Coping With Depression – How To Deal With Depression Without Medication

Hey, this is Omar from
and I am here in San Diego, in Balboa Park. There are tons of museums here and one of
them is this one, the San Diego Hall of Champions Sports Museum. Actually on the way down to San Diego I saw
a movie called Road to Glory. It is about basketball and it was about this
team and this coach who basically hires or uses all African American basketball players. It was the first time. That, at the time, the 1960s. I am recapping the movie in case you have
not seen it. It was a huge thing because at that point
it was only white players that were playing. It was just unheard of. Of course, the coach. I forgot his name, sorry, and the players
they received all kinds of, in the movie I am not sure if this is true, but all kinds
of experience, all kinds of racism and discrimination because of it. Because they were not white. They were African American. They were black. The point I am making here and the reason
I am telling you about this, standing in front of this sports museum, is that these people
had to overcome ridicule. They had to overcome how other people perceived
them. That they stopped caring what people thought
and they just did what they wanted to do. So that is what you have to do. A lot of the depression, conversation in your
head has to do with caring with what other people think about you and so that stops you
from doing it. For example, maybe your father said, Oh you
will never turn into anything.” They told Einstein that he was stupid. He flunked out of school in high school. He made it to grade 3. It never amount to anything. He overcame that. He did not care. He knew what his inner talent was and so that
is what you have to do. You have to find your inner talent. You have to find that inner strength where
the outside does not matter anymore. What matters is your faith in yourself. Your faith in yourself and that you can actually
do it. That is what you have to find to overcome
your depression, which is getting the desire. That is what I am calling desire. So get the desire, get that faith from inside
of you where you absolutely know you can do this. Because you have done other things before. You learned to walk. You fell down a million times and then you
finally walk and run, and do triathlons maybe. Just remember this Hall of Champions. You are the hero of your life. If you like this, go to,
get more videos, like this video and I will see you at Take care.

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  1. True, deep inside we were hardwired by the society to be unworthy of happiness. We forget that in the whole of time there wasn't and there will not be a person like us.. our uniqueness no one can take away… But we have to be reminded of that quite often…

    Thanks for devoting yourself to assit the huge body us, the depressed.


  2. Sometimes, people just carelessly give unsolicited comments about your limits but the thing is nobody really knows your limits better than yourself. So as the message of this video says, don't let anybody bring you down because you are labeled by society as such, rise up higher than their expectations for nobody knows you better than yourself.

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