Definitions: what is depersonalization, derealization, and dissociation

Hi. My name is Ben Meijer. I’m a therapist and experience expert in the field of derealization and depersonalization, this video is about definitions on Derealization, depersonalization and dissociation. All right, if we go back in history to the previous version of The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, the DSM-4, we’ll notice that they’re two different disorders, Depersonalization Disorder and Derealization disorder. At a certain point, the people who rewrite that book every once in a while decided it’s actually one disorder and they’re just different sides of the same coin. All right, so what is depersonalization? Depersonalization is when you look in a mirror or you think about yourself, you don’t recognise yourself. If you change the camera from this angle, to this angle, you look at the world and the world feels fake and artificial and unreal. That’s derealization. So depersonalization is towards yourself, derealizations is towards the world. And the third aspect is dissociation. Dissociation is when you distance yourself from yourself, yourself being here, your body and your feelings and distancing yourself meaning, residing in your head, distancing from your body and your feelings. Now if we look at how often people complain of the different aspects. Usually people complain most about the world being fake or unreal, or there being mist or glass, then the second, people talk about not feeling themself, so I don’t know who I am. And the third and the smallest category is people feel a distance. That doesn’t mean that if you have one, you will not have the other two. Usually it’s we have all three a little bit, but the most presenting symptom is usually derealization, then depersonalization and the third dissociation. Do you want my assistance in curing your DP/DR? Call now

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