Depression and Anxiety Secrets – Episode 6

a lot of us have really done our best to
be healthy and we’re really looking specifically around mental health
depression anxiety and we’re also looking around neurodegenerative health
how to protect the brain against Al’s Imus and dementia we’ve also died we’ve
also taken a deep dive into what it means to to really take it manage the
plant kingdom and eat lots of fibrous foods from the plant kingdom and and how
that can make somebody feel better and and also want to acknowledge that the
there are a number of parts here it’s the one that I’ve taken and a lot of
that experts are seeing with their patients in terms of taking a
plant-based route is I think an amazing one but I also want to bring in the fact
that there is there is you know a number of different ways to do that and our
general message is to really just make sure you’re balancing that diet
correctly too so you feel better and and and that you would also represent
somebody that would be from the side where you don’t say no to animal
products you’re incorporating some animal products in your diet and even
with your clients but but you’re still making sure you’re addressing those
underlying components which I think that it you know what that says to other
people is that there there is a way to do this and if somebody doesn’t feel
like I’m not really I don’t really understand the vegan message or the
vegetarian I I’m not really there I think that you can also give people hope
in that you know let’s look at the core you know building box that somebody
needs and let’s look at increasing their plant intake but let’s not make a dogma
or Creed out of this and exclude people and I think that you’re an example of
somebody that’s you know you you’re doing that yourself and you’re anybody
you’re not saying no to animal products you will eat some meat but but you’re
also careful with how much you’re eating and and and and so forth but let’s dive
in there I think that yeah I just want to make sure everyone feels accepted and
understood and that there’s a path here for everyone and and that you know we
don’t have to put ourselves into a certain category in order to feel that
we can be healed so at first it was just you know just
nights of random just crying just like like I just felt like really sad I mean
it’s hard to explain you just feel really sad and I remember it was always
in like second person I know my mom was just tell me I was a miracle baby she
went to the like the specialist and they told her she didn’t mean genetic
material in her eggs after she had had me and so and so it was like I remember
like looking in the mirror and I’d be I just be like this these thoughts will
just keep coming into my head like you know you’re worth this you’re stupid you
you’re not going anywhere got like if God ever made a mistake he made a
mistake with you and I just remember all he saw so a
second horse like you’re stupid you’re stupid you’re stupid
I’d be cussing at myself and I didn’t understand why I was doing this but
that’s just kind of what was happening and I I began involving myself with
alcohol with partying with drugs bad relationships and I was going downhill
and then I was going to a Christian school and so my they don’t they have
like I think they have a no tolerance policy with that kind of behavior and so
I got in trouble and they sent me to drug and alcohol counseling huh and
that’s when they found out that I had suicidal ideations that I was depressed
and they called my parents and so July came and I was able to go to the
depression recovery program did an interview with a really cool hip
young guy Johnny stricka– you know and we were out in
dock last night I was asking about his story it’s very very interesting very
intellectual young guy mm-hmm and and he had a lot of interesting beliefs and and
and things that were it in his view fueling his depression mm-hmm
he came in here and he was obviously putting his parents through living hell
of wondering whether that signs when he often it was fit for him that son
what was your estimation when he came in here what did it can you remember the
same key remember how his body language to tell me that paint the picture for me
well you know Johnny in the first interview I asked him so Johnny tell me
about your goals in life he says I have no goals so you know with severely
depressed people they’ve kind of given up on life and they don’t really have
goals and that’s where he was and I said so what were what are your goals used to
be until you think you thought you couldn’t achieve them and he says well
you know I thought before I’d want to be a nurse but he says there’s there’s no
way that I have the intellectual ability to go to nursing school and be
persistent at that and so he said you know I’ve just kind of given up what
what do you think were the biggest game changes for him when it came to cuz I
mean what was his diet before and how does he diet change and what what effect
do you think that had on him his mind he’s thinking
I think the diet had a big impact what were the health principles you’re
implemented so all the physical things gave me a clearer mind so I mean I was
eating I don’t know whoever’s watching us I was in Wienerschnitzel like all the
time and I would be I work to talk about so I was eating Taco Bell all the time I
was like all I would eat was meat and sushi and so when I came to weimar like
my diet was messed up and I started eating their food and I thought was good
you no after I’d threw up the first couple
of days cuz of like the exercise and I don’t know maybe somewhat Charles I
don’t know if I was that hard but I started I implemented the you know vegan
diet plant-based flaxseed I was really important drink lots of water in lots of
fruit and I think people underestimate profoundly underestimate the role that
healthy nutrition can play in preventing and and even healing conditions like
depression and anxiety I think these the and to not try diet to
go right to the drugs which have side effects and and and those side effects
are harmful even the actual effects of the drugs are harmful because the you
are messing with the with the emotion so for example a person on an
antidepressant may get relief from their depression but they get their emotions
squashed they’re playing on just a flat level so then they don’t empathize as
deeply with their friends and family they lose the ability to to feel sad
when it’s right to feel that we were meant to feel sad at some things and
angry at some things and and and and bored with some things those are
actually signals sometimes that we need to get so we understand how we feel with
life and people when we talk about diet and mental health the best type of diet
is going to be a whole food plant-based diet and and the reason for that is
