Debilitating Headache Relief in One Visit From Your Towson Chiropractor

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Blake Kalkstein,
and I’m here with Rebecca. Rebecca has neck pain. And first of all happy Friday everybody. And so we’re going to show you here, been
doing a lot of stuff with the staff, we’re going to show you an actual treatment of neck
pain of someone who’s under active care in our office. So Rebecca has neck pain on the right side,
and she started coming in a couple of weeks ago. You felt, you were starting to feel really
good with some of the treatment… Better ya. A lot better, how long will you have a headache
sore? About two, three years. Three years of headaches. And so now the headaches are off and on now,
right? They’re much better with headaches. And when she does have a headache she comes
in right away, we treat her, we do some active release, we’re just her and she starts to
feel a lot better. And so, woke up this morning with some neck
pain. It’s greater on the right side, kind of gradually
got worse as the day went on. So turn your head this way for me. And she starts to feel some neck pain right
here. She goes about five0 degrees. Now go this way for me. And then she moves a lot better going that
way, but she got some pain down between her shoulder blades. So we are going to show you active Release
on the upper cervical, we’re going to adjust your neck, we’re going to adjust her mid-back,
and then we’re going to check that range of motion again. Okay? So glasses off, stand on the platform for
me. So if I look at Rebecca’s chart real quick,
this is your fifth, your fourth time. So she’s only been coming in three times,
headache for three years. In three treatments we’ve reduced her headaches
from constantly for three years down to, how many headaches have you had since we started
working? I had one, and I came in with it, and that
it was gone after. Immediately after we adjusted you right? Ya. So three years of headaches gone. Woke up one day, had a headache, we adjusted
her, we brought her back in the next day, that it was gone. So we’re working on some posture strengthening
exercises for her, we’re working on some neck strengthening exercises, but today we’re going
to show you how we are just her, how we do soft tissue treatment with her. So a lot of things that people miss when they’re
doing headaches, a lot of clinicians they don’t look for, I’m going to doctors will
say take a muscle relaxer, or work on your posture, or stretch things. But a lot of you know, eye doctor will address
the joints in the neck and the suboccipital muscles. You know you take a muscle relaxer, it helps
for a little bit but if the joints are really locked up, you’re still going to have pain. What’s your experience with headache? How many doctors did you go to? I’ve gone to three. I’ve gotten MRIs and everything done. Taking medicine every night for it, and still… Still having headaches. So when we examined her we noticed a little
tender over here. So just relax your head I’m just going to
do some soft tissue work here. So if you’re dealing with headaches, you’ve
been to three doctors, you’re taking medication, you’re still not having. I mean it’s so common in the office, we have
someone come in and say: I’ve had headaches for three years, but after I got your adjustments
for a couple weeks my headaches have been gone, stay gone. And I work on some posture and stuff. And so you made the right choice to come over
here to get worked on. The right now we’re just doing an Active Release
Technique on her suboccipital. It’s real tight right there. There you go. But the right shoulder drop for me. There you go. Let’s next roll over on your stomach. So next, we did Active Release which is a
just her neck. We’re going to adjust her mid-back next, kind
of weird she was feeling that pulling sensation when she would turn her head. And come down here, that we’re going to stand
her back up, and we’re going to look at a range of motion again. Headaches or so common out there the research
of what America spends money on when it comes to Health Care needs, lower back pains is
obviously number one. It affects 80% the population at least once
in their lives, where they’ve got to miss work. So it’s so common, that’s why we’re so good
at it because everyone has it. Headaches is number five. Until the problem is a lot of people just
throw medication at it, throw muscle relaxers have it, they don’t really go at it, you can’t
treat the root cause of it. You know, if it’s a joint dysfunction, if
it’s migraine headache, you know there’s a big type of migraine headache, there’s cluster
headache, and then the big thing is people miss a lot is cervicogenic headaches, which
is headache caused by neck pain or neck problem, and that’s what’s going on here here. And boom we found what was wrong with her
and boom the headache started to go away. Now she’s been having the headaches for three
years, and her next been stuck probably for like five years. The joint’s been irritated or locked up for
a long time. So it’s going to take a couple of treatments
to really release the joints and get them to stabilize and calm down. And so that’s what we’re doing here with Rebecca. So she’s a little locked up right here. Take a deep breath in, and out. Let that loose. There you go. That was a good one huh? And so she has limited range of motion to
the right, put your glasses back on for me so you can see. Let’s see you turn your head to the right
now. Oh look, that’s just phenomenal. Any pain? No. And now come towards me. And so perfect range of motion both ways. Now is that still pulling down here? No. And neck pains better. Ya. So there you go, that’s awesome. That’s incredible, so, combine this with some
posture exercises that we’re doing in the office, and stretches that you’re doing at
home, some ice therapy, and we get results. So if you have any questions about headaches
or neck pain, a comment to this video and we’ll see everybody next week. Thanks, bye.

