Dating and Depression Tips Part 1

in this video I want to talk about
dating and depression helping with the content creation and the animation in
this video is health Chronicle a new animation channel with over 30 experts
dedicated to weekly videos on topics like the science of blue lights wave
protein in the connection of foods and moods so check them out in the
description if you enjoy this video the depression and dating what can you do if
you or your partner is suffering from depression dating a partner with
depression or suffering from depressing yourself doesn’t mean that your love
life is over but it does mean you need to approach dating in a slightly
different way first you should be aware that love is a chemical cocktail
now most people consciously want to base the relationship on trust shared
interests respect and perhaps even emotional security the first throes of
love can feel like a wild roller coaster ride when you meet someone you want to
date it’s hard enough to navigate the chemical changes that love brings you
forea devastation hope lust jealousy throwing all that into the chemical stew
going on in your body when you’re depressed is like throwing gasoline on a
fire unless you follow these 15 tips for dating when you or a loved one is
depressed let’s start with tips for your own depression 1 if you’re a guy
surround yourself with other guys before trying to date a girl guys bond
differently than women you don’t have to look deep into a guy’s eyes and worry
about making a good impression most guys are happy to shoot the breeze about
sports their families their jobs even trade jock itch stories women expect a
different kind of communication though they love confidence in humor they also
want someone to whom they can reveal their deeper emotional selves when you
wake up every morning practice good mental hygiene you brush your teeth
every day you take a shower but do you ever check in with your thoughts first
thing before you even roll out of bed name three things that you’re grateful
for studies have shown that this practice shifts your mindset into a more
positive tone here’s an example I’m thankful for coffee Robert Downey jr.
and making someone smile at the drive-thru it’s that simple
after you’ve done this for many mornings consecutively you’ll start to notice
that your day starts in a more positive way and the effects of a positive
mindset translates into everything you do including your dating life tip number
three is one of the best cures for depression is staying occupied basically
staying busy this makes it difficult for your mind to ruminate on
things that worry you or stress you out if you’ve just gone through a breakup or
a divorce and are trying to date again but find yourself analyzing a
relationship to death stop go on a date with someone and do something active
instead hike to a mountaintop and revel at the breathtaking view ride your bikes
to a local ice cream shop and share scoop take a trip to a dude ranch or
learn how to skydive just doing something different will keep your mind
occupied stave off depression and help you bond with someone new tip number
four is that depression can be lessened by learning new things so find a new
hobby to dig into learn to play a new musical instrument or check out one of
the millions of DIY projects available on the Internet
psychologically sometimes we get depressed because our brains want to
ruminate on past emotional traumas give the brain something new to learn and
heck even try it with someone you want to
date 5 make your bed when we’re depressed just getting out of bed can
seem impossible if you just take the effort to get up and make your bed with
no other commitment for the day you may find yourself thinking wow making my bed
wasn’t that hard maybe other things aren’t as difficult as I’ve imagined
them to be this can build into a habit that helps to reduce procrastination and
also makes your home a neater more welcoming space where possible dates
would actually like to hang out so for the other 4 tips on your own depression
plus another 5 tips if someone you are dating has depression check out the
video I animated on health chronicles channel again a huge shout out to health
Chronicle for helping with the content creation and amazing animation of this
video I really love their style check them out in the description or watch
part two here thanks for watching

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  1. What's up guys!? 😀 Whatcha think of this animation style? I think it looks 😍

    Check out my animation on part 2 here:

    Subscribe to Health Chronicle’s Channel here:

  2. when you're depressed you stay in bed and have no energy to do anything like that. depressed people could get very angry watching this video.

  3. Hey guys I'm a small flipper from Malaysia and I make videos of myself flipping and my progress. It would me a lot if you guys could help me to 200 subscribers by the end of Christmas 🙂

  4. Hey brother, the animation style is insane! I personally didn't like the old one as much as this, but the value you provide is so good I watched anyway. Btw, the push pulling video about picking up girls, thanks for making it bro. I really wanted it to happen some day so other people than us who don't pick up would know 'bout this bro.

  5. Beware, tip #3 Distracting yourself can often put off feelings that will emerge sooner or later. Creativity will also suffer as it has been said that those who sit with themselves and their thoughts, even their dark side, are those who become more creative and are more in touch with themselves. These are the people who know why they feel the way they do and know how their bodies feel when they try to lose weight or make some other change, making it much easier to calibrate and monitor your progress without "shooting blindly". This is because you haven't built habits of shutting yourself out and hiding from how you feel.

