Depressed? – A Workshop on Anxiety and Depression by Illume Academy

Everyone dreams of a good life and some
are blessed with it. No matter how hard we try nothing stays forever. When we are
tested in the very things that we desire the most, our Family, Relationships , Career
Health and more. Turning our life upside down. Drowning in our own Sorrows &
Disappointments, unable to get out of the abyss… of Sadness, Anxiety and Depression.
life is stuck in this limbo of Suffocation & Helplessness, Imagine… if
you could learn to control your negative thoughts, Imagine… if you could change
your State of Mind, Imagine… if you could change your situation and break free
from this emotional chaos. Free to achieve what you were meant to. To reach
your true potential and to take control of your life. Come embark with us on this
emotional journey of hope. To understand your inner struggle in the light of the
Quran Sunnah and modern science

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