Dave Clarke’s “Headache” of a Canvas Returns | Ink Master: Redemption (Season 4)

– Dave Clarke
gave me a bad tattoo. – Mm-hmm.
– And then he had the balls to blame me for it.
– I can’t imagine. – He said that
I gave him a headache and my ten year old
watched the show… – Oh.
– And now her joke is, “Mom, you’re giving me
a headache.” – Oh, my God, Jenn,
you’re breaking my heart. – I’m sorry.
– If you were to list for me the elements of this piece
that you find the most troubling,
what would they be? – I hate most of it,
to be honest with you. The lily pad, you can’t tell
that’s a lily pad. – Mm-hmm.
– The water underneath it that I refer to
as the blue blob, in the middle it got
very muddied and it’s very dark
and you can’t tell where the flower ends
and the fish begins. It’s just a very dark patch right in the middle
of the tattoo. – Dave is in the shop now. If you wanna go
have a chat with him, I’d invite you to do that.
– Okay. – Why don’t you head in,
say hello to Dave? – Thank you.
– All right. – I would like to ask Dave
what I did that was so terrible. I know what I want
and I know what I don’t want and if that was giving him
a headache, then he shouldn’t be
tattooing people. ♪ ♪ Dave, did you not think I was gonna
hear what you said about me? That I gave you a headache?
– Yeah. – How could I possibly
give you a headache? – You came to
a line work challenge and the first words
in a stressful situation you said was,
“I want no [bleep] outline.” – Listen to me–
– So how the [bleep] do you think that it’s gonna be fixed?
– I’m not cursing at you. don’t curse at me.
– You raised your voice first. – Don’t curse at me.

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