Cluster Headaches: how to get rid of the pain naturally

Let’s get rid of your cluster headache with both palms tap on the side of the head 1 [you will feel the tension in your head keep on going] 5 6 7 8 9 10 stop on top of your head 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 stop now on the eyes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 stop on your side of your head and massage inward and outward 1 2 [if you are firm enough, you will feel the friction heat] 5 6 7 8 9 10 stop hold it for 5 seconds 1 2 3 4 5 and relax left finger on to your left nose 2 [the air is natural, blowing your nose will not harm your ears] finger on to your right nose 1 2 3 4 5 both thumps underneath your jaw and open your mouth wide 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 both palms palm your eyes 1 2 if you are tapping correctly you will feel the tension in the eyes 5 5 more 1 2 3 4 5 now on your temple 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 stop hold that and breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth huh 1 huh 2 huh your chest will expand, if you are breathing correctly 5 5 more 1 huh 2 huh 3 huh 4 huh 5 huh and hold it for 5 seconds close your eyes 1 2 3 4 5 5 more 1 2 3 4 5 and gently open your eyes and relax yourself place a cold wet towel on your eyes and hold that for 10 minutes Do this when you have a cluster headache attack this will help you to release the pain but, if you want to completely get rid of the problem do it consistently for 12 weeks and you will see a hugh difference Please give this a thumb up if you find my video useful and don’t forget to turn on the notification when you click like and subscribe just click on the small bell, I have circle in.

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  1. I can't say how great full I'm that i came across Austin's videos. He is amazing with all the videos that he does to help you with your health problems. I have been doing about 5 of his videos to help with my health problems and I just can't believe how much the videos have helped me improve. Thank you Austin for the amazing job that you are doing. God bless you.

  2. Thank you so much sir.🙏🏻 it seems to be gone after suffering for 6 weeks. I hope that the attacks don’t come back. God bless you

  3. Hello Austin, I will try this method next time I have an attack. I take two types of medication – one for the long term and one for the short term. I'm a male, 59, and have had cluster HD since 12 yrs old (puberty). I didn't know what they were until age 40. I haven't had an attack in over 2 years. One thing I have notice is that the older I get the less frequently they occur. Sure hope someone comes up with a medication to completely eliminate this very painful condition.  Out of all the medication I've taken over the years, which is a lot, the best one I found is Zomig. Just my 2 cents

  4. Scusa Austin, ma non capisco l'inglese, ma parlo solo l'italiano ed il tedesco.
    Forse qualcuno che conosce l'italiano o il tedesco mi può spiegare se devo iniziare con gli esercizi quando sta arrivando l'attacco o se si tratta di esercizi quotidiani di prevenzione.
    Sarei grato a chiunque mi possa rispondere. Grazie!

  5. This video helps me everytime minimizes the pain, I was at the doctors office yesterday and one came on which lasted for 2 hours didn't catch it in time I suppose. Thank you so very much sir. I do admit I look crazy doing it but I always feel better…😆

  6. I've commented on maybe 3 posts since YouTube came out. I'm a 33 year old male. You sir, have no idea what a Cluster Headache is.

  7. no offense..but the people in here saying it worked DO NOT..I REPEAT..DO NOT suffer from cluster headaches..God bless my real CH's..I've been dealing with them all my life..and am currently in a cycle..God bless

  8. funny n that, but i dont think this guy really understands what cluster headaches are, they are stubborn , excruciating, life ruining , which for, a chronic cluster headache sufferer i really can only recommend Verapamil.

  9. im 20 and last night is the first time i got it , i don't know what to do so i just went to sleep and tomorrow it continues , after i try this it make me feel better maybe for a short time but i dont care , it actually work , if i come strike again ill do this again ,ill go to the hospital tomorrow to check

  10. With all due respect, no one and I mean no one will be cured by this process. Anyone with real cluster headaches know better

  11. You, sir, have never had a cluster headache (it's actually not a headache; it's a constriction of the optic nerve when your brain thinks someone is stabbing your eye with a red-hot poker with dull razor blades attached to it; a brain-freeze times a zillion that lasts for 40 minutes, unless you choose to shoot yourself).