because of the animal products and also sugars or fine carbs that sort of thing
can be very harmful for the body because it it will increase inflammation in the
brain and one of the mediators for that as far as the animal products are
concerned is a record onic acid so arachidonic acid increased in the body
through these animal products will actually tend to tip the balance towards
inflammation and inflammation has been very clearly
in recent years two mental health problems like depression for example now
when we talk about sugar one of the big things there is that it also can
increase inflammation and it can in it can decrease BDNF brain-derived
neurotrophic factor and so what that means is that the ability for the brain
to have neuroplasticity or change in a healthy way is actually minimized
through sugar and when we think about sugar we usually just think about sweet
stuff but even refined carbs our form of sugar so white flour for example and
that the typical snacks that you eat on the shelf of the grocery store those
sorts of things are actually going to be processed by the body and lead to
unhealthy effects both in the body and in the brain and actually lead your
brain to not function as well and not be able to have the neuro plasticity that
you need to have optimal function what do you see the correlation between
fruits vegetables and other plant-based foods that increase happiness levels of
people from from what we’re seeing what maybe you’ve seen your unlike your
patient studies and other experiments that have been done yeah yeah I mean the
amazing thing about diet when we talk about an optimal diet is as we try to
eat as many of the the fresh fruits and greens they they have so many amazing
what we call polyphenols in them and these there’s there’s thousands of
polyphenols and we’ve only scratched the surface to understanding what they all
do for the body in the brain but some of the most well known ones things like
resveratrol for example omega-3 fatty acids curcumin these have been shown to
have amazing effects on on the brain and so what we find is that if you just try
to isolate some of these products from their original source they often don’t
have the the the same effect but if you eat the whole food
it has not just like the curcumin or not just the resveratrol but it has the
other factors that are supposed to go with it in the food then it’s going to
have the most optimal effect on on the body nutrition is pretty straightforward
just low inflammatory stay away if you’re battling right now with anxiety
which also includes a direct connection with insomnia you cannot be you cannot
be under the anxiety depression model and not not suffer from insomnia or some
sort of sleep disorder that they’re all connected you have to cut out dairy you
have to cut out grains and you have to cut out meat I mean at this point if
this is where you’re at and if you want change I challenge everyone go on a
plant-based diet for the next one week just see what it’s like I’m talking
straight fruits and vegetables and nuts and I challenge you just experience it
see what it’s like and let your body tell you what you should be doing at the
end of the day because you could slowly incorporate good healthy grains back
into your diet but you’re probably never not going to eat meat much more besides
maybe some good high-quality fish which has good for the fish oils green with
the omegas for the brain but beside that you’re really gonna want to limit your
meat for the rest of your life I mean that’s such a burden on the body that
digests meat and it’s very highly inflammatory and when it comes to wheat
gluten all that stuff just be careful dairy is not good at the end of the days
it’s causing a lot of inflammation a lot of mucous in our battle here is against
inflammation so you’ll find that your body will respond very good to this
lifestyle consider it like a fast and for my brothers and sisters in Christ or
anyone else of any religion that fasts take this as a fast take this as a
spiritual endeavor that’s my look that’s my little secret is when I do something
it’s not because I’m on a diet it’s because it’s a spiritual endeavor so
just try it out lots of water limit your caffeine
caffeine will really wreck you I mean coffee especially cut-off coffee if you
need a little caffeine boost get some matcha green tea get some green tea or
whatever it is that you like and other than coffee because I caused a lot of
anxiousness and that could also mess with the
in serotonin you don’t want to get the jitters so just a little quick test but
again try for a week just anyone can do this for a week
seriously salads fruits and vegetables for a week some nuts tell me how you
feel you feel better guarantee yet so what we want to do is first and foremost
we need to change our foods we can use food to heal us and we can also eat
foods that will literally kill us and make us sick and then I like to have a
third category of foods that I call neutral and so whenever we’re sick we
need to eat the healing foods so if we’re gonna talk about healing foods
that’s where we go into plant-based diets so we eliminate we eliminate
gluten dairy sugars meats and we stick to organic or the best that we can do
with our vegetables our fruits and doing healthy non gluttonous grains that we
can add in there as well and a lot of people will say I don’t know then what
am I supposed to eat if I can’t eat those things then there’s nothing left
for me to eat that’s absolutely not true there are amazing cookbooks out there
you can go even to YouTube and you can find amazing recipes so the first thing
is to get rid of everything that you have in your house throw away all the
junk don’t finish it because you feel like you got to finish your food it’s
probably killing you it’s making you sick so throw it away and go to the
store and buy all vegetables fruits everything from the outside of the
grocery store – meats and dairies in two sentences depression anxiety do you
believe a plant-based diet is one of the solutions I do believe a plant-based
diet is one of the solutions but I don’t use the term plant-based diet because
there’s all spectrums of plant-based and some could be unhealthy and some could
be not healthy we don’t know what they’re eating they could be eating wall
you know potatoes and rice vegetarian right a nutri terian diet focuses on the
the bio flavonoids and the antioxidants that fuel brain function and it pays
attention to essential fatty acids as well will that help with depression
anxiety absolutely so that the triad of features of our program for depression
anxiety is number one it’s a diet with a high nutrient density delivering bio
flavonoids and antitoxin to the brain number two we
protective fatty acids making sure the person is enough EPA because EPA can
