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  1. If you find yourself struggling and need someone to talk to, please give therapy a try! http://9nl.es/Karim4BetterHelp

  2. “You don’t look that depressed”

    Sadly a lot of people do not realise that’s a messed up things to say to people with depression. I got that a lot and it’s breaking my heart. I use humour a lot to cope with my sadness, but actually deep down I’ve been struggling with depression for a few years and people still think it’s not real.

    I hope you will get better and may Allah always protect you Karim.

  3. This video was so inspiring Karim,I have so much going on and think of how I'm going to deal with it and then your videos like this one pops up, makes me cry and eventually makes me feel so much better. THANK YOU SO MUCH

  4. I've been depressed before and trying to kill my self and i realize that I'm still young and more experiences can i do, why I'm doing this fu****g thinking 💭

    And i move forward and moving and moving now I'm enjoying my life with my son and wife 🙂

  5. Been here for 5 years .
    You make 10 mins feel like 10 secs .
    The content is still the same !.
    You are still the same .
    Me as a fan still loves you the same !

  6. it's beautiful to know that there's a lot of kind people in the USA like this as we all (in Egypt) thought that american people are so cold and selfish but that's not true and if you wanted help they will be there for you

  7. My Dear Karim..it saddened me to see u in this state of no motivation n depressed…i have always look up to u..have watched ur vids for years n years n i will always watch ur vid b4 i start my day n u have always be my Inspiration n u made me smile the whole day despite all the rushing waves i face everyday..Dont lose tt hope..i understand that you feel how come u are not as blessed as the others when there is a lot more good in u but pls always remember to look down where millions others are more unfortunate than you..go to Allah..pray to him cos if u are away fr him..Syaitan will instill negativity…go to Allah…God is the answer..

  8. The message that I take from this video for myself is to express myself more in the society and in general. Thank you and keep uploading!!

  9. Dude Your Experiment Helps me alot

    My Father Doesn't Care On Me He Doesn't Support Me On My Talent And He Always Find A Way To Blame Me Even i did a right thing He Will Blame me.

    I feel Like Not Important, Trash & More.

    Im Always Thinking About Killing My Self Is The Only Way.

    Yes I Hear Voices They Tell Me To Kill My Self.

    And I Watched Your Video Then I Realize : Wait Its Not The End? I Still Got A Woman And That Woman Makes Me Happy Everyday. She Makes Me Feel Especial.

    Cant Afford Some Therapy Im Just A Poor Boy From Philippines i Am 15 Years Old And I Have Depression .

  10. pray pray prayyy. salah is what we all need when we're down. talk to Allah he will guide you he knows what's in your heart you just need to ask him

  11. I found inner peace and freedom from my depression by beginning and maintaining a relationship with Jesus. Even when life's difficulties come my way, the downward spiral is gone. If your interested, the best way to start your relationship with Jesus is to listen to a Jesus loving knowledgeable bible teacher, they will lead you by the hand so as to understand it all…The site, teachingfaith com helped me a lot. Especially the series titled,' 'change of mind'…30+free streaming videos…

  12. I think depression and anxiety is totally different, Ive been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder for 2 years. my psychiatrist said anxiety is worry and fears but depression is completely lost their interest and also having sleep problem

  13. I’m really happy that you are stronger now and facing all your troubles with positive and facing ur fears HELL YEAH🤘🏻! <3

  14. This one help me too….thnks karim thk u so much bcz i also find myself in between all this religious talk…bt u help me to find my clear way to deen..u help me more then any shaikh…I appreciate..keep it up..

  15. Kudos to all those ppl who understood what depression is about….anxiety and depression is a lethal combination because I fight that everyday and it’s difficult to control

  16. Im depressed already at a really young age… And im really trying to be strong and im getting help but its just it doesn't seem to work and im trying everything to get my life better but i will still keep fighting and hearing and seeing other people share their story it touches my heart and keeps me strong thank you so much❤

  17. Help other people like be part of volunteering work does give happiness. Not necessarily by donating money but be present and help

  18. I'd help anyone who was depressed as I've been there many times. I've been homeless. I've been abused and kicked down. Ice been thrown out by the system not working for the people. Yes I'd be there and sit with you til you felt better.

  19. well to believe that a God will roast you in hell forever if you dont abide will help you get depression.

  20. "I need to survive" that's all I say to myself like everyday, every minute, and every second of my life and I THANK YOU for this video 😭 because 'YOU SAVED ME TONIGHT' GODBLESS YOU 💐

  21. The person that said 'SMILE' like that cures depression. If it were that easy, no one would be depressed. Thank you for this Karim 🙂

  22. Watching this video by coincidence exactly when and what I need to hear plus all the other coincidences I've been through the last 3 weeks is just .. *speechless*.. Thank You.

  23. wooooooooooooow there are some really wise people passing by that we miss everyday that video made me think about talking to strangers more

  24. You're clearly depressed because you lack JIHAD! Just subjugate some non-believers and you'll feel better in no time.

  25. wow i didn’t think i was going to get emotional but i did! Thank you karim this somewhat helped me! I deal with a lot of anxiety and depression daily and it gets hard 😕 but i’ll take the advice from this video:)

  26. I Dont get how rich and famous ppl get depression for example joe weller. He can afford what he wants and I’m sitting here in a small crappy house which I’m renting and can’t afford nice things;(. I’m the one who should be depressed not him😑

  27. Hello I am from an Indian occupied state of Kashmir India kills us every day… can you come to Kashmir and do a concert

  28. I love you because you’re a human who is suffering and thats not good i pray you receive the good blessings Allah will give you

  29. We should nurture a life of acceptance for people to not keep things inside and instead talk about it.

  30. Your videos are awesome 👏 man !! Much appreciate whatever u r doing to make us feel better ..
    Have an amazing life ahead !
    Allah bless you 😊

  31. I feel so happy for you man, going out and putting yourself out there takes a lot of guts especially for a mental issue. Im going thro so much this past couple of months and this video made me tear up like a baby for some reason, and i was raised to keep my real emotions away and never to cry. So thanks for giving me a chance to let some of my depression out. And hope that i can have the courage to do the same thing u did.

  32. Assalamualaikum Kareem.. iam Ibrahim.. from India .. big fan of Ur work.. love the way u keep experimenting.. keep making videos… Lots of Love 😘❤️

  33. Experiment gone to real. Appreciate your work Brother. ❤️ And the last woman won my Heart.
    May Allah bless all of us with the right path.

  34. In my country different religion will be love by filipino people, no racism and bully im so proud to be one of pinoy!

  35. Betterhrlp is worse 😑 I needed help and I seeked help in Betterhelp but They said currently we dont have anyone for you
    Yeah Anf I Knew it ..I have noone probably this is my last typing..I hate betterhelp and I hate life..I needed help no one helped me

  36. This was so beautiful I literally teared up watching this😭❤️ Im sure this video will make thousand of people feel better!

  37. Always be happy try even u can't as long as you still alive be happy be positive try to be active and positive please don't be negative .

  38. I am thinking how if this social experiment is tried in collective culture country such my country, Indonesia, maybe many people will talk to you and give you advice whole day, lol. or maybe you will be invited to their home and being adopted as their child, lol.

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