    Nothing works on cluster headaches; I know, I've been struck with seasonal cluster headaches for years. The only thing you can do is pace and drink water, blow your nose, pace, drink water, blow your nose, cry, contemplate suicide; then, after 40 minutes, it's all over for another two hours. The monster cannot be tamed by slapping your head.

  12. Not sure why all the negative comments. Obviously, as of now clusters are still kind of a mystery. Sure this can’t possibly help 100% of us, otherwise this would be know as “the cure”. But even if it helps 1/2 the people out there, isn’t that soooo much better than constantly having to rely on drugs, which are ultimately damaging your heart in the background. I’m forever worrying about when in the next few hours it will begin or is today the day my heart is finally going to give. I’ve had them for about 6 years and personally I’m willing to try anything!

  13. There's no curing, fixing, or 'getting rid of' Cluster Headaches. If you think you have 'cured' them then you didn't have Cluster Headaches to begin with. They are an evil you have to learn to cope with because that's all you can do. To all my other Cluster Heads out there, stay strong and keep fighting.

  14. I suffer from CH….and it is very painful, nothing helps😣 it's bad having episodes, and sadly there's no cure. I suffer with mine for weeks to a month at a time before I get about the same amount of a break, before they return. It runs in my family, so I was cursed with them. I get migraines sometimes, so might try this, but I mostly get CH….and my doctor was the one who diagnosed me with CH. And CH…is 3times worse than.a migraine.

  15. This is BS.
    As someone who has suffered from episodic clusters for 18 years, I have tried everything I can find for relief. Even things Chinese medicine, acupuncture, massage, heat, cold, opiates, psychedelics…

    Head tapping? And a cool compress? Are kidding? Do you treat bullet wounds with a shoulder rub and Aloe Vera?
    For anyone this worked on, I am happy it cleared up your normal headache. Good news, you likely don't have Cluster Headaches or any other form of trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias.
    I can't believe I am ranting like this, this video is such BS.
    Head tapping and a cool compress… What a load of woo

  16. I have been doing a variation of these techniques for years.
    It's the only thing that Helps.
    I also plug my ears and Humm.
    I have had Custer's for 30+ yrs.
    It's the (only) things that Help..

  17. Happy to give you number 1000 like…dear you are doing better than conventional medicine…this proves that headaches could be healed without pills. But my friend I can treat it with no pressure. Only by another soft technique. That will even work with migraine and tension and neck and shoulder headaches.Happy to share it with interested.

  18. Austin Goh, It's nice that you're trying to help but please except the fact that this doesn't work for everyone. It is very annoying for a CH sufferer (like me) when someone is not listening.

  19. Had these for over 12 years now… Honest to say for everyone who knows me with these… They say they have never seen someone in so much pain.. No massage, therapy or other nonsense stops the torture of the severe pain these cause… After numerous tests, brain scans, cameras up my nose, trialing tablet after tablet, the only ever thing that has relieved the pain for me is sumitriptan injections.. Sware by them.. I can have upto 8 attacks a day…. Good luck to anyone who has them wouldn't wish the pain on anyone..

  20. Thank you for the video. I am a cluster headache sufferer. The occurance has been frequent this year and I will try this program and will update you on my progress.

  21. Trust me it works. I have suffered with cluster headaches since i was 14. I am 39 now and it is something that takes alot of practice. I taught myself to clear the suicide headaches by trial and error. I do something very similar to austin. It is all about settling your mind and most importantly clearing the your eye, nose and ear! I would not of understood or believed something like austin demonstrates worked either if i was a weak minded sissy who has not figured out how to stop pacing and crying like a baby. You really need to learn how to take the pain for a few minutes whilst you prepare for meditation. You need to figure out different breathing techniques first. Pay attention to the cycle that your ear to your nose to behind your eye works. Once you learn how to feel the complete cycle you will figure out how to blow it out! The cluster headache will intensify from the acute spot behind your eye and start to radiate to your neck and arms if you do not teach yourself a method.