help people get it better from DeHaven we use vegan EPA to do that number three
we give a morning light exposure because wondering we set that melatonin
serotonin access we expose it to eye or the light box or outdoor lighting first
thing in the morning want to get their cycles number four we give them exercise
regularly right if we try to get them moving as well so we’re doing all these
things in number five we don’t want them snacking or eating between meals
once I’m eating three meals a day on the same time each day to get their hormones
at the set of times right big a lot of times people are going all over the
place with with them with hormones at different times I’m gonna get the body
on a night’s biological clock between the maratona and serotonin axis this is
basic information that everybody has a right to know it should be taught in
grade school you should be able to graduate high school without knowing all
that you don’t have to get sick you don’t have to get cancer you don’t have
to get hard I’ve had two strokes you don’t have to get demented nutritional
science has made incredible advances in the last twenty years
and with the right information that comes from the sign of a glitter we
could teach people this in school systems so people know they can protect
themselves and you know what just one more thing is that the right foods
protect your intelligence protect your creativity and protect you from becoming
depressed so you can’t succeed in life you can’t essentially have them realize
the American dream and be the full you that you can be unless you eat
healthfully it takes essentially to be on a Whole Foods plant-based diet
strictly also to do an hour a day of meditation other stress management
techniques to walk for a half an hour today and to have love and support in
your life by doing the support groups and also then taking those lessons into
your everyday life now sometimes it’s actually easier to make big changes than
small changes even though that’s counterintuitive because when you make
big changes you feel so much better so quickly it reframes the reason for
making those changes from fear of dying to joy of living because you know your
brain gets more blood you think more clearly you have more energy you need
less sleep you can actually grow some in a new brain neurons through a process
called neurogenesis your brain can actually get bigger in just a few weeks
your skin gets more blood you don’t age as quickly I mean I’m 96 I look pretty
good no just kidding yeah your heart gets more blood your sexual organs get
more blood in the same way that viagra works and so everything gets better in
that way but if you’re otherwise just how
and you want to lose a few pounds or you know see if you can get off some blood
pressure medicines or those kinds of things one of the interesting findings
that surprised me in all of our studies was that the more you change the more
you improve at any age which is really empowering
now I predicted incorrectly as it turns out that the younger patients who had
less severe disease would do would do better than those who had more were
older who had more advanced disease but I was completely wrong it wasn’t how old
they were it wasn’t how sick they were the only thing that matter was the more
you change your diet lifestyle the better you get at any age which is
really a great message to be able to give people and James Cameron executive
produced a new film that’s coming out in September called game changers which
James Wilks and and and Joseph did which basically addresses some of the myths of
eating a plant-based side that you’re a wimp and that you don’t get enough
protein which are the most common concerns people have and so he got all
these elite athletes you know mixed martial artists and Olympic athletes and
triathletes and others whose performance you know became medal winners after they
developed a plan after me began eating a plant-based diet just to show again to
make it aspirational for people to eat this way and there’s a great scene of
that in the film where Aaron Spitz who’s a urologist interview has three guys and
there are they’re probably mid to late 20s who are all elite athletes and he
has to meet a meat-based meal and then at night he measures the frequency and
how hard their erections are using this special device and then gives them a
meat-based feel the next night or suit of meat bales to the first day and then
the plant may see of the second night and he found that all three of them had
like three to 500% more frequent erections and ten to 15% harder just
from one meal now the same is true what’s going on in your brain or what’s
going on in your heart although more people are prompting for Moda effect the
film crew apparently became vegan after after shooting that segment but again
it’s trying to connect the dots between these are not things that make you like
oh I have to suffer and be a you know ascetic these are things that make life
that much more juicy and fun and pleasurable whether it’s eating
healthfully whether it’s being in a committed relationship whether it’s
practicing meditation and ultimately these are things that make us feel
empowered and free and healthy and whatever you you do that brings meaning
you’ll find it generally works better when you can come from that place you
know we found in our studies that depression scores were cut by
percent I mean that’s better than Prozac or need antidepressants well you know
there have been lots of studies regarding diet dietary interventions
with depression and anxiety and there’s only one diet that has been shown to
improve depression and anxiety significantly and it starts to do it in
as little as two weeks and it’s a plant-based diet and so plant-based is
needed for several reasons the depression and anxiety is due to
inflammation in the brain and if we get a racquet onic acid out of the diet then
the inflammation of the brain goes down arachidonic acid is a pro-inflammatory
mediator if you’re taking a leave or anti-inflammatories like that ibuprofen
you’re actually trying to block the arachidonic acid pathway from
metabolizing well you don’t need to block the metabolic pathway if you don’t
have a racket otic acid in your diet and you don’t need a racket onic acid in
your diet and so arachidonic acid as president meat fish and eggs so that’s
why we go free of those things and then we also want to go free of what’s what
we call oxidized cholesterol the more cholesterol the higher the rates of
depression and the more treatment-resistant it becomes and so
those are a couple of reasons we use the plant-based diet a third reason is if
you’re on antioxidants your depression clears up much better and so we want a
high antioxidant plant-based diet and then we want a diet higher and omega-3
