Depression and Anxiety My Story

[music lyrics] Forever Blue… Forever Blue I’m putting on a show for the world to see No one will ever know, that without you I am forever Blue hello its Peta thanks so much for
coming by today I really do actually appreciate this one
because I’m going to open up a discussion and a conversation around
mental health issues it’s Mental Health Week here in Australia and I thought I
would open up a discussion about mental health issues and see if we can get
talking about it now the thing about mental health issues a lot of its got to
do with Depression and mainly this is the issue that I’m going to be tackling
today you see because I’ve been suffering from Depression for at least
four years and it’s been very very difficult it’s been difficult on so many
levels because just getting up in the morning number one but also because of
the business because I have people talking to me all the time because I
have to function in the business and doing the videos even it’s been very
very difficult for me to just function my way through this and to feel my way
through this so basically what’s happened to me is that over the last
four years I’ve had incredible hurdles and challenges in my business and you
know I thought I would be so much further ahead than I am but because of
these challenges that I’ve had it has really set me back and for about three
years I’d say but for about three years I’d say I just didn’t acknowledge any
depression I was just angry and I went through anger and then back to
depression and then anger and then back to depression and it just kept going
through this whole motion for about three years it’s like you’re angry but
then when you get depressed it’s like you feel hopeless and you have no way
out of it and it really it was a very difficult time in my life to just just
to keep going so what’s happened in the last four months is I have again
gone through this depression and it’s been incredibly difficult in the sense
that this time whilst I thought I was over it
I had a few months where I was okay and then all of a sudden II I just fell into
a big heap again and this time I haven’t had any motivation I haven’t been able
to get out of bed I have just been sitting watching TV I haven’t been even
been able to look at the computer and deal with anything on the computer and I
I can’t say I’ve cried a lot and I have cried but I’ve just been not able
sometimes even to breathe and sometimes it’s really hard because I’m here by
myself all the time and John goes off to work and comes back about five o’clock
and John is the only person that I get to see I do see my friend Nikki who
comes here and packs the products for me because I can’t even face face packing
the products myself anymore and this is my whole life and sometimes I don’t
leave the house for three or four weeks at a go and do you know I’ve really sort
of I’ve already struggled with it this time around and I’ve had worse thoughts with these
depression but I’ve had but what I’ve worked out is I’ve started looking
within myself really looking within and really searching myself to look at the
courses and the real causes of these problems that have been having so what
I’ve done is I’ve started doing some meditation just a little bit just for a
few minutes a day I’ve started doing some self-hypnosis to stop myself from
stressing and I’m finding that it is much better
another thing that causes depression is what I think is part of my depression is
my lack of vitamin D because I do need a lot of vitamin D in my body and I think
what happened I changed over about four months ago the brand and I found it from
that time I started sort of descending into this abyss dark abyss and once my
husband and I started discussing it we’ve got that brand back again and I
have been feeling better I have been feeling better but what I found that
with depression you do have to start taking steps at some point to pull
yourself out of it these might be steps of going to the doctor
this might be steps steps of recognizing that your thoughts are not quite right
that you’re having thoughts that are not self-care thoughts you have to start
acknowledging these things and you have to and I’m saying have to because I’m
really telling myself this because this is what I told myself that I’d knowledge
my thoughts weren’t right because I was stuck in my own mind all the time then I
decided I’d go see the doctor so I’ve got I’m going to see the doctor in the
next few weeks to get some tests done and then I started doing some meditation
and then I started doing some hypnosis and I have found that doing this has
really helped me turn the corner of it I wanted to reach out to people and when
I reach out to people I get a little bit hysterical and I’m very very a very very
strong emotions and people I have found over my life can’t deal with those
emotions so over the years I’ve just stopped reaching out and I’ve even
stopped going to talk to people like counselling anything like that because
for me I found that I couldn’t find the right person that could actually sort of
get into my mind and really start sort of digging deeper to find out what was
going on so doing it myself I found that I found that I just start
to have more more understandings and more deeper understanding because it’s
coming from within me so that’s my story so far and I guess I’ll tell you about
it further on if things start going on but I’m doing much better now and I’m
not not as angry not as depressed not as angry not as depressed
I am actually you know even today getting up and thinking that I had to do
a video even that was a very difficult thing to do that I had to get up do my
hair and put my makeup on and do all of that stuff even that’s a difficult thing
for me to do so but what I did was just push myself through it and decided I
talk about my own struggle and my own journey with this this black dog as you
call it in the description box below there will be links to people that you
can contact if you feel that this is happening to you and I’ll have all the
english-speaking countries like the main ones but I can’t get all of the
countries I’m sorry but they what those links will be in the description box
below and if you are from a country that I have not got a link there I would
encourage you to really look on the internet and search on Google or
someplace to find somewhere that you can go and talk to someone because once you
acknowledge that you’ve got these strange thoughts in your head and these
feelings of anxiety and darkness and depression when you come to
that acknowledgment you really do need to go and talk to someone about it and
as I said I didn’t do it because I’ve got John around me that helps me I’ve
taken on some meditation and I’ve taken on self-hypnosis and that is helping me
but if you are not able to do those things I would strongly encourage you to
go have a look at that link below and reach out to someone that might be able
to help also if you are feeling ashamed that you’re depressed and don’t want to
acknowledge it or so they tell it to anyone and don’t want to say it to
anyone you will find that once you actually say I’ve actually not been
doing too well people will actually either acknowledge it and reach out to
you or people will understand because they might not be feeling that well as
well so what we need to do is open a conversation and open up about how we
feel because we cannot walk around with robots all of the time this is what this
life it that we live in now is culminated to that we have become robots
we are totally disconnected from our feelings from our mind from our
spirituality and this is I believe has been done on purpose so what we need to
do is come back and connect ourselves to all these parts of ourselves that we
need to bring back even on social media now they have computer-generated avatars
that have millions and millions and millions of followers and they have
these avatars go out and do adverts for you know all these multi national
companies now these people were following robots
we’re following robots that are emulating human and trying to they’re
trying to connect to us but they’re robots they do not have feelings and
what I want you to understand is to bring yourself back together again
connect to all of those things that you have been disconnected from and that’s
what I found that is helping we heal if starting to meditate is
connecting to me to my Higher Self starting to do positive self hypnosis is
connecting me to my subconscious all of these things are bringing me back
together again so if you are someone that is suffering
from depression either open up today let’s talk about it in the comment box
and make a comment on the video or I would really encourage you to go and see
someone reach out for help there are so many there’s so many centers out there
that can help you so please do reach out for help
and try to do something about it and try to help yourself even if it’s just
getting up and do making that first step so I sincerely hope that this has helped
you today I certainly helped me talking about it I feel actually better talking
about it and letting people know just basically I’ve just let the world know
what was going on but it may makes me feel better talking about it connecting
makes you feel better so you have a lovely day wherever you are in the world
step out and connect someone and I’ll see you next time
bye [music lyrics] There’s a coat of many colors it is never black and white can’t have one without the other the dark without the light…

