Cutting With Schizophrenia Awareness Shitzofreakia Scraping November 14, 2019

okay now we’re going to be cutting for
schizophrenia for shit so Freedia we’re just gonna let that start right there cutting images cutting images so this is
a sign of craziness this is the sign schizophrenia and
bipolar disease cutting that’s what I’m doing I’m cutting I’m cutting the
channel let’s just cut that out first we’re cutting our side cutting and
scraping for craps so everybody who does crack do is crazy
okay see the numbers how they just stop we’re
crazy everybody this is repetition now so
actually if you think about it it’s the teachers in school who are making the
kids crazy the teachers are the ones who you need some mental health or something
guessing see how the frequencies they popped up
in ways now there right now they’re silent I mean either way we can’t hear
them but we can feel them but we’re just cutting for schizophrenia right now that’s not to say that kids don’t
scratch and well okay this this is actually a good example – that’s
actually a really good example and in the past five years it’s actually gotten
worse there was a point I was doing really
good and feeling good about myself but it’s actually gotten worse that this
really is a sign of probably a sign of schizophrenia
I suppose you know but I get you know the thing that I found is that when the
frequencies are ramped up they actually cause lack of concentration lack of
sleep which is the Wi-Fi signals everyone’s talking about then it creates
the head zaps and and so a lot of people have actually already said that there’s
been studies that have proved that the Wi-Fi signals are not so great and they
cause problems in the classroom that does does anybody ever wonder why Google
gave their town free Wi-Fi for a long time and then they just abruptly shut it
the whole thing down doesn’t anybody wonder why they shut down the Wi-Fi this
is like what maybe five years ago or so there has to be a reason why they shut
it down didn’t know why didn’t anybody ask Google why they shut down the free
Wi-Fi for their city there had to be a reason
and I’m I’d be curious but the thing is Google I know is trying to be diplomatic
and they very they are there they’re always very diplomatic because they’re a
platform for everyone there that’s what I’ve seen they’re a search engine which
can bring up a whole a bunch of issues and so but right now apparently it’s a
trend mental illness as a trend again with the Democrats with the Dumble craps
so we’re working on it so free Kia for the dump Oh craps the Dumbo craps
they’re part of the two-headed dragon and so we’re cutting for schizophrenia
awareness cutting for schizophrenia mental illness awareness you know so
because there’s gonna be people who have jobs for this and so this is one way to
cut its repetition and actually there’s something kind of satisfying about
cutting to you know just cutting if you don’t feel like doing anything you can
just cut I mean I know I use the paper shredder earlier but this is kind of
satisfying to now we can also scrape so I’m sure scraping is probably on a list
somewhere but we can scrape and make curlicues do you see that we can scrape
and make curly Q’s okay so you see that we can scrape and make curly Q’s you see
that but isn’t it nice how you know how use
how we as people support someone we support people unconditionally and then
you find out that they’re the ones who actually stabbed you in the back and I’m
I’m not talking about family this time I’m just talking about oh I had a little
heads up there and that one didn’t show up mom didn’t show up on there not all
of them show up because they’re different types of frequencies and this
one is just this one as a it is called electromagnetic field mk8 mk8 so there’s
probably some that are more sensitive than what this one that I have and they talked about one that was one
that had ionizing and one that was non ionizing I think my furnace might have
came on too and my forever since this furnace has been here it’s kind of
caused a problem too but they can ramp up and I can feel
these signals and if I can feel them I don’t know other people can and you know
all this Wi-Fi and stuff in the schools and this is an even screen time this is
just in your house and my meter is just right it’s right over here behind this

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