Creative Nibble – How to de-stress without a prescription (S3, E13)

I’m just distressing a little bit. I’m
Dennis Hodges and this is Creative Nibble. So. stress. We all deal with it; we all
have some stress in our lives. But most of us don’t have time or are time poor, as it is. So, what can you do to de-stress a bit? Well, there’s obvious activities: taking a long walk, maybe a a hot shower, or a hot bath, or
eating some comfort food perhaps, or time with family and friends. There’s a
study done recently that found that a high percentage of people almost 70
percent of people said a great way to reduce stress is to go to a museum or
a gallery. Think about that. Gives you a chance to get some peace and quiet,
take in some art take in an exhibition soak up something different –
distract you for a little bit perhaps. But the study went on to say that while
68 percent of the people said that’s a great way to de-stress only about 8
percent of the people ever do it. And there’s the opportunity: to spread the
word, to take some time and go see some art. Go see an exhibit, go to a gallery, go
to a museum. And that’s your Creative Nibble. Pause. Think. Create.

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