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  1. Thank you so much for this. I went thru PTSD as a result of 25 five years with a predator husband, I understand how it feels where doing anything is a huge hurdle. I used EFT emotional freedom technique and it worked…..tapping. The USA govt used it for viet vets who could not function and in 5 mornings they used tapping and were 90 to 95% cured. I agree with you re loss of self and isolation. I agree with all you are doing. I did find that 10 out of 10 psychologists two psychiatrists retraumatised me savagely, they have not accountability and could not cure PztSD. I agree re going out, talking to anyone, and getting in the sunlight.

  2. You are very strong person that in this difficult situation you can speak about it and more… you try to help others. So kind of you. Meditation is everything. It helps. God bless you!💖

  3. I'm sorry that you've been struggling, Peta. I think we all get in a rut sometimes. Speaking for myself, I often just get overwhelmed and need to regroup and re-prioritize. I hope you're upcoming appointments will help. And if the doctor suggests medication, I hope you'll take it. As my friend's doctor said; "The meds are available–because they *work*." You are in my thoughts.

  4. So sad watching this video Peta, and feel a bit guilty too. I would get so excited to see a notification of a new video from you, yet didn’t know just how difficult it must have been for you to film it. I hope you do feel a bit better having voiced your feelings and I hope this has given some of your followers who feel this way the motivation to seek help. All the very best to you and if only we lived near to each other, I’d come over for a cuppa and give you a big hug ❤️

  5. Thank you so much for your honesty. I suffer from depression since my teenage days(now 33),although it s a lot better since I live in Indonesia where I met my husband, and my surrounding, including my family here, is more uplifting than it used to be back in Berlin.this helps but of course it's not a "cure",and I still suffer under huge insomnia, no matter "how good I feel", and of course this affects my outlook of live in a negative way again etc. I m also dealing with really bad self-loathing and it's a daily struggle not getting sucked into this hole.

    It's also the widespread romantisation of depression as some sort of fountain of creativity and artistic stuff that bothers me..bc it sounds like you re just not capable of transform into something "good" in a creative way. But Depression is the opposite of all this.. Only people who suffer from that can understand.

    I really hope you will do better soon, you seem like a really nice and kind person and I m not just saying this bc I appreciate your yt content, and I hope the self loathing isn't too strong for you. I m sure you are highly loved by your surrounding as well.much love from Indonesia to you <3

  6. PLEASE Peta, look up the carnivore diet! Pls forget about your preconceptions and give it a try, other than getting out more and meeting people nutrition is literally the most important thing relating to mental well being. Please give it a go to the carnivore diet, eat raw grass fed meat and eggs! Or at least do the paleo diet. It has worked for so many people with depression, look at mikaela peterson.

