Coping with Anxiety During the Covid-19 Pandemic!

Hi, my name is Farah and this is Shaz. We’re both clinical psychologists from Mental Health and You and WeCare Allied Health Center. So today, we are, we have one of our Covid-19 series talks. And would you like to share what is the topic of the day?
-Okay so today’s topic is Coping With Anxiety Okay so today is going to be mostly about those who have a mental health problem who may have a disorder, anxiety disorder And so uhm we’re gonna talk about how you’re gonna manage these anxiety symptoms during this difficult time. -Mhm
-Alright. So every now and then, everybody feels anxious and it’s normal for all of us. But those who have anxiety disorders is different for them because it is something that actually stops them from actually carrying out a normal life -Mhm
-And it makes them a little more dysfunctional than others So it is a little bit more severe compared to the normal person. -Yeah
-Right? -So the worries are more, and then probably more elevated, and I think Yeah, worse
-Yeah, it definitely is more generally. It is very overwhelming . It causes them to like, only constantly think about the thing that is worrying them
-Yeah -And uhm
-Definitely some thing, we do have some things to worry about because it’s you know-
-Yes -a pandemic right now. So here’s a, we’re gonna talk about some tips that actually can help individuals with anxiety problems during pandemics.
-Yes Okay so number one, that would mean We should try to avoid health-related news. What I mean is, here is that because you know, every hour there is some kind of update that is going on -Mhm
-And uhm, we would, we tend to look at our phones and want to know what’s going on But those with, who do have anxiety issues, it is best that you stay away from these types of news. I’m not saying totally stay away but I’m saying maybe you just have a timeframe where you actually check the news and uhm-
-Also like what type of news you want to check
-Yes -See like what type of news you want to take . Or what you could do is you can ask tell your friend or your family to actually update you on what is important. -What is, what you need to know.
-for you to know. Yes, what you need to know so that you do not go constantly look at the news and start worrying about what’s going to happen.
-Yeah Yeah, definitely. So number two is you know obviously when we’re talk about pandemic, we’re talking about you know, do I have it, do I not have it, what’s the symptoms of you know, like the disease that’s going on right now which is Coronavirus. So I would say if you really need to go and find out about it get it from a reputable source or an official source like KKM because if you go and read other things, you may get misinformation or you might get overloaded and that’s not a good thing for you. -Alright, yeah? So number three is that what we would like you to do is probably practice this at home which is, perhaps it’s a little bit difficult but it’s something that you need to do so that you know it stays under control, anxiety symptoms. One, it is to counter your thoughts. Uhm, because when you have a persistent anxiety or fear you need to challenge your thoughts and-
-Mhmm -this means that you know, you may have thoughts such as, you know, everyone I love will die from this virus, perhaps. And you can counter it by saying with factual statements where you can actually look at the evidence that says that most people who do get Covid-19 will recover fully. And that means that my loved ones may also, will also recover from it.
-Mhm -RIght?
-Yeah. So it’s quite helpful to actually take control of the situation in that way.
-Yeah So uhm number four, another way you could do it is to distract yourself from what’s going on. From the current you know, situation. For example maybe, you know some things we can’t change some things is just happening. So what we can do is distract ourselves such as you know watching the TV series, watching movies, listening to music, meditation -Yeah
-Whatever it is that makes you- -Helps you, yeah makes you happy, makes you-
-Happy and distracts from in that particular thought right?
-Yup. -Uhm, number five is to do some exercise! You know, what, what it would do is to get you to, you know do something else, number one. Distract you, like just what she said.
-Mhmm. -And uh, other than that it would also you know, get the adrenaline out of you -Mhmm
-and -And it makes you healthier, which less likely to get this difficulty
-Yes, and you will be channeling the panic to something else. -Yeah.
-Alright? So maybe just jump around your bedroom and dance a little, walk around, do whatever that makes you-
-Let it out.
-yeah. -So we talked about five tips. So if these five tips you feel aren’t, it’s not helping you, so what you can do is you can you know, find other uhm, ways to actually get help. For example we are actually offer-
-Offering e-therapy services
-services in our center. So you can just give us a call for the rates and for the uhm, appointment. -Alright.
-Alright, so That’s all.
-See you later. -Bye.

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