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  1. Really appreciate you and your staff's knowledge and expertise on chiropractic care. Saw this video ( ) and cringed at the thought of what you might think. Love the videos!

  2. Just found your videos. You do some great work. I'm not far away in DC & would love to come in for an adjustment.

  3. Was there a neck crack? I didn't hear no crack. lol. But seriously, been suffering from neck pain for quite a while. Will a chiro be of help or a massage therapist?

  4. Hey just curious.. is it possible for someone that has had a spinal fusion to get adjustments? I had a fusion and always wondered if it was possible to go to a chiropractor

  5. Any guesses on what went wrong with Katie May? A chiropractic adjustment tearing the carotid artery … holy shit 😲

  6. I've had a pain in my upper / middle back for about a year. Between my spine and shoulder blade. Physio said it was a muscle strain, doctor said bruised rhomboids. Anyhow, every time I squeeze my shoulder blades it hurts and usually cracks. It relieves pressure when it cracks but goes back to hurting right after. Any recommendation on what to do?

  7. What should you do with neck pain and tightness with a limited range of motion if you've had spinal fusion (T1-L1)? The surgery was 5 years ago and the neck issues started about 6 months ago. Could I be adjusted?

  8. i got a queation boss☝…is there any long term wear from the joing by doing frequent chiropractor visits , moving back and for the joins, will that wear out the joins and aggravate the nerves around hem?

  9. what is the trick to finding the right doctor. I have had torticollis since birth and have always had headaches. I have tried a number of chiropractors and different doctors to no relief. I live my life on motrin, ice and heat. I have had to find a job to accomadate the time I have to take off due to pain or me throwing up for days because of the pain. I need help and don't know where to turn

  10. This has nothing to do with headaches, but you have been responding to people's questions, so my wife has a weak lower back and, I know you'll hate this part, she has me walk on her back and elbow her back, what do you recommend she do? Can she strengthen her lower back or would she have to go to chiropractor al the time? I thank you in advance for your response

  11. Oh god I always wondered how chiropractors were so calm cracking necks like oh boi if I was a chiropractor I'd be so nervous

  12. I have some questions!
    I often have cramps on the inner side of my right foot. Could this have something to do with my scoliosis?

    Also, I've twisted my knee many years ago and ever since, I can't use it a lot. It will start hurting if I work out too much, walk up/downhill too much, or walk too many stairs. Is that something a chiropractor could fix somehow, in case my scoliosis contributes to it or something?

    Regards from Germany! 😊

  13. After a car accident I had a headache for seven years. The 1st time I went to a chiropractor it was gone. Along with some other problems I'd had from the accident.

  14. Hello my gram has been suffering from severe headaches for almost 3 years,she's been to 6 different doctors all they do is give her medicine and sends her out the door she has seen 4 doctors in Pittsburgh and they say nothing is wrong they do all kinds of testing shows nothing! The headaches also cause mini strokes! Her headaches are in the left side of her head every day! Do you by chance have any idea what we should do she really can't take the pain it's so bad!!!

  15. I live in Los Angeles, was going in for my first chiropractic visit yesterday so i watched just about all your videos to get a feel for what to expect, really helped calm my nerves and happy to say my visit went amazing. Thanks for posting these!

  16. I used to see a chiropractor regularly. now I have a mobi-c artificial disc at c3/c4 after a car accident. I get debilitating headaches now. I wonder if chiropractic is still an option for me with the implant.

  17. I love how on these videos there's always entertaining comments, and then passive aggressive replies, lol. neato video tho, i've been having headaches for a few years too; very helpful.