  7. Oh my when I think of how many you are helping by talking about this – it gives me hope for any of your subscribers who are going through depression. It's a wonderful thing that you are talking about your struggles and encouraging those who are depressed to reach out. My hat is off to you!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing, I too struggle with depression. It is an ongoing problem, I hope blue skies come your way soon. It's very brave of you to speak so freely, I keep my thoughts to myself it's very hard to find anyone to open up to.

  9. You are really brave Peta. Hear you. Relate. Well said. I concur to 'done on purpose' I am adding this I have become EHS, a yellow canary in the mine..

  10. Have you tried a diet change? Raw fruit, berries and melons can change your life! That’s pretty much all I eat and feel great!

  11. With menthal issues is that it is sort of invisible. "you look ok, you should be fine" . I look fine and actually I am superhealthy physically as that is one of my interest and I do everything possible to stay healthy, yet I have a neurological condition asperger syndrome (this included the inability to connect socially and not being interested in people). I feel most comfortable with familiar people (partner, dad, some family friends, 1-3 close penpals) as human contacts, the happiest I am with animals though, my hamster, cats. I am disconnected from people (which means I literally have no ability to connect with them on an emotional level -neurological difference-, in group setting i feel overwhealmed and frustrated, I am more ok in one-toone contact with trusted people-, but I do have emotions) and my dream life is to have my off-grid house on my permaculture farm and live there with the few people around who I love and with many animals (cats, hamster, chicken, little piggy). I am vegan, my love for animals, nature keeps me alive, literally.

  12. Hello
    I have really enjoyed your chanel and the Face aerobics is so helpful. I am hoping that you will feel better soon and it is good to get help. Depression can be very debilitating and you have my support and good wishes 😍

  13. Dear Peta, already the courage to talk about this speaks in your favour…Opening up about our so called "nasty" feelings no one wants to have is not easy. I do perfectly understand you, I had phases in my life when I wanted to hide from this world…I am a nurse and notice that at least 75%of my patients take antidepressants…any further questions? 😉 It is not easy to struggle your way out of these issues without having this "other" sense what life is all about…Stay authentic like you already are and keep going on this path…Meditation is such a strong tool, even if you don't notice it in the beginning. There are so many people out here who don't dare opening up because they are afraid to be judged. And so many people who will understand you, many more as you think! Take care! <3

  14. I'm really sorry Peta. You were very brave to talk about this very real problem, depression. You are a wonderful woman, just remember that. You are doing all the right things to help you deal with this very real problem. I'm 63 and have been through something similar to you. I don't know if you've always struggled with depression or if this is something new for you. While I was going through menopause, I struggled with depression but now that I'm post menopausal I'm so much better. You mentioned vitamin D Peta….I think thats also something you may be low in as you suggested…as was I. Thank you again Peta for putting this very real issue out there….you're not alone.❤

  15. Love you, Peta. I‘ve admired you for years and now even more so for sharing yourself so bravely with the world.

    Meditation has helped me with my long term depression, but it definitely didn’t happen overnight. What else helps me through is doing volunteer work with shelter dogs. Making someone else happy (whether a human or animal) has always been uplifting to me.

    I’m glad sharing your story has made you feel a little better. Keep sharing – it helps all of us, too.

  16. Hello my lovely, it totally broke my heart to see you so upset. What an amazingly brave thing to do, open up about something so personal and clearly so raw and upsetting. The thing about depression is it can make you feel so vulnerable, alone, you feel you are the only one going through this. You are not! I look at you and see many wonderful qualities, everything you share with us all on YouTube so generously and full of kindness, a quality greatly underrated in my view. You've helped so many restore their confidence through your facercise programmme, and somehow manage to respond to all the thousands of messages probably sent, a herculean task. But…… sometimes we don't allow ourselves room, or space to look after our own selves. Now is the time to give back a little something to you, take care of yourself, take a break if you have to. Ashwaghanda has helped me restore some balance in my life. I have a very long term chronic illness and I have had a fair few dark moments in my life. Somehow you keep going. You have to be kind to yourself, if you cannot manage to do everything, then you need to be honest and do what you can manage. Thinking of you xxx

  17. You are such a beautiful person inside & out!! I will pray for you!! I lost my son & husband. If it were not for God I wouldn't be here!! God got me through He dried up all my tears as He promised in the Bible!! I read the Bible daily. Ask Jesus into your heart and to be your personal Lord & Savior!! Look up the "Sinner's Prayer" say it and mean it with all your heart!! I want my Face Aerobics coach to be happy and live a long life! Praying for God to touch your heart and give you strength!! Love you & your channel!!

  18. Dear friend! I have been thougth the self-same condition! The book which has helped me to understand our inner mental vortex is: Vipassana Meditation as tought by Goenka. Please, be on the path of finding the common sense. You are so beautiful!!