type of fats which can help our brain in a number of ways it’s a olmos axis a
mood stabilizer prevents the euphoric mania and it also prevents the
depression and it’s also in addition a potent anti-inflammatory molecule so
that’s the the specifics of the diet now there’s some might need more folate
depending on our lab work we do two thousand seven hundred dollars worth of
lab work or looking at genetics and all of those things and so there might be
some specific things that we’ll use on top of that to normal brain chemistry I
believe that the culture that we Livan has created these poles that are
you aikido paleo person or are you a vegan plant-based person and you know
you need to identify where you’re at I love not necessarily picking aside so
when it comes to the brain and food one of the top things that I recommend is
fats good fats now you can get fats from plant-based you can get fats from paleo
or anything in between and the type of fat a course is very important as well
but fats are the backbone of ourselves so if you think of our body as about 75
trillion cells where cellular beings with spirit inside and these cells have
what we call a double wall around it or phospholipid membrane now the wall is
what allows things to get in and out the wall phospholipid means fact so the
walls are made of fat so it’s important to have healthy fats within your diet no
matter what diet you are eating or where you’re at because the backbone of the
cells is fat the same thing is the brain the vast majority of the brain is
actually made of cholesterol now you could easily say well does that mean I
actually should be eating cholesterol because that’s going to feed my brain
not necessarily because your liver produces most of the cholesterol that
the body needs it doesn’t necessarily come from food intake so then in order
to have a healthy brain to make sure that the brain cholesterol the backbone
of the brain is there then we’re looking at making sure we have a healthy liver
if we’re looking at having a healthy liver then we want to do things to help
nourish the liver from a food standpoint and we’re also looking at doing things
from a functional medicine standpoint to help improve detoxification of the liver
and also to clear out chronic infection another interesting brain boosting food
is turmeric I love turmeric and there are a
tremendous number of studies showing that turmeric root can be very effective
in helping inflammation in the body it can help to
fight cancer it can help your body to metabolize and transform short chain
omega-3 fatty acids ala specifically into the long-chain fatty acids DHA and
EPA that are excellent for brain health and turmeric has been found to
contribute to your body’s efficiency in making that conversion so when you’re
getting ala from things like flaxseed or chia seed your body will turn it into
the DHA and EPA you need more efficiently in India where half the
population is vegetarian and has been for a long long time rates of
Alzheimer’s and dementia are very low they’re a fraction of what they are in
the United States and there are two factors that may be primary in this one
is a low to no animal product diet for a lot of the population and another is
that they eat a lot of turmeric it’s the turmeric capitol of the world
people are eating it every day it’s their favorite spice now it just so
happens that that may be contributing to brain health in all kinds of ways wow I
love that there’s a really great piece of information it’s certainly the
anti-inflammatory components of turmeric something that we all need today we
certainly have a lot of odds stacked against us when it comes to the toxins
that were exposed to in for those of us that live in the Western world with you
know all the things that surround us so putting those things in our toolkit I
think what with what you’re saying then they’re not only important but they’re
essential for good health you can’t just kind of get your your iceberg lettuce
and tomato and put together a sandwich and feel like it’s healthy yeah and
that’s your solution we really need to have this information and it’s not
expensive which is great you can go and get turmeric from the grocery store yeah
you can actually get turmeric powder and but here’s the thing a lot of people
don’t realize is that turmeric isn’t is not very bioavailable by itself so in
India it’s always consumed with some black pepper in the mix and with some
fat coconut oil is great or sometimes they use ghee or but any fat avocado
even and so what we what we find from a lot of studies is
fat and/or black pepper help your body to make use of it so if you just eat
turmeric you may not actually get much from it
there are also some supplements out there that that make use of something
called micelle liposomal delivery or other mechanisms to increase
bioavailability and those can be beneficial too but you can get a lot of
benefit just by adding some turmeric powder to your food you know with a
little bit of fat of some kind you know add it to a smoothie get a little
coconut in there and your smoothie add some turmeric you know some people find
it an acquired taste kind of spicy and strong but it’s a taste worth acquiring
I’m writing a book about this the book is title Alzheimer’s is not a disease
which it isn’t it isn’t a disease and it’s just a it’s the end stage nothing
unexpected about it nothing unpredicted about it of a long decades-long
progression negative change progression that ultimately results in that could
ask a fee but there’s nothing unnatural about it it’s not really a disease and
the problem is is that when they when when they think about things so
primitively they have no understanding of it could be the genesis of such a
problem because the science is so primitive and as soon as they called it
a disease you know 110 you 12 years ago they put everybody often thinking that
when you have it you treat it as opposed to how you should think about it and
that’s to stop the decades-long progression that’s really how you should
be dealing with it you should be stopping it from ever happening in life
but we don’t think about it that way in in the mainstream of medicine that’s one
thing I sort of like about this group is they’re a little bit more open-minded
about thinking about things in those terms and that’s what my book is about
you’re saying that you believe that alamos can be prevented oh absolutely
no question or you could say delayed for probably a lot probably indefinitely and
most people but but I also think that when you do that the changes that you
drive in the brain will lead this potential increases of longevity truly
what we need to do for Alzheimer’s and dementia is what we need to be doing for
life extension what we need to be doing if we have cancer if we die have
