Covid-19 : ce qu’il faut dire face à l’incompétence

Hello. My name is Nathanael Goldman, I am a pediatrician with a master’s degree in public health and research methodology. Today we go straight to the point: In my previous videos, I took the time to explain why things were the way they were, using news sources and scientific data to support the information. essentially, what’s necessary to do to be taken seriously. But time goes by and today, I am truly angry considering the incompetence of our governments. In fact, it looks like Belgium and France are racing each other in that field. But also, regarding obstruction in the media, or self-censorship, whichever you wish to call it. Because in reality, the dramatic situation we’re currently living in in Europe wasn’t, and still isn’t, inevitable. While it is difficult, we must nevertheless make the right decisions which we almost haven’t done so far. I say it loud and clear because there is a historic dimension to this crisis and also because of the continual faux-pas from our governments. It is indeed simply unbearable to see that in the press, there are questions suggesting that they still do not have answers. For example, the usefulness of wearing masks or the implementation of social distancing or even mass-testing in order to find out where the infected are and then isolate them to minimise the spread. In truth, we have had those answers for a long time. Masks are useful to minimise transmission, and not only when the wearer is sick. Besides, mass-testing is the strategy used by Korea in order to control an almost hopeless situation. In that way, they have managed to reduce the number of new cases on their territory. And not only Korea after China, but also Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong have shown that using old, well-known methods of epidemic control, it is possible to take control of the epidemic. Trace contacts, cases test, isolate, follow relentlessly. The info has been right there for months, in books, on the internet, relayed by numerous professionals of great renown on social media since this COVID-19 epidemic has started. So why are we still asking those questions when we already have all the answers? And why are our public health departments not implementing those measures known to be efficient? To me, it is clearly because of deplorable incompetence. If an individual doctor had made such mistakes and repeated them in such blatant ways, then I am sure that the Medical Board would’ve intervened long ago and that the legal system would’ve seen to it. But no: here, incompetence is acceptable and protected by the media because politic games come before the duty to protect the people. Of course, since I am still reading today that “No one could’ve foreseen such a health crisis” well, that’s wrong. And it is documented everywhere in general and scientific media. I have documented it myself through my YouTube videos and through articles on LinkedIn. Interesting to note that Belgian press, La Libre Belgique and Le Soir, have both twice refused to publish my well-documented articles that urged for more action to control the epidemic and prepare medical logistics. Indeed, ever since January 24th, 2020, the seriousness of the situation couldn’t be ignored. First off, we could see the number of infections grow exponentially in China, following the complete lockdown of the province of Hubei before the entirety of China itself got locked down. That the European governments stayed oblivious to the meaning of those measures as a sign to the seriousness of the situation is beyond me. Indeed, the economic consequences of such measures are humongous, which must mean that the threat is even bigger than that, since China has taken such measures since the evening of the 23rd of January. Since then, I have decided to show my European friends and colleagues why it was important to get ready, mainly through videos, articles, and my activity on social media. And since then, I watch Europe head for disaster, and the United States doing the same. I have been told that I was spreading fear when I was simply trying to give well-documented information, that it is “just a bad flu” despite the deaths of many healthcare workers and young people. I have stopped counting the colleagues who gave me that very answer and then had a good laugh about this “COVID-mania”. It is clear, one must be truly blind or mostly in denial to ignore the situation in China, and then in Italy, for so long. And all of a sudden, it’s hysteria, and it is decided to confine the population who obviously, wonders what’s happening, believing through the media and the reassuring words of incompetent government people that everything has been fine up to now. And then, we call the population irresponsible because they do not respect the confinement. To govern means to anticipate, and they anticipated nothing. They minimised, and the press played the role of an obedient child. And evidently, now, it is actually hysteria. And with that, the current taken measures still aren’t good enough: we still do not test enough in order to control the epidemic. In reality, if the experts in Belgium cannot agree on anything, then it means that our experts do not have the competence to manage this crisis. I say this, because I have proof of their blatant lack of judgement in their statements. We know that the measures of confinement and mass-testing work. And, at this point, we do not have another choice. Yes, we could’ve avoided this chaos and this suffering, had we done things like Taiwan, Hong Kong or Singapore, who were all right up front with this epidemic and that are now in control of it. Just like China, of course, with its 1.4 billion inhabitants. We are unable to manage ten million people which is half of Beijing’s population. But now we are in a worse situation than Korea’s and we keep shooting ourselves in the foot. And of course, now, all of the work goes to healthcare workers, since we essentially missed the window for prevention, when it was mainly a public health issue. Last week, a colleague asked me if she should close her practice because she had no protective equipment. Can you imagine? Another colleague working in the ER, watching his stocks of masks dwindling, asks me if I can find some on the Chinese market. So since last week, I’ve been working with a friend in Belgium who imports Chinese musical instruments to try and find suitable masks. Not the surgical masks, like the ones ordered by the government, but FFP2 masks that protect the healthcare workers. I’ll say it again: healthcare workers are dying everywhere in Europe, and it is an unspeakable outrage. All of this because nothing was done like it should’ve been by our rulers. Of course, those of us looking for masks here in Shanghai are more and more numerous, again because the government isn’t doing the necessary to protect its healthcare workers and its population. It is a purely civic enterprise for most of us for our doctors and families. We must work in the exportation of specialised equipment even though it isn’t our job. It is currently a very difficult context considering China still needs masks and that mask sales are still heavily controlled by the government. Thankfully, following the request of Belgians here in Shanghai, we have had a meeting at the Belgian Consulate in an effort to better organise the purchase of masks and medical equipment for our compatriots in order to obtain the best prices and a quality guarantee. I have good hopes that this effort, supported by our consulate, will prove fruitful. I’m sure you’ve understood, that beyond my sadness, I am absolutely scandalised by what is currently happening in Europe: a situation that we could’ve avoided but in which, since the beginning, the decisions made were going against what science was telling us to do. We ended up confining, that’s true, but very late, and with less effectiveness than necessary. We must now confine even more and focus on the main infectious clusters. on the entirety of the territory. For this, mass-testing is necessary – it is completely feasible, mainly through the districts. We simply need political willpower. Lastly, I make these videos because there will be an “after” and I know that some will try to rewrite history to cover up their incompetence and their laziness.

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  1. Je pense que votre analyse est judicieuse. Malheureusement, nous n'avons pas (encore ou toujours pas) les moyens de tester massivement principalement par manque de test de dépistage.

  2. Merci pour cette vidéo! Lorsque j'ai partagé vos premières vidéos sur facebook, je n'ai eu aucun like. J'ai parlé de votre analyse autour de moi et la plupart des gens me rigolaient au nez.
    Mon fils est immunodéprimé (traitement SEP), nous nous sommes donc confinés à partir du 25 février.
    Vous avez raison, les dirigeants avaient le temps de voir venir et ils n'ont rien fait! Cette catastrophe sanitaire n'aurait pas une telle évolution aujourd'hui si les bonnes décisions avaient été prises. Ils auraient eu le temps de fabriquer des protections, de préparer de quoi tester à grande échelle.
    Depuis mi-février, on ne fait que lire dans les médias que les masques ne servent à rien. N'ont-ils pas en fait anticipé tout en étant conscient de ce qu'il allait se passer (pénurie de masques)? Je me le demande? C'est presque trop gros pour être vrai! Prenez soin de vous!

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