  19. Admire you for doing it yourself. I find this so difficult, I understand so well what you are going through, I've been feeling like this, to the point where I feel so numb

  20. I’ve been on a similar journey , I’m a Christian and find meditating on God has helped me , as you say connecting to things like nature again , being outside and looking around and just being thankful. I’ve been to the doctors several times and put on antidepressants which have helped but coming off symptoms gradually creep back , I believe that all they do is mask things they don’t deal with the why. I also went to see a Christian counsellor who was a great help. Trouble is the old enemy knows my weakness and has a go at me from time to time. I’ve been taking vitamin D3 for 4 weeks now , I live in the south east of England , I think I’ve started to feel a bit of a difference maybe I am very low and it will take a bit more time.
    Thank you Peta for sharing your story , it’s a brave thing to do on YouTube. I have a supportive husband to , I also believe the menopause has not helped but I won’t go in HRT , I’m not a lover of artificial chemicals. I’ve been looking at gut health with another YouTube blogger Dr John Bergman. Serotonin is produced in the gut , I’m into helping my gut flora as there is scientific backup that your brain and gut are linked. Also looking at the nervous system , parasympathetic and sympathetic eg flight or fight , in this fallen fake world where stress and anxiety are rife and doctors don’t have all the answers , we need to research beyond the drugs and mega rich pharmaceutical companies , all they care about is money ( the root of all evil ) So ongoing with my journey to Peta , God Bless.

  21. I am a life long metaphysical student and a FYI the earth is currently under stress from extreme space weather. This is affecting the electromagnetic fields of humans resulting in depression/anxiety and a whole host of other physical and mental issues. Please google Ascension Symptoms 2019 for more info. Also Saffron extract (a supplement made from Saffron) is proven to be a natural antidepressant. You can check Amazon for reviews. Check out guided meditations for DNA activations on YouTube. Listen to Solfeggio tones (528 Hz) is a miracle game changer. Thanks for your courage to post this. We're all going thru this, it's part of the earth changes. Don't give up, this too shall pass.

  22. Buen día querida Peta, gracias por ser tan sincera y autentica, en estos tiempos donde la gran mayoría se muestra como perfectos felices "robots", Así es este mundo y esta vida .Necesitamos conectarnos con nosotras mismas, y recordad quienes somo, que vinimos a hacer a esta vida todo el tiempo. Muy valiente sincera y generosa tu actitud Peta. De una forma o de otra estas dificultades nos golpean a todos . Te abrazo con amor y gratitud.

  23. Oh Peta ! Just looking at you,you will not believe you are someone who can ever get depressed but again you can not judge some one by it appearance. Relax and chill my friend you are working too too much depression is something which every body get but of course it depends what kind of depression.Try Ylang Ylang essential oil,Neroli essential oil an Orange essential oil.

  24. Brave, honest and touching. I got over my depression by realising it was my own inaccurate thoughts which were triggering the chemical imbalance, so I nipped the "downers" in the bud, triggered endorphins through meditation like you and listened to upbeat music or thought about good things. Byron Katie's philosophy helped me too. I also started taking myself and life (which is bizarre, what are we doing on this planet spinning around in space for heavens sake ha ha?) less seriously. I realised something 'happening', good or bad, took my focus off me and that forcing myself to meet up with people for a chat lifted my mood. It's the old cliché about a hurricane approaching your house suddenly erasing all the problems you're ruminating about. It must be so horrible to feel isolated and yet you have all these subscribers who are immensely grateful for your work. You are crucial to this world, have made a great contribution and this video – helping others while feeling down yourself, brilliant Peta! – is yet another example. Everything passes including depression – "panta rhei" to quote Heraclitus. Hang on.

  25. Hi….my dear just wacthing .right now SCOAN sunday service….There Is God Who can really .really Help! Watch Emmanuel tv !! God Bless You !

  26. Peta, I am so sorry for your struggle! It is one I have shared. I will be praying for you…remember God is the lifter of our heads😊…make sure your doctor checks your iron levels as well!!

  27. Peta, I could say so much – and I'm afraid I'm going too – so please don't feel too overwhelmed. You are such a courageous person to speak up about what you're going through. I'm a retired coach/counsellor and have a facebook page on different techniques people can use to help them look within – and to come to know, accept and care for themselves. It's a self-help page and everyone who uses it can choose to be anonymous. The reason I started it was because I went through many years of suffering from this – I also saw counsellors etc who couldn't help me. I believe that while it would be great to have a load of friends and therapists to help us through this challenge – it doesn't always work that way. You are doing what this challenge is asking of you. You are looking within and you're taking responsibility for doing something to help yourself. You are never alone – what we can't see is more real than what we can. You are God's creative masterpiece – a shining example of all the colours of love – you just have to ask for help and you'll receive it. That's the message I was given for you – and I also pick up you are taking some nutritional source that is affecting your moods. Life can feel meaningless when depression makes us feel separate – but these are the lies we tell ourselves. God didn't make a meaningless world – and you are energetically connected to so many. Perhaps I could suggest the ThetaHealing technique designed by Vianna Stibal. It involves downloading unconditional love from the Creator Of All That Is – I download ancient wisdom, courage – I download it all (lol) You just have to open up and be filled with anything you feel you're lacking – and it will be done. I send loads and loads of love and blessing to you – Jenny xxxx