diabetes so it’s a life extension lifestyle is what it truly is and so a
lot of those things we are really simple we need to be fasting for at least 14
hours overnight daily so figure out when you eat dinner when you eat breakfast
and 16 hours would be better but at least a minimum of 14 hours without food
that allows your body to balance out the blood Sugar’s it allows your bowel to
rest to restore cuz it it needs downtime too so fasting overnight fasting fasting
for 48 hours exercise Bernardo lupillo is one of the
longest-lived guys right now he’s a hundred and fifteen I believe and he’s
in Arizona he’s been on plant-based whole food nutrition for all of his life
he’s wrote a book living beyond 100 and it’s quite an inspiration he exercises
wakes up in the morning and drinks fresh water eats a lot of fresh fruit and he
has that positive mental attitude he rubbed some oil on his skin he and
rather than consuming it and that keeps his skin protected from the Sun and
things but you know I think that we can learn from this my goal is to be the
longest-lived individual in history in 60 years I’ll be 123 and I plan to have
sex on my 123rd birthday to prove that you can live a longer better quality
life and you’re right people don’t want to live a long time because their view
of someone past 100 is they’re decrepit they’re in a wheelchair they can barely
function they’re drooling you know and really if you look at the studies about
Alzheimer’s you mentioned that at some point and seeing all dementia it’s
interesting that in the nun study there was a classic study reported in brain
fitness by dr. Bob Goldman in his book and what they identified was the nuns
who were on a plant-based Whole Foods nutrition throughout their entire life
their brain function was perfect they never developed Alzheimer’s they
and develop dementia in the group of nuns who are eating meat cheese age and
dairy product the incidence of Alzheimer’s and dementia was
statistically similar to the rest of the population so here’s a group away from
stress they didn’t really have to worry about a job you know basically under the
same conditions the only difference was their diet the same is the Trappist monk
some Benedictine monks same thing plant-based versus animal base the
plant-based monks away from stress lived longer less disease little or no cancer
heart disease brain function excellent even dr. Alzheimer if you read the
original literature stated that the Alzheimer’s condition and there was dr.
Alzheimer who stated this was found in people who ate a lot of animal product
they had high LDL low-density lipoprotein cholesterol that cholesterol
clogged up the arteries to the brain and want to reduce the circulation the brain
the small capillaries of the brain that microcirculation
you can’t think clearly there’s some primary things diet and we’ll cover that
extensively in a minute exercise and and the Nutritionals and you can separate
those from your diet if you want and then supplements and and active
aggressive medical treatment let’s be very clear though if you go in the
Internet Alzheimer’s not preventable irreversible
and all of that is simply not the truth Alzheimer’s is absolutely preventable
Alzheimer’s is reversible up to stage fives or seven stages of Alzheimer’s
even stage six we can hold the line and prevent progression Stage five we can
rollouts high MERS back and regain some of that remember memory so Alzheimer’s
is absolutely preventable and is to a significant degree reversible well diet is your number one thing diet
is critical so we embrace for briefly mentioned that when we talked about it
being another as diabetes type three so avoiding sugar
and sugar spikes sugar spikes cause Alzheimer’s sugar spikes cause diabetes
sugar spikes cause cancer many a you know not singularly but but one of the
factors and so what what is the sugar spike a sugar spike is when we eat a
certain substance and it spikes the blood sugar more than 20 points so this
is critical in my treatment of Alzheimer’s patients and cancer patients
and in preventing aging now everything that I do so I’ll actually tell my
patients go to the local pharmacy and get a blood sugar meter check your blood
sugar eat the bowl of whatever you’re going to eat quinoa or corn or potatoes
or fruit or whatever set your timer for 20 minutes and check your blood sugar
again if your blood sugar went up over 20 points you can’t eat that that’s
causing a sugar spike sugar spikes cause damage everywhere from the brain to the
pancreas to our little little bitty blood vessels or capillaries nerves
sugar feeding cancer cells sugar spikes are one of the unhealthiest things that
we can do in life now one of the major things that causes neurodegeneration is
why they call it diabetes of the brain is that all this sugar that we eat all
this high blood sugar or we spike our blood sugar up all the time what that
does it produces massive free radicals these froderick free radicals if we
don’t have enough antioxidants the free radicals they become what they will
create cascading cascading degeneration of brain cells so your body makes
glutathione and a few other antioxidants if you’re if you’re healthy and you’re
making lots of glutathione then when your body makes the free radicals the
glutathione will neutralize it say that’s healthy but if you make too many
free radicals your body can’t make enough glutathione to neutralize it so
now what you have is excess free radicals and that causes
it actually goes than these free radicals they robbed the the ions from
healthy cells that’s called degeneration those cells
start dying and in order to stay alive they go and Rob the negative ions out of
somebody else and then they go out Rob so you what you get is a cascading
effect the body then starts creating fibrin inflammation to put out the fire
but they can’t put it out but they can contain it and that’s this chronic
what’s with the term for this oxidative stress just doesn’t go away and your
brain just keeps degenerating degenerating nothing you can do about it
unless you understand how to solve the problem why did the fire start in the
first place too many free radicals okay well cut back on your sugar second cut
then restore a normal healthy but blood sugar balance and to increase more
glutathione if you cut back on your sugar your body won’t your body will
make more glutathione let’s talk real quick about sugar okay sugar
it’s interesting the average person in the United States consumes almost a
hundred pounds of sugar a year and it’s astronomical that that’s massive massive
amounts of calories in the form of sugar well sugar is an essential nutrient is
something our body does need it doesn’t need it in massive quantities but it
does need some of it when we flood our system with sugar okay it’s very similar
