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Hi, my name is Nathan Hatch I’m the author of Fuck Portion Control Today was not a good day to start filming because it’s a hundred degrees in Los Angeles and even hotter in my apartment. So I’m this right now. But I really wanted to Try out doing these videos because I think is probably a really good medium to tell people about the things that are in my book and how to address them. The first one I want to start off with is depression. I see a lot of people on social media especially talking about dealing with depression. Depression has been a major part of my story and it’s been— I thought it was I thought it started later than I remembered, but when I was going through some of my old journals, doing some research for my own story, I came across entries at 12 years old that talked about how I was feeling depressed and the depression I was suffering from. And I’m 38 now, and so that’s quite a few decades of dealing with depression now. My parents asked me to leave the house because I was gay and the loss of my family and friends and social support groups really threw me into a tailspin and I had already been suffering from severe depression. I was a Competitive athlete in high school on the swimming team depression really got in the way of a lot of things that I was doing but when I was finally just alone on my own with no way to really cope with my depression. I tried to commit suicide and I go into detail in my book about that story and what happened and how I dealt with it. Or didn’t deal with it for many years and all the therapy and medication that I tried and I got into yoga and meditation and smoking pot taking a lot of supplements like there was this thing where and I tried to use things like st. John’s wort—what else? I can’t remember all of them, but sometimes they like seemed to help and sometimes they they didn’t sometimes they seem to make it worse one of my favorite talks about depression was given by Andrew solo and Andrew Sullivan his quote. The thing he says is the opposite of depression is not happiness. The opposite of depression is vitality and That really struck me because all my life I was I was raised in a very conservative. I was raised in a very conservative community and There was this big emphasis that happiness was You know achieved by doing what was right whatever that really means You know to do a press person that doesn’t really help you can’t you can you can do everything right? Like I well, I mean I wasn’t especially rebellious or anything I didn’t even have my first drink until I was almost 20 years old. So You can do You can still be living what you consider to be a good life and still be depressed because depression is a hormonal thing for years I tried to find out how to get more vitality and through a lot of my, you know efforts exercising, you know being a competitive athlete Taking certain supplements that I read about that. We’re supposed to help with depression a lot of emphasis in the nutritional and medical communities are that serotonin is the answer to depression but serotonin based or medications that focus on serotonin balance don’t alleviate depression and a lot of them come with really serious side effects like suicide if serotonin is the Cure for depression. Why does it come with the side effect of suicide? I mean that just doesn’t make any sense I tried things. I was on lexapro for a while. I Absolutely hated it. It made me feel weird It took away some of the depression intensity, but it didn’t fix the depression All I did was put me into like this is aam be like state serotonin is a hormone of torpor Which means it slows down the metabolic rate So if you’ve got somebody to has depression and they have like all these stress hormones and anxiety you give them a dose a certain And it’s going to slow down their metabolism and make them Feel a lot different than they did before and this gave the appearance of being helpful for depression. But what really happens is serotonin by slowing down the metabolic rate it inhibits your body’s ability to perform robust cellular respiration, which is how we get Huge amounts of energy if you have been trying these medications and you’ve been finding help from it and by all means keep taking them what I’m talking about here is addressing the roots of Depression depression is a metabolic disease. It’s not something that’s wrong with your mind your mind can contribute to the depression but typically a lot of the thoughts negativity and Ruminating on trauma and pass events as part of the depression is really rooted in our hormonal health Because our hormones affect what our brain Does and how well it can function? depression is essentially a deficit of dopamine and dopamine is really important for our overall health and our mental health for the last like couple decades dopamine has sort of been Marginalized and treated as if it’s related to like vices because it’s always talked about how it is part of the reward system of the brain And then people immediately talk about like, you know Jumping out of airplanes and like doing crazy stuff to get a dopamine rush That is not what dopamine is for dopamine is not to encourage you to do risky fun adventurous things dopamine is Dopamine’s purpose in our brain is to reinforce things that help us be whole people it you get dopamine rushes from doing really mundane things like Hanging out with people that you love eating really good food Relaxing and taking time for yourself you go to the spa. You’re going to get like a really big rush of dopamine afterwards dopamine’s purpose is to show us as an animal the things that support our health and When there’s an absence of dopamine It’s supposed to help the animal understand what is not helping and what is not Contributing to the maintenance of our health dopamine is