  28. Peta, this is a brave move. I myself have had depression caused by circumstances that were outside my sphere of influence. The industry I work in hit rock bottom and I became unemplyed for two years. My brain and heart seemed to disconnect. I've had the feelings of being of no use to anyone and of no purpose, being a burden. I couldn't find any joy or awe in anything, I could not make myself happy and the world was a terrible place. I wanted to die, put a knife through my heart. I even stood in my kitchen with the knife in my hand. The only thing that stopped me was that I couldn't do that to the people who loved me. As a result I became more sprirtual as this gave me a sense of belonging somewhere. I did meditation and om chanting quite a lot. I turned to my Jungian psychology to understand and found all the answers inside myself. These links below give intelligent concepts of depression, have the patience to watch them to the end. Please know we are all of one source, we are human and we are all made of the same stuff. There is not one single human being on this planet that has got it all together, it's an illusion.
    My thoughts are with you and with anyone going through this, it's painful. I feel with you and breathe with you 💕

  29. You keep trucking sweetie❣️ « We’re only as sick as our secrets » my sister said one day when she was here on this earth with me. Thank you for sharing because realizing we are not alone starts a universal healing😇

  30. You are Soooooooo Lovely…A Wonderful Woman….Make People Feel Better….Thank You Dear….Fellow Sister…Going Through Same thing in My Own Way……Gut/Brain Connection….Sunshine Walks……Kind Friends….love a kitten….Give to the Poor…Whatever it takes at the Time….Thank You for Being So Open…You are Incredibly Brave as well as Beautiful…Hugs

  31. My Dearest Peta, Firstly A BIG HUG TO YOU. We all love you very very much. You are such a Brave Lady and a great source of inspiration and motivation for me since the last almost five years. I look upon your videos every week. You are doing and have done wonders for us at all times and my suggestion is that if you can incorporate YOGA in your regular routine, you will even start feeling much better. Try Power Yoga by Mitchelle Golstein – she includes such nice motivational spiritual talks during her yoga sessions – I am sure you will feel much better each day. My heart goes out to you and greatly appreciate your transparency to us. Yes meditation and positive affirmations also help. Yes next week we would definitely look forward to seeing you as a much better and healed person. GOD Bless You in all your business endeavours and all the very best. Keep smiling Always. Hugs Hugs and Lots of Love.,Gurdeep

  32. Hi my name is Jocelyn and I have been following your channel for almost 2 years. I had an especially long bout of Ménière’s disease and my face collapsed like a deflated balloon. I was 64 an it was so bad I could not look at myself in a mirror. You gave me hope and my face has improved. My mom died in 1998 of Alzheimer’s. I was her primary caregiver plus a husband and 2 small children. It left me devastated and depressed to the point of wanting to harm myself. Thankfully my husband took me to our doctor and I was given a safe antidepressant. I later developed Hashimoto ‘s which is common after a traumatic event in your life then RA and menieres. I realize I will never be free of depression so I have developed a plan to control it. Any time I feel it coming on I say I choose to be happy, yeah I know it sounds weak but it gives me the choice of how I want to feel. I have given my depression a name…negative energy…and I have 2 Himalayan rock salt tea light holders that I light at the first sign of negative energy, I sit and watch them and it’s like meditating.I do some calming breathing, and I take the tea lights with me if I go to another room. I try to get sunlight and take walks where there are trees, breath and enjoy their beauty. I try to exercise every day and do a chair yoga class twice a week…it was my yoga instructor that brought the salt rock lights to class to get rid of negative ions and I fell in love with them. I also have a happy play list on my phone because you never know when something will trigger depression. When I hear a song that just reaches down and brings up a happy feeling it goes on the list…so far it is a short list but a work in progress

    is a short list

  33. Prayer works. I began to pray to God and He healed me of anxiety and depression. Just giving another ‘alternative’ remedy. 😀

  34. Hi Peta <3 I'm so sorry to hear you have been struggling, thank you for being so brave and honest. You do so much to help others feel good about themselves and you've made such a difference to how I feel I really appreciate all your help. <3 THANK YOU! <3 . I have just turned a corner in helping myself to happiness. In case they help you these are a few things that have helped me. I use Magnesium for anxiety and overwhelm ( I use the oil transdermally) I also take a liquid vit d by Primal Sun which I find helps, I take ChlorOxygen and several wholefood supplements and superfoods to raise my energy levels. I have started to journal and practice yoga which really helps. You mentioned hypnotherapy, there are amazing programs/videos/books by Marisa Peer using a technique called Rapid Transformational Therapy, some great personal development programs on Mindvalley and a wonderful modality called Access Consciousness. All of which are helping me beat the blues and make some changes. I am also working on getting myself out of the house more, starting with daily dog walking in nature! Please feel free to friend and pm me on facebook too if you'd like. Sending you hope for happiness 🙂 Love bless <3 xx