  18. I know this is an older video but i had an epiphany watching this. ive has horrific migraines since I was a teenager. 90% of the time I can tell you when I'm going to get one because my neck starts to get a little sore, then progresses to really bad neck pain and a migraine. I try to crack my nevk, stretch it while pushing on the trigger point, etc to get relief. I had no idea this was really a different kind of headache

  19. I have the same ROM problem the woman in this video had. Is there anyone you recommend in Richmond, VA. Love your videos. Keep up the good work!

  20. You're awesome doc! I've always believed in chiropractic and the value of trusting that the body can heal itself if you allow it. I'm an avid follower of you. Keep up the great work!

  21. I think i have an issue with my scapula as it makes a crackling sound whenever i move it and it causes me to tire fast. I just could not find a chiropractor in the philippines

  22. Have you ever heard of chiara malformation syndrome? If you have how would you go about treating it? My chiro does the normal adjustments but nothing is helping my migraines. I get 1 or 2 a week. Been getting migraines for about a year now but have had head aches since I was 7 and I'm 28 now. I'm just tired of the pain and looking for a second opinion thanks!

  23. Hey I have had headaches for 2 years but only on the right side of the head from the eye to the nape of the neck, can this be fixed with some adjustment? Plisss help!!!

  24. I'm 20 and I've had chronic migraines for as long as I can remember. When I crack my neck it feels so good I could cry. I can't imagine how incredible it would feel to have a professional chiropractor work on my neck.

  25. Never have I wished I lived in or near MD before in my life… since I can't fly up there, maybe you can help me to know what's a good chiropractor going to do to help me in my current situation? I have a herniated and bulging discs in cervical 6 & 7 with severe tension and severe headaches. I've only been to one chiropractor and was advised that my muscles were so tight that even after some tens unit treatment and I believe it was a ultrasound type wand that he massaged my neck with, he still couldn't adjust me…. He said it was the first time in 15 years he had to send someone out without adjustment. And I would need to come back 3 – 4 times a week for a month, two or however long it took. At the time I couldn't even begin to fathom that as the answer.

    Now a year later, after neurosurgeons, neurologists, fioricet has been my saving grace. But I don't want to live on meds and the pain has gotten so bad the meds are not working like they used to.

    I decided to try and go back again…
    This time around…
    I started the therapy they wanted (laying on my tummy with I'm guessing tens units ? Not sure if that's what they are called and would have to lay there for 15 – 20 min) and because I have an anxiety disorder in addition to the physical, laying there was not 'relaxing' for me. It caused anxiety in me to the point that I was ready to bolt off the table. I ended up going the route of making sure my meds (fioricet) were going to be ready the second I got out. There was a problem with the meds I had to work out with docs and pharmacy so I told them I had to leave and all but ran out of there.

    These severe headaches and the tension in my neck and shoulders, and now pain and numbness down my left arm and also creeping into my mid back, become debilitating. To the point I can't even function as a wife. A mom. And it causes my depression to kick in.

    If you could even give me some guidance of what I should expect and look for based on this little bit of info? Do I need to take my anxiety meds before I go in and resign myself to being in the office for I don't know how long (an hour?! Longer?!) and for how many times a week, and months of treatment?!

    My God. If I could come in like this young lady? I would think you were literally a gift from God!

    I live in Seminole FL (St Pete/Tampa) are the big cities by me. And seeing this makes me question if I'm at the wrong chiropractor (who I've yet to reset an appt with because I'm left feeling anxious).

    Any thoughts? Suggestions?
    Thanks from someone who's been suffering through this for going on 15 years.

  26. My chiropractor did the same thing and I’m still getting headaches been over a month now and issue persisting after 3 visits to him. I don’t know what the next step is

  27. I’ve been having pressure in the back of my head that radiates to my scalp and temples and jaws and my neck and shoulders feel tense.
    I tried everything except seeing a chiropractor, any advise would help please

  28. I’ve been having headaches non stop for about 2 months now I was in a car accident and got a concussion, but never hit my head anything I believe it was whip lash. I’ve taken all sorts of medicine and even had acupuncture done several times but I get no relief from anything. I don’t have migraine headaches because they will immobilize you I can function but have a constant pressure headache under my eyes and left side of my temples that goes to the back of my head. I’m seeing a chiropractor Monday and hoping this will help but am just wondering what I can do to help with these headaches that are 24/7 non stop. Please I’m desperate

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