but I've been stuck in a deep rut of depression which I can't seem to get myself out of. Your video took away the guilt, the shame, and precisely, kindly and gently gave me the simple steps I needed to take the first steps to get out of depression. God bless you! You are destined to a higher calling for helping and changing so many people's lives with your deep insight, wisdom, grace, compassion and kindness.

    Did you ever record the tape? Thank you so much Angela!!

  15. I'm so happy Angela that you talk about the connection between depression and mess. I have been sad and not cleaning the way I used to. Going out for that walk to reboot myself. Thanks for the inspiration.

  16. On another note, I was raised in an immaculate home, my mom always wanted to clean every nook & cranny, I just want my home to look presentable, plus I have depression and I hate cleaning because it makes me feel like I need to clean the same way my mom did, but her level of cleanliness is unreasonable!!! U nailed that!

  17. Angela this is excellent. I love your presentation skills and your information is amazing who ever thought someone thought they were not worthy so they had a messy house. You are a true professional I believe you, you have more experience than any shrink I am sure. Real experience gained in your 30 years instead of our of a text book. Subbed

  18. In addition, a continuous flood of bad life circumstances can cause depression which makes it difficult to take care of yourself and clean, and be part of society again. Life just became too overwhelming and withdrawal depression food addictions Etc follow sometimes

  19. The Father's unconditional love movement has been hitting many churches the past 10 years. I am very thankful for that

  20. I just want to say thank you.
    I don't want to sound melodramatic but you have no idea how much this video has saved me, from myself and my crushing self loathing, just hearing that I'm not alone in this plight eases my sole incredibly. 
    I feel empowered which I doubt I have ever been, with this glimpse of light I now have a chance to save myself and create a living environment I now know I deserve. 
    Thank you so much for your empathy and understanding in relation to depression and for sharing, you're a true diamond.

  21. Color me impressed. Angela, thank you for this. I really appreciate this video on many levels. Great practical ideas for a difficult and little discussed problem that many people face. Excellent!

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  23. This is the most beautiful video I’ve seen in a long time. I teared up. And it’s actually helpful. You’ve helped 20,000 people.

  24. It's so sad that there are any churches that would preach that or anyone would believe that they're not worthy. Thankfully I've never experienced one like that, they should teach only love and compassion. Those must be those type of fire and brimstone ones. If you go to a church and that's what they're preaching you definitely need to find a new church. WE ARE ALL VERY WORTHY, Jesus loves us and died so that we might have eternal life if we trust Him as our Lord and Savior. If you are feeling unworthy right now, please know that you're are loved and are VERY WORTHY! May God bless you! 🙏 XO ❤️

  25. Was not expecting that. She nailed me right on the head with growing up in church thing. Thats crazy. And its sad.

  26. Came here desperate for motivation to help me clean my house that hasn’t been cleaned since I moved in… 5 months ago. Boxes haven’t even been unpacked. I’ve been REALLY struggling with depression, and wow this is exactly what I needed to hear. The example of the baby saying he wasn’t worthy to be changed really hit home and I’ve honestly never thought of it that way. I’m going to watch this ever single day. Thank you, this video impacted me more than you know! ❤️

  27. Fabulous video woman! Thank you… and the church thing is cleanliness is godliness. So you feel guilty for not being clean. You feel sinful. Walking helped me tremendously, I wrote a letter to myself, forgiving myself and encouraging myself it really helped. The affirmation idea you gave is amazing. If it’s listened to at bedtime and during theta it will go into the subconscious. Great video. I’m blown away by you! ♥️

  28. WOW!!! What a beautiful video and what a beautiful lady you are, Angela! I would love to see a Depression Series. Thank you for your love and compassion.

  29. You understand depression. I'll give you that but lady, I don't believe I've ever been to a church that makes me feel unworthy. Quite the opposite. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. That's what it says in the Bible. I'm not sure which church you attend but….also, God created us, not "something".

  30. Nail/head! Thank you for your understanding and compassionate advice. I’m only 53 and I have depression, anxiety, fibro, osteoarthritis, degenerative disk disease and tendonitis. Cleaning is almost impossible for me. Baby steps is the key. Even if I can only wash 1/2 the dishes at a time, I need to honor my limitations. Thanks again. Nature walks have always been one of my best medications. Also guided meditation. is fabulous. I agree with you about the church. I am a recovering Catholic and still dealing with the scars from guilt, shame and fear.