  35. Dear Peta – What a wonderfull, strong and inspiring woman you are 😘 Hugh loves from Denmark 😘❤️❤️❤️

  36. Love that you made this video. We all go through this but do not acknowledge that we need help. I have admired your strength and today I admire your sincerity.
    Thank you

  37. Your sharing a very real subject means that you are human. I praise you for that. I have had many very real situations such as yours in my own family and I have seen first hand what this does to a person. I cannot help myself from wanting to share things I have learned and I too hate when I see everyone gives advice but I have to. Please look at the videos on YouTube where people have healed their anxiety and depression with a carnivore diet. I know you are vegan and I am sure it sounds absolutely nuts but the results are absolutely unquestionable. I had a Mom who struggled her whole life with this and we were lucky we had her with us as long as we did. I have a sister who is bipolar and other family members who suffer as well. The brain is an amazing organ and its response is so different in everyone but I know myself it absolutely does change when you feed it differently. I think you are braver and stronger than you know just for sharing and I know you will get lots of advice but please its worth just listening to and it may be a light at the end of a tunnel. I am a nurse and also a cancer survivor and have seen so many people affected by these very real situations. I too like to try to do things to figure out the "why" and fix them. You are taking the right steps. I speak for many here on YouTube who are here praying for you and supporting you. Sending prayers and support from NY! Theresa

  38. I'm so sorry to hear this but thankful that you uploaded this Peta. I too have had issues with anxiety and chronic depression issues. I go back and forth as well. I pray that the Lord will heal and help us all along to getting stronger and better for good. You are a blessing and inspiration to all of us. I love you Peta in a sisterly way. God bless you always.

  39. Sorry to hear of your struggle. It is good you are doing something about it. But i do warn your vuewers that hypnosis is NOT for everyone. It can have the reverse effect on some people and they never recover. Your struggle seems to come from unrealistic expectations you have put on yourself.
    What i do know is that you have made a huge difference in providing this service to people. God bless you

  40. Peta, you are such a nice and sweet person. Thank you for being so brave and for sharing your struggles. I would have never guessed that you are experiencing these difficulties. Please take care of yourself and continue to be such a lovely human being. <3

  41. I'm going to do my best to make my comment as short and sweet as possible, because I don't want to overwhelm you further.
    First of all, you have my deepest empathy, compassion, and understanding. Frankly, I wish I could hug you, make you a homecooked meal, and give you a safe space to talk about your struggles. It broke my heart to hear how isolated you've been, other than your husband and friend. I do understand, however, because that's what depression does. It causes us to turn away from the people and things in our lives that give us joy.
    Secondly, I understand, because I suffer from both depression and anxiety. I'm a narcissistic abuse survivor, from childhood abuse from my mother, and from two abusive relationships in my adult life. I won't go into great detail on this, but I share this to let you know that you're not alone. That if I, as broken and damaged as I was ( and parts of me still are), that I was worthy of love, of healing, of acceptance, and compassion. You're worthy of ALL of these things too, Peta.
    Thirdly, the stigmatization and hidden shame of mental illness needs to end, and it needs to end NOW. The brain is an organ in our bodies, and it can be affected by diseases just as our hearts, lungs, etc. Going to see a therapist for having emotional/mental struggles should be as easy and socially acceptable as seeing a medical doctor for heart disease or the flu.
    People suffering from mental illness are not weak, or lazy, or crazy. We are human beings, feeling deeply about life, about traumas, and we need care, not judgment.
    Lastly, because of the nature of depression, reaching out isn't always possible for those suffering with it, so this part of my comment is for people with loved ones suffering. If you're close to someone who has disappeared or seems angry or irritable, or they don't seem as interested in life anymore, YOU do the reaching out. Even if they push you away or make excuses, keep checking on them. Keep showing up for them. It could very well save their life.
    Peta, you're so brave to open up to us about your own struggles. Thank you for sharing with us, and please know that you're not alone. You are loved by so many, and that includes me. Sending waves of love, light, healing, and comfort from across the world.

  42. Peta, I'm so sorry to hear that you've been suffering with depression. It was very brave of you to share this with everyone. I struggled with depression in the past and I found that a really good therapist can make a great difference in your life. I hope you don't give up trying to find someone. I also wanted to say that you've done an amazing job with Facerobics, even while struggling with your depression. This is quite an accomplishment even for someone who doesn't have emotional problems to deal with. You should be very proud of yourself that despite everything, you've still done such a fabulous job! I also think that it's probably better to share this as you have with your viewers, as people will be more understanding when you're unable to sometimes cope with all the many aspects of the business. Keep up the good fight! I believe that meditation and hypnosis are excellent means of helping you to heal and to cope with the difficulties of life. I wish the best for you and hope that you're able to start feeling better soon!