to flooding a car with fuel okay our our system will spit and sputter like a car
that’s flooded quote-unquote with fuel will spit and sputter okay so things
don’t operate as well okay another thing that happens with excessive sugar intake
is that our red blood cells start to crystallize okay not only do they not
carry oxygen and nutrient very well then but they crystallise with
sugar crystals and they have kind of like barbs on them or or I say similar
to E – prickers on a rose stem okay that are protruding from the
red blood cell okay and as those crystallized red blood cells float
around through the system the the tear up the blood vessels they cut and damage
our blood vessels okay very very very damaging and this is this
is why folks with diabetes have such poor circulation okay is there blood
their blood vessels have been tore up by these crystallized red blood cells and
the they’ve got scarring in there in their blood vessels and so the the blood
vessels don’t expand and contract very well therefore circulation gets reduced
well with the projections right now this is we’re filming in 2017 the projections
are that by 2030 50% of the US population will have type 2 diabetes
now that being the case type 2 diabetes is when the system has been flooded with
sugar for so long if the the cells no longer will accept sugar very well and
they do that by way of shutting down the insulin receptor sites okay so you get
this keyhole where insulin fits into okay and what happens is when the the
cells have been so saturated with sugar they close down this the key Bowl and so
the key doesn’t fit into it anymore okay and you get what we call insulin
resistance so insulin resistance if that happens in your brain protein starts
getting deposited in the brain these amyloid proteins that disrupt our
recall ability and disrupt our memory and you end up with a condition very
similar to Alzheimer’s there is they even call some people call Alzheimer’s
type 3 diabetes instead of type 2 or type 1 is they call
it type 3 diabetes and it’s insulin resistance of the brain okay and that’s
because the brain is the brain cells have been just chock full of sugar for
so long they just they won’t they don’t want anymore
okay in the then the the lock the door by shutting the shutting down the the
keyhole so the key can’t fit in the Lahani anymore the key being insulin
okay and so we become insulin resistant and that’s that’s a very bad thing
because the only food source the only fuel source for our brain is sugar okay
so if we don’t have enough sugar getting into the brain the brain doesn’t work
well well if it doesn’t work well think of all the different things you know
that only affects everything that the brain affects this you think of you know
what doesn’t your brain affect you brings your body’s control center so it
affects everything okay so with Alzheimer’s there are the paths for
correcting Alzheimer’s has to has to include a whole whole food organic diet
okay we have to we have to get away from chemicals and pesticides and herbicides
and things that are gonna be pro-inflammatory okay and now let me
just step over one minute we’ll come back to that thought here inflammation
in our body will lead to insulin resistance
okay because inflammation in our cells will cause damage of the insulin
receptor sites so that keyhole for the insulin key to fit into if we have too
much inflammation in the cell it can damage that keyhole so instead of it the
keyhole being arranged like this if the cell becomes oxidized because of too
much sugar or because of too much inflammation the keyhole can get tipped
or turned or damaged in a way that the key doesn’t fit into it anymore okay
so it was supposed to be like this and the key fits in like this if the keyhole
gets tilted the key can’t fit into there okay if it gets tilted this way it can’t
get fit in if it gets tilted like this the key just doesn’t fit in if the
keyhole gets warped the key doesn’t fit in okay all those things happen in the
presence of inflammation yes okay so inflammation causes oxidation of those
insulin receptor sites and this is everywhere in the body that happens so
in the in the course of course for correcting Alzheimer’s okay if we were
to remediate Alzheimer’s we have to do we have to regulate fuel okay and that
would be your food we have to regulate the amount of fuel coming in I what I do
with Alzheimer’s patients mmm as far as diet goes is I have them eat when they
when they eat they eat two parts vegetables okay and these are greens
yellows oranges red green vegetables red vegetables yellow vegetables purple
vegetables okay on their plate one half of their plate has to be vegetables the
other half is half protein in half fruit in so they
have two parts vegetable at every meal one part protein at every meal in one
part fruit at every meal and it stabilizes their blood sugar it
brings down to where it should be it also maximizes the amount of nutrients
especially the brain protecting nutrients that that they’re getting from
their food now what caused that problem you got to understand is the high blood
sugar levels so if I have a cure for a headache let’s say it’s a pill to take
this pill your headache goes away and I keep hitting my head with a hammer does
it work no so I gotta get back to get the blood
sugar levels down but there’s already damaged done anybody with dementia and
Alzheimer’s has damage to their brain cells where they’re not absorbing enough
sugar they keep the insulin and have insulin resistance in the brain so you
bypass that the first step is to bypass it and that’s where you know they found
even 15 years ago they said lots of coconut oil I mean lots of coconut oil
in your diet is a remedy for part for Alzheimer’s okay so now you don’t have
to take lots you just have to take the the extract of coconut oil which is MCT
oil and MCT has ketones in it ketones is when your body is burning fat for energy
rather than sugar for energy when you’re burning fat for energy ketones go into
the brain and fuel those brain cells and it’s it’s see with all the damage done
to to the brain through all this sugar and stress the the brain cells just
aren’t getting fuel and they die but if you bring ketones along and immediately
goes right in and gives energy there’s no resistance to ketones
it’s amazing what will happen with just simply getting more ketones into your
brain and that’s been shown shown to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and it’s
such a simple thing and there’s no drug you won’t hear about that often but it’s
very basic my husband Steve he was an accountant he worked at home from my
practice so that he could take care of our children at home
and when he was about 51 years old he began having memory issues making
payroll mistakes having trouble organizing his accounting and then he