  31. I just wanted to say that you are a real angel, I wish more people would think and see the things as you do. If I watch videos from people who show how they clean their room that was pretty messy, most of them just hating and comparing. I know I am worthy and don't deserve the hate or feeling like people are disgusted by me, but it still hurt so much most people will judge me. But when I overcome this all I really want to help others with this just like you, thank you so much 🙏

  32. I've had this problem for so many years, I went from being an energetic, precocious kid, to an adult that looked at the mess around me and started feeling safer with all my stuff everywhere, because I had just given up. I have pushed myself as my kids have grown up, to give them a safe place to play, eat, sleep, etc, because I felt that they deserved it, but I never asked myself why I didn't think that I did. I realize now that bad childhood experiences, and a lot of toxic messages I've gotten throughout my life, led me to feel like I, by myself, wasn't a good enough reason to have things nice, that I just hadn't ever proved myself worthy, not even as a little kid.
    I didn't expect such rich content in a cleaning video, as I've watched many, but this was my first time on your channel. You said things that really resonated, and you truly seem to understand and have a very real perspective of just how bad it can get. You gave some great tips, and just listening to you speak was very comforting somehow. You seem so understanding of the issues people face, but you also really speak with a reassuring confidence. I got more analytical there than I probably needed to lol…but I just wanted to say thank you. I've watched dozens of cleaning videos watched in a pitiful effort to get motivated over the years, and you really had a positive impact today. I grew up with this narrative that I just hadn't earned the same respect as everyone else, and that was just common knowledge. I couldn't even share traumatic events that happened as young as 3 or 4, without the: "what did you do to cause that?" or " she's always making a big deal about nothing, it's fine."
    "Just ignore her, don't let her distract you from what's important to you" or "Having her around is such a pain, nobody would actually want to do anything to her," were the commonly held beliefs by a most influential adult in my life. Of course, she now looks back on me as just an obnoxious, decietful kid who always tried to " get attention", and nothing bad could really ever happen to me that I didn't have coming. So, you've helped me to look at it more critically.
    Anyway. This ended being so long, sorry!
    So…the idea that I don't have to get myself together" or somehow prove myself worthy before I deserve happiness, and to stay in a clean, happy environment is very inspiring, and I wanted to say thank you so much.

  33. It was really refreshing to watch a video that got into the crux of the problem instead of having to sit through a 20 second intro to the channel that blares annoying music only to be greeted by a lady who looks like she's dressed to show herself off with a full face of makeup with the over enthusiastic, "Heyyyy, WHAT'S UP GUYZZZZZZ", giving you a 10 minute speech about nothing important just so she's got some You Tube face time to upload. So sick of clicking on videos that are supposed to be helpful but end up being someone's self-serving vanity project. Thank you very much for this straight forward and REAL presentation. It means more than you know.

  34. What happend if depression and cry for 1 years when people stuck in love for the past.
    And the sooner break up
    Exemple girl leaving man
    Or man leaving girl.
    You know what I mean. . ???

  35. I didn’t even realize this is what I needed to hear right now. I was just looking for some motivation and tips for how to organize my thoughts enough to organize my home to help pull myself out of my depressive episode, but this was beyond what I expected.

    I’ve had a lot of people try to motivate or reassure me over time, but all of it just layered more guilt. Things like “I know you can do better,” “you don’t have any reason to feel this way,” “you just need to do it.”

    This was kind and understanding and lacking any judgment and it’s honestly exactly the message I’ve needed for YEARS now. Thank you so much for taking the time to say this and for being such a genuine person.

  36. I loved everything and agreed up until you spoke about religion. While i understand your view, i also know that religion brings hope and love to those who are suffering. When i feel low, i look to God for the true love i need. God helps motivate me to do better for myself. Church has always made me feel like if i am not doing well, i can and will do better. Maybe not amazing, but better. Church gives hope, and if you church makes you feel like you are not worthy of anything, you are listening to the wrong people.

  37. thank you so much Angela, you have amazing empathy and what you say is so spot on. this is one of the best pragmatic, hands-on, simple/clear and straight forward advice I have heard in years on these interrelated topics. depression and a messy/cluttered/unclean/hoarded house can go hand in hand (or any other form of self sabotage behaviour in place of that) and the more we live in such a state the more it affects us, it is a vicious cycle. It is so true about the feeling of shame, unworthiness. I feel that it is connected to a sort of "abandonment" of myself, a feeling of unlove, unworthiness. it has a lot to do with emotional neglect growing up. What you say about going out and moving our bodies, going for a walk is precious, the challenge is always that when one is in the bottom darkest space of that state there is no energy to get up and even get dressed….but I can attest to how much a walk in the park is healing, if one manages to get a little bit of sunshine, to be in the middle of nature, even in a city park, to focus on the trees, the birds, the flowers, the dogs strolling around…maybe listen to some music while walking, maybe bringing along a book, or drinking a cup of coffee, an ice cream cone, something small that makes us feel a little gratification…sending healing thoughts to all, and a wish for a crisp fresh clean space in which to be happy!