  43. Realization that we have control of our level of consciousness was profound for me. I thought I was stuck with my depressed thoughts, but now realize the power to change those thoughts lies within each person. The book "Letting Go" by David R. Hawkins was a good starting point for me. Of course changing thoughts embedded over a lifetime is a process. It's $15 USD on Amazon ($2 USD for Kindle). It has over 1,200 reviews with 4.8 out of 5.0 stars.

  44. Thank you Peta. I have followed your and exercises for almost 4 years . I am starting to work on my depression and like someone said below it takes time but meditating on good feelings in your heart and keeping that going I think will help rewire the brains pathways and reactions. We are never too old to work on that , and connecting with nature where we belong..

  45. I love you. Thank you for all you do. Years ago I was so depressed and suicidal and confused. But when I asked Jesus Christ to come into my heart, he bought the light, glory, joy and hope I always looked for. He is the greatest counselor and goes into the deepest parts of our being. Your creator has all the joy you can handle! Please invite him into your life and heart and ask him to show you how real He is and he will. The book of Psalms is wonderful for expressing feelings and releasing them. Google scriptures of encouragement and watch and see how they push out the darkness. I would be happy to email you the scriptures I use if you want them. But today I am a woman full of life living as vibrantly as possible! I love you, Dorothy

  46. I know you are a very natural person but a little medication can also help. I remember when I was afraid to try medication the Dr. took my hand and said “ taking medication doesn’t make you weak…. it will allow you to be the person God created you to be. I tried it and that’s exactly what happened. My Faith has brought me through many a trial and God heals us through the body of Christ which is His physicians and others. Prayers for you and all who suffer from anxiety and depression. So many are suffering from this condition and as you know you aren’t alone!

  47. Peta,I am just one of this great crowd of people all over the world who love and admire you! Thank you for sharing such valuable content on face aerobics, thank you for talking with courage about your depression and your message gives hope to all who struggle with it. God bless you and your loved ones!

  48. Dear Peta!

    Sorry I only speak a little English but now I have to write to you. Terrible things have happened in my life over the past 4 years ..I lost almost everything. I didn't dare to look in the mirror anymore either. I had every loss on my face …. so I felt even worse. By coincidence I found you and with EFT, daily exercise, vitamins, I started to work out my face with you. The change is already visible (there are still signs of trauma 🙁 ).

    You have inspired me and helped me when I was really deep…….when you were feeling bad!…. I am so grateful to you.

    Many things are difficult, but I hope I'll be really happy.
    I wish you could find the sunny side of life too. Greetings,hugs from Budapest. 🙂

  49. Peta, I am a brand new subscriber. I've been trying to find a good face exercise channel on YouTube, which is WAY harder than I had ever imagined. I just subscribed to you yesterday though because you were, by far, the best I had come across and this video just made me really love you. I relate so strongly to your struggle with depression, and when you mentioned meditation and getting in touch with your higher self I just thought "Yes. This is my girl!" lol. I've struggled with depression since middle school tbh. And I've been on every medication there is and have talked to many therapists, never finding somebody I clicked with. However, a few years ago I don't know how it even came about, but something caused me to start studying metaphysics and spirituality and I was so enthralled with it and it has helped me more than anything else ever has. I have to applaud you for managing a business and a YouTube channel while in the grips of depression. You're truly doing a great job and you deserve to feel proud of yourself. Love from Ohio, U.S.

  50. Darling, precious Peta, God Bless you. I understand your plight and it would take too much room to tell you my story with depression but please know that you are so appreciated and loved by so many. I had many, many years of therapy and hypnosis that helped me but I have seen studies by Marisa Peer who has a shorter method it seems for helping people. I do not know your faith but I had forgotten that God told us to ask Him and He will help us so I talk to Him a lot. You are a jewel in this world and I love you and thank you for all you give to us. Please know you can call me anytime if you would like to talk. ❤️💖❤️💖❤️

  51. For centuries mental health issues have been something to be ashamed of, thankfully society is beginning to recognize the devastating effect it can have and people should not suffer in silence. You are one of the brave public figures to openly share your struggle. Your bravery helps to shed light on how people can appear "normal" yet be struggling to cope with their day to day life. You will help so many realize they are not alone, there are ways to deal with their issues through prayer, meditation, diet, exercise, etc. and to seek professional help. Thank you for your bravery and honesty.

  52. Hey peta I have been with you since 25,000 subscribers. I have learned a lot from you. Thanks for sharing yourself with me. Much love to your dear one.❤

  53. Hi Peta, I live in Poland and I have been following you since 2016. I'm 40 now and your exercises have changed my life dramatically.I get compliments on my good looks all the time and I know it's because my face lifted and I started looking like years ago. But I have to say that I also sensed anger and sadness in some of your videos. I want to tell you that there is one person who brings peace and abundance into your life. It's Jesus. He is able to take away all the anxiety. He has taken my fears. He can do the same things to you.If you have some free time you can watch The Normal Chritian Life. They are people from Australia. I'm praying for you.

