Depressie & suïcidaliteit onder jongeren – depression & suicidality amongst teens(English subtitles)

There are about 55000 teens suffering from depression in the Netherlands A depression like that is often completely invisible It’s something inside of you It’s something that completely destroys you inside Inside In this world where appearance dominates In this world, where the standard equals perfection is depression found entirely inside This is the side we focus on the least You are judged by your actions, your grates, your appearance, your clothing style, your social life.. But nobody cares enough about your inside You put a mask on in three seconds A smile is often faked without any effort Nowadays, teens find it so much easier to pretend to be completely someone else than to talk about who they really are and what they really feel Because depression is a taboo
Suicidality is a taboo Both with enormous stigma Depression has turned into a buzzword over the last few years Teens use it with every little setback But that is life Life consists of ups and downs, of positive and negtative, of light and dark But it does not equal a depression A small bump in the road doesn’t equal a depression When you suffer from depression, the bump makes place for a bottemless pit it seems like there is no possible way to get out Day after day you have to fight to be able to keep your head above the water Depression has completely lost its meaning in our society It isn’t being a little bit sad It is void. It is unhappiness. But it isn’t a constant feeling of unhappiness Because you can be happy during your depression Just like you can be a sober alcoholic It remains a mystery But the pain, the unhappiness, the void, it’s an enormous burden to carry with you every day Alongside all of your other obligations The burden gets heavier and heavier untill you can no longer move forward untill you can no longer stand on your feet You stay in bed, because you have got nothing better to do You spent hours in front of the tv You don’t get out of your house anymore Everything you once loved so badly, now seem unimportant The pain lasts and thoughts go through your head Thoughts about how badly you want to lose that burden Thoughts about how much better the world would be without you You walk to the railway and you watch the trains rushing by while you consider to jump in front of them You are in the bathroom, hands clamped around a knife, willing to cut your wrists while the bathtub fills with blood as red as roses Suicide is one of the most important causes of death amongst teens Every three days a teen commited suicide because of depression in Holland in 2014 Tuesday, a boy in front of the train Friday, a girl jumps of the building she grew up in Sunday, a young woman decides she wants to sleep forever, she takes an overdose and doesn’t wake up This is the situation in the Netherlands If we take a look at the world aroud us, we’ll see someone commiting suicide every 30 seconds because of depression Then it begins “It was so unexpected” “There were no signs” “She seemed so happy” The signs were there but there isn’t paid enough attention We didn’t listen well enough We didn’t look behind the extinguished eyes We didn’t look behind the fake smile We didn’t pay enough attention to the words: “I’m fine” “Everything is ok” Words trained to perfection This can change
This has to change Depression and suicidality have to get their real meaning back We have to make it possible to talk about these terrible subjects Because you don’t wake up one day with a depression There is a period that leads up to a depression, and in that period are signs, signs that can prevent a depression I don’t exactly know how my depression started I don’t know when, but there definitely was a period leading up to it What I do know, is how I felt The unhappiness, the pain, the void I remember how I sat in class every single day, laughing, smiling, as “the happy girl” But as soon as the lunchbreak started, or every time I had a free period, I found myself crying in a bathroom stall Door locked Tears on my cheeks
Knife in my hip I cut my skin Just to get rid of the horrible pain inside of me Just to get rid of the void Just to find a moment of peace Afterwards I returned to being this “happy girl” I faked a smile and put my mask on again But my mask had flaws And whenever my mask fell apart, and the real, broken, me showed, who was there for me? No one The moments I sat crying at a table in the canteen, who offered me a helping hand? No one People looked at me, but continued working. They ignored me or they whispered and walked away. I was not good enough I was never good enough I hated myself The reflection in the mirror began to distort more and more every single day, untill it had become a completely deformed version of me I began throwing up my food on a daily basis Hoping to achieve a perfect body Hoping to finally fit in Hoping to get friends Hoping no longer being called fat, by myself, by the voices in my head and by the people aroud me This society makes teens believe that they have to have an insta perfect body to fit in Slim, muscular, no belly fat rolls a white and straight smile, sparkling eyes, fashionable clothes, a skin without a single pimple Otherwise you are not good enough Insecurity develops and the period leading up to depression begins And no one who talks about it Because, you just don’t do that, do you? “You are not supposed to talk about topics like that” Bullshit The taboo around depression has to go The one thing that is feared the most by teens suffering from depression isn’t the pain inside it isn’t the demon named depression.
It’s the stigma of others The fear of not being good enough The insecurity that comes into play The disappointed look on a friend’s face Classmates gossiping The voices saying that you are too weak Nothing can change if we don’t talk about it The thing teens with depression need the most is to be heard is to be able to tell their story and to be respected for it Teens suffering from depression need something that simple Support Support of family, friends, school and fellow sufferers Because fellow sufferers can and want to do so much for each other I remember when I finally had someone to talk to, someone who completely understood how I felt Someone who knew that depression isn’t just a setback but that there is so much more beneath it Someone who knew that depression isn’t an emotion it is your life
and it controls your life It dominates you
It forces you to be another you I have lived two different lifes for so long For the people around me, I was the happy, quiet girl with perfect grades. But I saw myself as a completely different person I was the girl with the mask The girl who had to cry herself to sleep every single night The suicidal girl who stabs a knife in her hips every day to find peace The girl who has gone through so much in 13 years that she would rather die And now I am standing here As a 17 year old
realising that my depression also brought me something beautiful It has taught me about who I am, why I am here, and about where I want to go It has taught me to dream big and to always keep hoping It has shown me how incredibly strong I am And most of all, it has taught me to open my mouth That is why I am standing here today Teens suffering from depression want to be heard It can start small Think about school, the place where my depression started and with mine so many others School affects our emotions at so many levels The pressure is high, you can’t fail, you have to look perfect and you have to be ok all the time And you call every little setback a depression Because that is what everyone does, right? We live in a world where everyone runs towards you to sign your cast when you broke your arm But as soon as you mention that you suffer from a depression, people don’t know how fast to turn their back at you There must come more knowledge about depression The real meaning behind this disease has to come to light Because that is what it is
It is a disease It is a label, but it is not who you are And it may not stop teens from being who are and from who they want to become It is ok to have a depression It is part of life Teens need to be heard Because how do you fight a disease where people suffer from alone and isolated every day? Together Through talking Depression can be prevented This is my story But today I represent and speak on behalf of all 55000 teens suffering from depression in Holland Change is possible Together we are stronger Together we can make a difference Thank you Instagram: emmavannieuwenhuizen

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  1. Respect voor je dat je dit allemaal zo goed en vlot kunt vertellen over depressie (En je eigen depressie).

    Dat applaus aan het einde heb je echt verdient.

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