Could Your Chronic Migraines Be Memories of Past Life Trauma – Psychic Guide Ainslie MacLeod

What causes chronic migraines? Join Ainslie MacLeod internationally acclaimed
Psychic Guide, spiritual teacher and award-winning author as he discusses
what causes chronic migraines and how they so often stem from past
life trauma. Welcome so there can be physiological causes of
chronic migraines many people experience profound healing
after uncovering past-life head trauma. Angelina was a high-flying CEO until
chronic migraines brought her career to a standstill and
when I spoke to her she had been able to work for months. By
exploring a significant past-life I saw that she been a chauffeur in
Bulgaria. And there wasn’t really much to the story. She or he she was back then lost control of the car and ended up
being catapulted through the windshield and
onto the pavement. The poor guy died from severe head injuries. Well like a lot of people with chronic
migraines Angelina had tried everything so she didn’t really have high hopes of
success. Two weeks later however I got an email saying that her chronic migraines had completely
cleared up. Through past-life exploration some
physical ailments heal almost instantly. When the causes of chronic migraines are
uncovered the soul basically breathes a sight of
relief and says to itself Oh, so that’s all from the past, okay I let it go. Sometimes all the soul needs is that gentle reminder to put the past
where it belongs and that of course is in the past. Visit to download a free chapter from Ainslie’s book The
Instruction and gain free access to his
inspirational video series insights from spirit guides. While you’re
there take Ainslie’s soul type quiz to help you on your journey towards living the
life your soul intended

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  1. Are You Tired of Chronic Pain? While physical ailments can certainly be caused by an underlying health condition, sometimes aches and pains are simply reminders of traumatic past-life death.
    Ainslie has helped alleviate many of his clients’ current-life health issues by uncovering the past life source of the problem. By reminding your soul that the pain you’re experiencing is unrelated to this lifetime, you can begin healing what Ainslie refers to as Achilles body parts; areas of physical weakness or vulnerability. #chronicpain #chroinicmigraines #migraine #psychic #pastlife #pastlifetrauma

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