Common Migraine Triggers

– [Alice] Hey guys I’m Alice Thorpe, and you’re watching New Life Outlook. So I suffer from migraines,
and I have done since probably around the age of
nine and I am now twenty-one. So it has taken up more
than half of my life and over the years I’ve kinda learned how to deal with some of the triggers, and how to avoid triggering migraines. So I have five main triggers
that seem to set me off, and I’ve kinda learned
how to deal with them. They are food, water, sleep,
stress, and concentration. So for sleep I have found that
if I don’t get enough sleep, and I end up really tired the next day, and I’m waking myself a little too hard I end up with a migraine and
that’s just not good at all. So I always try and make
sure I get enough sleep. I know sometimes that’s really hard, but I try and make sure I get a nice, well-rested nights sleep
before the day ahead. Also naps have become
like, my favorite thing, because if I get too tired
in the middle of the day I’ll take a nap and it kinda picks me up and reduces the risk of me
getting another migraine. Another essential for
me is drinking water. As soon as I wake up in the morning I have to have a big glass of water, because I have found that If I don’t drink enough water it causes me to have a migraine. So I have to try and stay hydrated. I always carry around
a water bottle with me and I make sure I drink all of that and refill it and drink it all over again. I’ve just noticed a pattern between me not having
enough water in my body and me getting a migraine. So make sure you stay hydrated. Also kind of connected to water is food. I used to be so, so bad at skipping meals. Especially when I was going to school or in a rush on the way to university. I’d just kind of skip breakfast and didn’t really think about it. But I have learned the hard way that you shouldn’t really do that, because meals are very, very important and again if I don’t eat I will trigger myself a migraine and it just seems to
have a bit of a pattern. I just need to be well-rested,
well-fed, and well-watered. Another thing that is a trigger that is a little less in
your control, usually anyway, is stress and I’ve found
that I got a lot of migraines during kind of university and my GCSEs. So I’ve found that the stress level of having a lot of work to do and the pressure of school and things kind of got to me a little bit. But as I have got older and I have kind of learned that, that is one of the
things that triggers me, I’ve learned how to deal
with it a little bit more. I haven’t had a migraine
now for over a month and I think it’s because
I’ve learned to chill out, not to work myself too hard, and when I feel myself
getting too, too stressed I force myself to take a break and it honestly helps so, so much. That combined with all the other things that I do to try to and avoid migraines it just honestly helped a lot. So I hope with those
little tips and tricks that I have learned over the years it helps you out with your migraines. Make sure to share your migraine stories down below in the comments. I’d love to hear from you all. Thank you so much for
watching New Life Outlook. I really, really hope this helps you and I’ll see you guys very, very soon. Bye.

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  1. PMS was the cause of my migraines. When I changed my diet and started eating more fruits and vegetables, it changed. I used the DASH Diet, good not only for people with hypertension.

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