derived from the amino acid tyrosine Which we get terracing from our diet and then our body converts that into the amino acid l-dopa, which is then the precursor to dopamine The problem with depression and the deficit of dopamine comes because our body also uses Tarot scene to create adrenaline and the more we age or get older or have metabolic diseases or we engage in a lot of activities that stimulate the production of adrenaline we begin to deplete our stores of Terracing and so eventually what that does is that causes There to be less production of dopamine because there’s very little whew There’s not enough Tirra scene to make enough dopamine to make us feel well And so then you ran out of dopamine and then you don’t feel good all the time The problem comes with dopamine when we try to address it directly because you can take l-dopa. I Think only through prescription though and you can also take terracing but the problem is is that we have these conditions which are causing elevated Adrenaline production all the time so you can’t really take those precursors because they will If they even if they do convert into dopamine they will eventually can come around and convert it into adrenaline and That can give you a little bit of a like a rush kind of like a high but it doesn’t really help fix the underlying Issues here. What we really want to do is we want to lower the adrenaline production so that we stop using our dietary tyrosine So much so that there is then more to produce dopamine the first thing that I discovered to help relieve depression by addressing its root Problem is through taking the amino acid taurine Altering isn’t true amino acid But it’s just still referred to as an amino acid for convenience sake so the way that taurine helps to relieve depression Is that taurine helps us our body make more dopamine and less adrenaline? taurine sublimation supplementation helps us to make better use of amino acids and Raising metabolic rate and act of raising the metabolic rate increases the amount of dopamine Made compared to adrenaline taurine is what’s in Red Bull and it’s part of the reason why they have that Ingredient in there is because it does produce dopamine it helps you make it feel better. So you can actually just supplementary Taurine is generally really safe. There’s a few side effects, too Beware you if you haven’t taken touring before when you start taking it in larger amounts It will actually stimulate an increase in bile excretion and bile is used by our body in the digestive system to absorb fats So if you start to get a stomach ache when you’re taking taurine What you need to do is just stop taking it for a little bit until the stomachache disappears that means that your bile output was pretty harsh and it was probably causing you some irritation in your gut and then once that Feeling subsides you can begin taking it again It’s always a really good idea when you’re taking supplements to start off on lower doses with taurine. I would probably just start out with 500 milligrams twice a day and then slowly Increases slowly meaning like over weeks not like months. I Eventually got up to taking up to 8 to 10 grams of taurine a day Which doesn’t itself doesn’t have any bad side effects that so You can end up taking as much as you need to alleviate the depression Just don’t do it all at once because it’ll give you a really bad stomachache You’ll notice improvements in your mood almost immediately when you start taking touring But it really starts to kick in after you’ve been using it for a while after that effect of stomachache and stuff will subside One of the big things you need to keep in mind though is that taurine will also increase the metabolic rate and so that means that you need to have an increase in your consumption of carbs and protein and Fats in order to supply your cells with the nutrition that they need By the increase in by the stimulated increase in your metabolic rate If you don’t do that, what’s going to happen is taurine is going to raise your metabolic rate Then you’re not going to have enough carbs or protein in your body Your body is going to release stress hormones that will then Catabolize your own tissues to turn them into usable sugars and protein so if you’re not eating you’re going to elicit an increase in stress hormones, which include adrenaline, so then you’re going to Keep that cycle of burning tar terracing And the taurine isn’t really going to do you a whole lot of good? You need to eat food food is one of the first and most important Quirements for overcoming depression because your body cannot run at a high metabolic rate and support high vitality Without enough calories and nutrients to actually fuel your metabolic rate so make sure that you eat lots of food while you’re using taurine, especially while you’re using taurine and you can slowly increase the dose and when you when you start to get up to maybe about 2 to 4 grams a dose You know and I would do it twice a day. That’s when you’re going to start to feel relief from your constant depression now also using taurine and Eating like this are not going to permanently cure you of depression. These supplements are really just going to Significantly put a dent in the symptoms that you’re having the root causes of depression and the high adrenaline are really often rooted in A couple things it’s your gut health and it’s also your environmental health So this is like are you getting enough exposure to sunshine? Are you engaged in a really stressful job? Do you workout excessively? do you have tumultuous and and do you have tumultuous and disruptive relationships all of these things cause excess production of adrenaline and so if you’re not Getting enough sunshine in you’re getting into arguments all the time with people or you’re working out really hard you’re going to be producing so much