began forgetting if he’d been to the bank in the post office which was very
odd he was only 2 years older than me and I didn’t think I would forget that
type of thing and at first we attributed it to depression but he kept getting
worse and in 2004 when he was only 54 years old he was officially diagnosed
with Alzheimer’s disease and he had the early onset form of the disease which
happens in about 2% of people with Alzheimer’s and people who are less than
65 years of age I just happened upon this information about ketones as an
alternative fuel for the brain on the internet press release about a medical
food that was being studied it wasn’t going to be out for another year it
improved the memories of nearly half the people who took it with Alzheimer’s
disease and I had to find out what it was then I learned from their patent
application that it was medium chain triglyceride oil and I was familiar with
that because I’m a neonatologist we used to add it to the feedings of our
premature newborns a little bit to each feeding our tiniest ones because they
absorbed it very well and because it helped them grow faster so I knew right
away what MCT oil was I think if I wasn’t a neonatologist I would not have
nothing further would have happened I wouldn’t have known that I could get it
and what it might be able to do but with Stephen what happened was I knew that
coconut oil was available over-the-counter and I learned from the
patent application that MCT oil is extracted from coconut oil and it’s
coconut oils about 60% medium chain triglycerides so he was scheduled for
two screenings for two different clinical trials two days in a row
and I learned this information the night before the first screening and didn’t
really have time to go out and do anything about it so we had a day before
and a day that he started coconut oil was very amazing and the first screening
when we did have it available he scored two points
below the threshold that he needed to get into the clinical trial and and that
was devastating he was asked to draw a clock
he drew a few little random circles and a few numbers I think it was 9 10 11 12
just a very random nothing structured like a clock and I
was told that he was on the verge of severe Alzheimer’s so I thought what do
we had to lose I’m going to pick up some coconut oil and we stopped at a health
food store on the way home and when we got home I looked on the internet for
more information to remind myself what are the medium chain triglycerides I
found the fatty acid composition from a USDA website of coconut oil and learned
that it was 60% so I calculated how much coconut oil I would need to give him to
equal 20 grams of medium chain triglycerides that they were using in
the medical food so the next day that turned out to be a little over two
tablespoons of coconut oil and the next morning a few hours before he was
scheduled for the screening I put a little over two tablespoons of coconut
oil in his in some oatmeal and he ate that and several hours later he improved
and he we were in a different center than we were the previous day but he
remembered a different town that we were in he remembered the day of the week he
remembered the season he knew what floor we were on and those were things that he
could not remember the day before when he took the mini-mental status tests and
and this time he scored 18 which was two points over the threshold to get into
the clinical trial so he was literally accepted into a clinical trial because
of his response to simply taking coconut oil and you know at first you know I
wasn’t a hundred percent sure did we just get very lucky or was it really the
coconut oil but we decided to keep it going and so every morning in the
beginning he would get a little over two tablespoons of coconut oil and then I
started cooking with it and got every recipe I can get my hands on and
eventually added MCT oil and I continued coconut oil because
that’s what he improved from initially I thought what if there’s something in
coconut oil it’s not an MCT oil that has something to do with this effect so we
incorporated both into his diet and we saw steady improvement over about a nine
month the ten month period where he went from the day before not even being able
to draw a clock and if we were gardening for example he couldn’t remember if he
was digging a hole or filling it in he would get confused about the simplest
things that he was doing he had great difficulty finishing a sentence and over
a nine to ten month period he improved so much physical symptoms went away like
tremors and a stiff gait his memory began to improve the animation came back
in his face people with Alzheimer’s often have kind of a they call it a dead
look that came back a sense of humor came back he had a visual disturbance
where he could not read and he described it he couldn’t describe it until after
it went away with coconut oil he said it was like the words were moving around a
page the shaking stopped and that he was able to read again nine to ten months
after we started this he was able to remember what he had read earlier in the
day and tell me about it and one example of that is we were in a doctor’s office
I was the one who had the appointment and he sat in the waiting room and there
were Scientific American and other magazines on the table and several hours
after we left the doctor’s office he said you know I was reading this
Scientific American article about Albert Einstein and he told me details about
that and and it was just so profound to me that he had come so far that before
he started using coconut oh he couldn’t remember if he was filling in a hole or
digging the dirt out of it and now he could remember what he had read
something that detailed several hours earlier it was just really an amazing
journey to see his recovery in Reverse love a lot of his symptoms of
Alzheimer’s disease and one of the overwhelming things about it was now
there I have this information that nobody else knows that he the medical
food and the press release it and say what it was or how it worked and here
this is a little case study you know a study of one person who responded very
quickly to taking meeting of chain triglycerides in this case it was
coconut oil in the form of coconut oil and you know this medical food wasn’t
gonna be out for a while and I thought this is on the shelf people need to know
about this they need to know about it now and there are five million people in
the United States and thirty million or so people worldwide you know that that
have this problem and they don’t have time when you have Alzheimer’s you
progressively get worse normally there’s no turning around and you know I felt
like people people’s brain cells were literally dying well I had this
information so it became really an obsession of mine to get the message out