  38. Realized that I literally sit around so much everyday and am so weak that it's probably one of my biggest health problems that adds to my depression…i dont like to admit that i might have it even though i am always looking for natural remedies for stress. I have 2 kids and have been a stay at home mom since my first child was born in 2015. I am breastfeeding and am away from family and friends since we had to move to another state. I cant go on the type of walk i would like because one of my kids needs to walk and she is always too slow for me. After I watched this video I finally put a tandem stroller in the Amazon cart. Ordering it tomorrow! I am going to start walking and getting my heartrate up, get a nice burn going. I crave it. I need it. Thank you so much for the inspiration and tips for getting stuff done. I almost cried watching this video!

  39. I'm 14 and I have been suffering from depression for more than 4 years. I realized how bad it actually was when watching this and it would be nice if my mom could understand this, ive asked for therapy and my mother found out about son things about 8 months ago and I have not gotten therapy just yet regardless of how much I have told her I needed it. this really helped though, thanks.

  40. I don’t want to go out of the house and one day i am cleaning like a robot and other day lying in a bed like a lazy person 🥺🥺 and yes i got depressed when my house is messy and i am fighting very hard to not to get my mind depressed

  41. I… Thank you. I'm 17 years old and constantly belittle myself due to the state of my and my fathers house. It used to be so clean when my mother was alive, but over the years we've just given up on living. This video has actually began to making me cry (crying right now as I'm writing this). The tips for cleaning are definitely something I want to try now (am about to go on this walk) but just thank you for the always important message "we deserve to be here and we are worthy of a clean place" I haven't heard that in a long time…. just, Thank you ❤

  42. This video and these comments made me cry. Knowing that others are going though what I'm going through doesn't make me feel better. It makes me feel sad that people are feeling this way also. But I'm happy to see that we are all trying to take steps to improve our quality of life by watching this video.

  43. Thank you feel you saved my life dealing with depression so bad I miss my home the way it use to be clean I can't afford a house cleaner I'm going to start doing one thing at a time I miss me and my home the way it use to be keep you posted thank you so much love your video you have a kind heart hugs

  44. I've been looking into videos to try get myself better, I'll take this advice but not right now, its abit late lol. I havent been diagnosed with Depression nor do I want to say I have it, but everyday is straining, I never have enough energy and sometimes I just get lost in a spiral of these unwelcomed bad thoughts that steer out of control, or slip in snidy remarks about me and everyone else around me, I barely feel anything much and the only things I get to feel when emotions do occur is anger and greif, but for me its no excuse I need to clean but I dont have the will power to drag my sorry ass to clean it and forcing myself to do it makes my body more heavy. Maybe its laziness but for now I'm looking for any possible thing to help me clean and priotise my life because I will not give up because my motivation is to keep bettering myself as a person. I hope all you get better soon. Thank you for this video

  45. thank you thank you thank you. Its 4pm and I decided to get up. its too hot to ho outside but I exercised for 20 minutes and it did definitely got me going

  46. Growing up with intensely tidy parents definitely left me with a lot of cleanliness/organizational shame. I'd get in trouble if I left a sweater in the family room or didn't immediately rinse my dishes and put them in the dishwasher. In high school, my dad took the door off of my bedroom once and I wasn't allowed to get it back unless I kept my room perfectly clean for a week. Now, I can't have people over unless my apartment is spotless (when I was in uni, I'd make my friends wait outside my dorm room while I quickly tidied up because I couldn't stand for them to see clothes on the floor or my bed unmade).

    My apartment is the worst it's ever been right now–and for the longest. I keep going out to buy more cleaning supplies and organization baskets, but when I get home, I'm too tired to start cleaning or it's "too late" in the day and I put it off until "tomorrow." I can't get anything done when my place is a mess, I just stagnate. I'm going to try really hard to at least clean my living room and kitchen tomorrow.

    Thank you, Angela, for your kind words, understanding, and support! <3

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