adrenaline that you’re using up your Terracing and you’re not making dopamine. So it’s really important to treat yourself. Well slow down. It’s okay You don’t have to push yourself so hard You know take things easy Do self-care self-care is not going to the gym. I mean it can be for some people but working out burns energy It doesn’t create energy working out makes you feel good because it produces stress hormones to allow you to accomplish the exercise, but if you are a person that is suffering from the depression you Don’t have enough tyrosine to support your adrenaline production and your dopamine so overextending yourself and Working to exhaustion are only going to make your condition worse not better So if care is taking nice baths eating plenty of food getting sunshine engaging with people that love you or finding some People to love if you don’t have that in your life one of the most important environmental Factors that help to regulate dopamine is your exposure to sunshine If you don’t get enough exposure to sunshine regularly, what happens is our body produces excess hormones of torpor and torpor Slows down the metabolic rate And if you have a low metabolic rate your body’s going to be producing more adrenaline compared to EE so getting enough sunshine every single day is really really important to Curing depression permanently long term when you were exposed to sunshine those Hormones of torpor drop and dopamine and other good hormones rights and your metabolic rate rises and it is through having a high Metabolic rate which is what your vitality is, which allows us to overcome depression As I was figuring out all of this stuff and I was working to improve my overall health. I Was using taurine regularly and the you know the use of it really just kind of eliminates depression right away there are some other little tricks that you can use to get over depression one little trick is to use green banana peel now green banana peel has high amounts of dopamine in it I think this study that I saw showed that it could have up to 800 milligrams of dopamine, which is a lot You can’t just eat green banana. Peels. Oh, it’s really accurate It’ll light it just like being sore tongue dry up You have to mix it into light emulsify it into like a smoothie or something like that But you don’t want to also do that often because green banana peel has anti nutrients and at things like phytic acid that block Nutrient absorption. So what you want to do is you make like a little Green banana peel fruit shake and then take that and then have your other meals up There’s enough dopamine in a banana lead and a green banana peel to raise your dopamine for about 24 to 36 hours Similarly to what? I talked about earlier that dopamine will eventually convert into adrenaline if you if you Aren’t addressing your underlying metabolic problems. So good health becomes really really important when addressing the underlined in red depression if your gut isn’t healthy if you have You know a lot of pathogenic bacteria and there and that’s obvious because if you have like, you know just having depression usually indicates that you have gut dysbiosis because the gut is so powerfully influences our hormone health if you have Disrupted bacteria in your gut. What happens is your body your body responds to it by sequestering nutrients and calories to prevent us from running out of those things during the infection with these bacteria and That and that is accomplished by an increase in stress hormones and hormones of torpor, which slow down the metabolic rate So if you don’t address your gut health you can’t permanently Eradicate depression, but it is pretty easy to permanently get Mean like like you don’t have to get it perfectly healthy You just have to support your healthy gut bacteria in order to do that I’m not going to cover that in this video because I’m gonna make a gut hug video later But it’s also covered in my book and it’s a really really heavy topic I’m always going to turn these videos to my book because that’s how I make my living but also There’s a lot more information in there that’s going to help you address other things and you know depression never occurs in a vacuum Everyone who has depression has lots of other health issues that need addressing You know, you might have a reptile dysfunction. You might have fatigue you might have weight problems that aren’t helpful And that these things are all connected So if you’re not addressing the underlying causes of your metabolic health You’re not going to get at the rid of it. The good news. Is that using the using taurine and using an increasing your nutrient intake is going to help you a lot in the long run and Then you can use the other strategies like getting sunshine Using something like green banana peel or coffee You can use those to increase your metabolic rate and increase your dopamine production. And if you combine those with taurine you can really eradicate all of the symptoms of depression Just with those things. It’s just that you’re not going to be able to stop using taurine unless you also address your gut health So that’s where? Reading my book and looking at the chapters on gut health are really going to come in handy for anyone who wants to Permanently eradicate their condition but using taurine is a really great solution I recommend that you don’t use it Consistently for more than a year without taking a break just because I’m having that artificial tour and sublimation supplementation can potentially throw off some Biological pathways, but you just take a break for a couple weeks You know after a year of using it and then resume just fine. So anyway, thank you for tuning in I’m gonna post more videos in the future let me know what you think about this one and Check out my book at this address

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