Day6: K-Pop trágico-romántico | Reaccionando

This song is so good This definitely has to be in the “ Soundtrack ” of my life Love… Can do everything! Technical problems, my friends Ready… It sounds like ballads When I hear the first sound I thought it would be something heavier I got confused, now it sounds very sweet He is very sad … Broken hearts! The lyrics are very sad It’s very good that they are a band that actually play their instruments Yes, it’s very romantic. I do not like it very much Leaving aside, how romantic they are I’m liking it Playing in the subway How sad, she broke his heart They are very romantic No my friend, don’t write a song for her Don’t get stuck in a relation friends It doesn’t work like that, let it go This guy is broken It’s been a while 2016? I like it That is I’m trying to assimilate I like it a lot, it sounds more organic. Is not that… Much, much energy I like that, without dancing I like dances in general, but I like them to be more organic More natural I think what I enjoy most about K-Pop is watching the videos I love the effects, the shots and everything they do From the simplest to the most … Complicated Don’t be sad friend, life goes on. There are so many fishes in the sea If I really knew this language I think if I listen to it I will start to cry It’s good that I have the lyrics Obviously all the songs talk about love I think that is his message Although he also speaks a little about self-love Overcoming When reading the lyrics … They only talk about love, I think it’s a band that is very … Love… Can do everything! Why are they so sad? It is already changing the pace Ok, this one already has more energy It is not so ballad Again? Friend… Your songs are very good, but … Smile a bit They all have a beautiful voice And they are very handsome, really I think that listening to them would not catalog them as K-Pop would be like … A rock-pop band from Asia For the video I thought that I thought the voice was in dynamic (stereo) As 3D audio, they call it But no, even though the video is interesting What they do What they do to play their music For me it is a very complete band I do like it This song is very good This is what I expected at the beginning. I’m loving it I want to emphasize that it’s good It’s not a conventional K-Pop Band They don’t have musicians, they interpret their songs themselves very well It’s like Drum & Bass, I like this song, it’s not predictable Even if they only talk about love from what we have seen The truth is that I like his lyrics I can relate to those feelings Everyone is very different, they have their own “ character ”. It could be said They are not the same Everyone sings, I hadn’t seen that Everyone sings and plays a different instrument That makes them very complete He has a sense of falling in love … Very unbalanced I saw you in the bookstore and I want to marry you I understand that there is always that person who marks you that puts that … That thorn That you can’t take it out Not even with gunpowder I like it… But I think, personally … Music that talks a lot about love, I’m not that follower With the first song I had lowered my expectations a lot … I think it’s just ballad and sweet And now with this I got happy In their videos you have to be seeing every detail Because they have a great concept behind I like that This is more ” Rock ” is good As I say, now you can imagine something “ reggae ” something else … You think you can predict the song, but not That got me Day6 I love them! But I don’t like that all his songs have be so sad The song is good, I can’t say more Don’t let them shoot you grab the gun and shoot back No more broken hearts Please! That reminded me of an anime Bang! I think this song is the one I liked the most, it’s very good I liked the videos because I see how they play But… I think the ones we’ve seen There is always a girl who makes them all suffer Let’s see, I hope a girl doesn’t come out I retract That song has more energy It is very cool, the sound is fresh. I like it The style they have, is also amazing They have very good style, the bass player I think he has more style His outfits attract more attention It is more outgoing in fashion What I like is that the songs transport you to … A different atmosphere in which you are not Happiness, come on man she does not break your heart come on! Tell her you don’t need her! The scenery is very good All right! We are doing well, so far there are no girls If they are the ones that actually write their songs They are geniuses, really The videos are on another level as always but … The music! This song is much better I really wouldn’t say that this is K-Pop Not because it’s from Korea it’s K-Pop I think Rock-Pop That it’s doing very well Well, it’s a very good band, I really liked it I liked it, I really like that I liked that it was not another group of guys who sing and dance I liked them a lot I like that kind of “ Boybands ” I really liked the voice and I think the music is also very catchy I think they are very talented boys I love that they are unpredictable That the music is unpredictable They are more real, they have … That they act, that they play their own instruments, that they have good sounds … I hope they are the ones that write the songs. I will investigate a little more And if so, it is a very real band And definitely and undeniably they are very good The instrumentation is very beautiful, well achieved The idea in musical question I saw a little more Standard in the matter of aesthetics in videos But well done, obviously well done Everyone sings and everyone plays an instrument, that makes them a more complete grouping To me On the other hand, lyrics and music I didn’t like it so much, but … The energy and effort they transmit is very good Passing the second song I don’t say the first two have been bad, but they conquered and fascinated me I really wanted to keep listening to them And there were one or two songs that I liked very much I hope they succeed a lot more. Day6 Very good!

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