  54. Dear Peta, very brave of you talking about this. Never had a depression, and hope I never get one.
    I think it’s very good that there is someone who is telling that it’s not always sunshine and happiness.
    But I want to say, that there are so many people on this earth that love you for being you!
    Look in the mirror and do the same. Love yourself, we do! All of us! Big hug, from the other side of the earth!

  55. It's really helpful that you post this, other people who go through similar experiences will feel less alone. Thank you for that.

  56. Thank you for sharing. So proud of you! I have had a lot of relief using Emotional Freedom Technique. Check out Tapngrl – Tapping Into You on Facebook. Free tapping coaching session, Tapping Tuesdays 8:30am. I value and appreciate your challenge. Thanks for all you do for us. Best wishes

  57. I'm so sorry to hear this. I, too, suffer from depression. I've been on mediation since the early 1990's. I've tried getting off but that just makes things worse. You hang in there and continue to do your meditation and hypnosis. We need you out here!!!! You are an inspiration to us all.

  58. Hi Peta, Kudos to you for sharing your personal struggle. You are such a strong woman. When you mentioned a Vitamin D deficiency, I thought of a set of new books that I am currently reading by Anthony William: Medical Medium. I believe that our mental health is directly related to physjcal/biological health imbalances. Consider reading his books. His books are about a deeper level of human consciousness. He offers so much more than just drinking Celery Juice! I appreciate you Peta. "And this shall pass." You will conquer this. Angela

  59. Peta, your mind is not who you are, its luring you to think the wrong thoughts that way it controls you. Listen to Elkhart Tolle , he will explain it better than l can.

  60. From COSTA RICA! Hi Peta, I hope you feel better soon. Thank you for sharing your experience…..tell God you need him. He will be there for you anytime!!

  61. Thanks from my heart for opening yourself and sharing your burden with us! It was a very brave thing to do, but gladly it also helped you feeling better. You are definitely not alone in this horrible thing – being depressed is worse than many physical deseases.
    I suspect that you, like me, miss more contact with people, nice, intelligent people that you can connect to. But just think that: You are loved and respected by MANY, especially women, that see in you their angel:) You're helping so many repairing their selfconfidence and selfestim – so only this is a good motivation for you to cheer up. 😘

  62. Sweet Peta, thank you for baring your soul to those who love you. I too battle depression and anxiety daily, often even hourly, and it is a continuous effort on my part to stay one step ahead of it. Know you are not alone, and there is no single solution as we are all suffering in different ways for different reasons. But putting it out to the Universe will allow It to acknowledge we are in pain and It will help us heal. We are here for you. Thank you for all you do. 💕

  63. Peta, thank you SO much for sharing what your going through! I will be praying for you! maybe this could help you on your journey!

  64. Dr. John Bergman's youtube channel will help you 😉 Walking – getting outside has helped my depression so much. Hang in there and keep us updated❤ You are not alone !!!!!!!

  65. Oh Peta, sweetie I am SO sorry but I'm glad you are feeling better! I too am depressed but I just don't want to talk to anyone. I'm disabled & I'm only 57, I can't work& I have no friends. I do have my husband. I am truly happy you are better. I am praying for you! Your friend from the United States of America… i love you 🙂🦋

  66. I was diagnosed with a bit of PTSD I'm afraid of people I have my reasons. However I really felt warm about what you said Peta This life is to restrictive and perfect or we're taught / forced actually as you said to believe it's true.* When I fail I learned your human and there's nothing in this life * that's more true. We're human it's someone who believes they never lose who loses ** their humanity . Facing your humanity isn't weak it's the reality and strength . I fail and I will admit if asked I certainly do because I'm human * ( if ok? big hugs from here Peta )

  67. I'm so sorry to hear your struggling with this Peta. Your a beautiful and lovely lady. I will pray for you. When holy people prayed for me before (even when i had no faith at all) it felt like the weight of the world was taken off my shoulders. Know God loves you and has a purpose for your life. ♥ Life IS tough. Its hard and its a fight at times.

  68. Much love to you Peta 💕 I felt so sad seeing you so upset ! You are very brave opening up to everyone like this ! Thank you for being so honest ! I've had a very long journey with depression which resulted in a suicide attempt and being resuscitated and spending 6 weeks in hospital . So believe me I understand how debilitating it is ! What has really helped me is the right medication , Going to bed at the same time each night and getting up at the same time each day ! Even when you don't want to ! (Set an alarm in another room so you have to get up to turn it off ! ) Putting make up on each day even when not feeling like it ! ( it's amazing how much it can make you feel better seeing yourself in the mirror ) also walking for half an hour each day really helped ! I also gave up alcohol , became a vegetarian and embraced the teachings of Louise Hay . I listen to her recording 101 power thoughts for life on my walks ! Please see your Dr soon and have some blood tests as there may be something in the results that could be easily fixed which could make you feel so much better . Xx 💕🐞

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