  22. Anybody else have it post wisdom teeth healing

    They gave me antibiotics then but it didn't feel right fully

    A few months later I have swelling and consistent headache

  23. I have CH from 14 years and nothing helping. Now i found researches about chilli cream and probably is one of most successful methods. At least nothing to lose more.

  24. I felt such relief! I have a disorder where tumors grow on all of my nerves so I tend to get loads of headaches and no medication can help me either. This video relieved my headache so much! 😁😊

  25. Anyone who can bang their eye has never had a cluster before bullshit don't listen to this crap I'm complaining

  26. I don’t discuss this (CH) with anyone because of many reasons, but a big part of why I don’t, is the stupid things people say, the ridiculous suggestions, advice and comments. This will not do anything. Nothing. Have your stat-dose pen ready (if you’re fortunate enough to have Imitrex.

  27. The nose blowing excersize and the mouth opening excersize made me laugh 😂, but it does work thank you 👍

  28. I have suffered from Cluster Migraines for 40 years I only got them 1 or 2 times per day for on average 30- 45 minutes. My cycle usually last 4-8 weeks and thank god know about once every 2 years. It used to be at least once per year. When I feel a headache coming on and starting to move behind my eye, I can usually stop it by VERY!!! hard exercise. I do pushups , burpees, and sprints. I get where I can barely catch my breath. I do this for 5 to 10 minutes. The headache aborts like magic. This is only temporary . In my cycle I usually end up doing this 1 or 2 times per day. I even wake up in the middle of the night and do this. It works for me. I have read this works kinda how oyxgen works. I cant stress enough that the exercise has to be very intense. You have to get to the point where your trying to catch your breath. I just wanted to share. It sounds crazy but this has made my life so much better in a cycle. I still feel foggy in my cycle but aborting the head bangers behind my eyes is priceless.

  29. Cluster headaches are caused by histamine buildup in the body. 50 mg of Benadryl, which is an antihistamine will give relief during an attack.
    The high amount of histamine in your body is coming from bad stomach and intestinal bacteria. A probiotic will help to balance your gut microbes and lower your Histamine levels.
    Also avoid high histamine foods during your cycle.

  30. I hope it works but if didn't work(and that maybe can help you) everytime when i smoke weed or hash the pain dissapaires and it don't hurt 1 or 2 data later
    Edit: i prefere do weed and hash than the other drugs that help cluster hedache but destroys the heart

  31. Hi Austin, I've been suffering from cluster headaches from 2009, I have started doing this program and I will let you know how it feels after a month. Also is the cold towel part compulsory like even if I'm not having an attack at that moment?

  32. Ive just been worried that i may get cluster headaches, though the ratio is 1/1000 im still worried so just in case anything happens, ill keep this video in mind

  33. Cluster sufferrer since 1991, got rid for few years thanks to microfosing psylocibine.
    Now they came back three months ago and no meficine in my new country of residence.

    Started the Austin technique today, will be back in three weeks to update my situation.

    Must say that i had not yet had an attack today, did the exercise twice, could be a coincidence, will see soon but worth a shot.

  34. hello Mr Austin, I'm 24 years old and I have been tired of it for 3 years: / I want to say that I have been using your method for a year and the cluster attacks as attacked, but I must also say that when the pain is not greater than 5/10, the pain disappears immediately after performing this method, but when the pain is greater than 5/10 then even God can't help. unfortunately … Thank You so much for this what You doing for people and sorry for english its google translate

  35. Would just like to say this really works and I am very grateful, iv been doing this for 3 days and iv gone from begging for relief to almost no symptoms.

  36. Hello Austin, I have headaches since 2 years everyday at morning, I feel a pressure between the eyes, pressure over the head,jaw bone tension like it is tighten,my nose and ears are kinda blocked and sometimes I feel pain at neck area,I dont know how to treat this I cant focus to my work,this pain go away at night and I feel good, only at morning I feel bad…

  37. Biggest scam going and hitting the head even lightly can infact make them worse one thing I’ve found to help relieve the pain slightly is ice directly to the hear that comes with the pain, you can in effect numb the pain leaving the nice tingly feeling of ‘migraine fatigue’

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