    Point is, practice being conscious and aware. Use the opportunity to practice self acceptance. No matter how ugly it is, be able to stand still in the presence of truth. After all, this is self acceptance and this is a vital pillar of self esteem. So it can be said that shutting out your emotions and feelings will only lower your self esteem.

    I don't recommend distracting yourself. You will only move away from conscious awareness and thus move away from the possibilities of a meaningful life.

    The more conscious a person is about their existence, I believe, the more fulfilled their life will be.

    There are lots to learn about yourself in times of pain, I recommend just approaching the feelings with a sense of curiosity as if to be disconnected with the emotion or feeling, as if to be an observer.

    Accept, don't ignore and shun.

  6. I tried those tips and it didn't help me. I am extremely depressed although i have several hobbies (going to the gym, reading books, making music…), i tried to go out as much as possible and met new people, but at the end of the day i am still depressed. Actually, it got even worse, i can't even enjoy anything, everything seems boring to me. Even in social situations i feel depressed now. I recently started doing hard drugs and it's the only thing that can ease my depression (I'm not an addict though). And i feel bad because i know it's killing me. I'm so fucked.

  7. I think you should continue making this kind of videos! It's so fun and entertaining to watch! It's impossible to doze off from this one! keep it up bro!

  8. I like the idea of what you guys are doing, depression is a very complex and difficult thing to understand and is a difficult issue to tackle.

  9. Here is what happened to me when I was depressed and how I overcame it, if you want to see it.

  10. Oh man, this is the thing i am facing right now :(((( Man i love this girl and I am so depressed, jealous, sad… i totally lost compass, she even asked me why am i different, what is wrong with me… I love her, this is wrong with me

  11. I’m male, and sometimes I like the same gender, what should I do for #1. Also I like both guys and girls

  12. I'm clinically depressed again and honestly I hate myself and feel like I don't love my loved ones nor they love me so how could I date? That would be a really bad combination.

  13. Who can date, let alone THINK about Dating during a depression!!! all I want to do is Sleep Sleep and Sleep some more!!!
    But, U did have Good Tips!!! Thank U

  14. Why am I watching this? I'm not even dating anyone. In fact, I'm about to take a depression nap after watching this video.

  15. The thing is I want to be in love so bad but there is no one that I even love it sucks

  16. You didn’t mention feeling ugly. With your self esteem below 0, all this becomes impossible.

  17. God damnit I only realized halfway through the video it's for people dating who are depressed not dating people who are depressed, which is the thing I need, still some good tips though

  18. Talking with guys is easy because most of them just do small talk but I hate small talk! Girls think I am weird which is kinda true though.

  19. It's not obvious but you can tell that my crush is very depressed. She always has a smile on but she's very broken. I hate seeing her like that I wish I could help her.

  20. So basically jus keep distracting yourself? Lying to yourself? Instead of facing your demons and reality? By pretending to be happy bout shit you're told to be greatful for but know deep down you don't appreciate? 🤷🏿‍♂️

  21. I've never been diagnosed with depression but I feel somewhere it is always triggered by something.
    >I am 26
    >Never had a girlfriend (too picky), but you can't really blame me.
    >Not an incel
    >Induced by porn sense I was 6 yo
    >Not good with conversation
    A lot of times my conversations go dry. I plateau because I have nothing to say. I don't listen to much music by myself. I think about suicide 7 maybe 8 times a week. I write about it off and on. I have been researching pick up communities for the greater side of a month but no success, still on square one.
    What triggers depression: Having a job in a social environment where people are more socially successful than I am.
    As a quiet person, what is in my head: Thoughts of hanging myself, never succeeding. People laughing at me for not succeeding. Voices telling me to run when I have no legs or climb when there are only steep walls. "I will never", "You will never" quotes. That kinda shit.
    It is 2:45am and I am writing this.
    If anyone understands what I am going through, please, help me understand myself.
    I just want someone to share my love with.

  22. My boyfriend has depression and it has been a year and I feel like I have depression .. I don’t know how to handle this

  23. This whole video:
    How to get yourself to do things you already find difficult in your life while dealing with a relationship: J u s t d o t h e m

  24. I’ve been dating this boy for 9months and whenever we have a disagreement or just anything at all even when something good happens I get depressed and I feel like it’s my fault or I don’t deserve him. Any advice? Also I have depression PTSD and anxiety and he’s “normal” I try to explain my feeling to him but he just doesn’t understand he has such a good life I feel like I just bring him down 😖


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