and to just let everybody know about it as quickly as possible and would you
hold me a message to people out there that are suffering with with Al’s honest
I would say that tilt to look at nutrition look at nutrition as a guide
to trying to get better exercise can do that taking foods like coconut oil and
medium chain triglycerides can do that reducing the carbohydrate in the diet
can do that so that there are things that can be done that can increase fuel
to the brain which is extraordinarily important well I think I think one of
the biggest issues that that that has is the modern era of the way that we eat
and especially you know the industrialized worlds where you know
we’re eating three meals a day minimum and then we’re grazing in between and so
basically we’re in a fed state all the time so most people are overfed and
they’re undernourished and most people I like liking it like this most people are
eating a beach ball sighs worth it calories every day inside of those
calories is a grain of sand worth of micronutrients all the essential fatty
acids the essential amino acids all the minerals trace minerals trace elements
the vitamins the plant-based botanicals the phytonutrients all of those things
is like a grain of sand inside of that beach ball we can have obese kids today
that have diseases of malnutrition like scurvy and rickets clearly not a calorie
intake deficit it’s a nutrient intake deficit and so we’re overfed we’re
undernourished so we need to have more nutritional density how much and be more
like a baseball you know that’s dense and hard and packed with as much
nutrition as possible and it’s only this big compared to this beach ball that’s
this big and has a grain of sand inside of nutrients so we have to make make
those decisions to get more nutrients into a lower a lower number of calories
and so that’s really critical I’m really starting to realize more and more more
the biggest thing that we have control over as humans is what goes in our mouth
it’s what goes in our mouth every day you notice the things we drink it’s the
snacks we eat the meals we eat the desserts we have you know and that one
decision to change the things that are going in your mouth you know can be your
biggest it can be your biggest poison or it can be your biggest medicine dr.
William Davis I’m very thrilled to be intervening right now I’m a I deeply
respect your work and your your hard work and diligence I respect that you’ve
influenced and touched a lot of people millions with your work and it’s helped
people identify some hidden causes for why they’re not feeling how they should
feel depression anxiety what are you what are you seeing as some common
underlying factors that are underpinning this epidemic in our world today
especially when it comes to diet and lifestyle certainly it’s a contributing
factor obviously there’s a meaning and purpose challenge there but particularly
with I mean you’re a medical doctor you clearly you know I’m sure you’ve seen
patients that are clinically depressed I’d like to hear what you have to say on
what you see it’s the common causes for their that the causes for these things
and also for the solutions you know the whole wheat conversation got its start
in the 50s and 60s beginning with psychiatric illness
so there are people who made these observations that in wartime when there
was a shortage of bread hospitalization for schizophrenia dropped off
dramatically there was an observation made by a physician who was part of a
research team in the highlands of New Guinea in the early 1960s and there was
a Highland culture of about six thousand people and he this this physician
noticed the signs and symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia which are very
obvious in one person among six thousand inhabitants
well these this research group is large research group was trading with these
people corn breads breads candies for whatever Spears other things skins
whatever and he watched 60 people show up newly with schizophrenia a sixty fold
increase in schizophrenia so he brought that observation back to the u.s. he
took a job at the VA hospital in Philadelphia where he somehow persuade
this isn’t an age before informed consent you could do research on people
without their knowledge and he and colleagues were in the psychiatric ward
of this VA hospital about forty patients in patients in a locked ward so their
food their coming and going and that occasions could be controlled and they
took all week of a diet of these schizophrenic inpatients and they
watched their schizophrenia get better not go away but improve they were better
socially engaged they’re less paranoid they had less hearing voices auditory
hallucinations over a month they added weight back they watched it come back
they took it away again they watched them get there they ended
it back again they’ve had this on again off again which proves cause and effect
there was a very skeptical group at University of Sheffield in the UK and
they said let’s give this a try and prove it to ourselves with this work
whether this works they did it in their own closed wards did the same thing
remove all wheat watch them get better watch the schizophrenic patients get
better added it back watch them get worse took it away they got better
attitude back think of worse these data were published and then after that there
was a series of publications from various slate
psychiatric groups showing the association of wheat consumption they
may have called it gluten but wheat consumption the glidin protein really
with psychiatric illness research at the National Institutes of Health in the
u.s. drilled down law the effects to the glide and protein but specifically glide
and derived opioid peptides so that came that research came from our own NIH from
biochemistry group and it showed that grains the the glidin protein of wheat
and related proteins other grains yield opiates and they have opioid effects on
humans so that opened the door and others say it’s like yet research it
became clear lot of depression was due not all depression but a lot of
depression was either caused or worsened by grain consumption some forms of
bipolar illness but specifically the mania can be triggered by grain
consumption a lot of phobias are triggered by grain consumption I don’t
know what percentage that normal study hasn’t been done but I’ve watched a lot
of people Agra phobia for instance and other forms of phobias have complete
resolution that is incredible that is incredible I mean that what is what I
finding and so long ago it’s been I mean how much longer does this need to be
under and those four until we wake up and and look at this and and for anyone
suffering at any from any level of depression or anxiety or another mental
illness at least rule it out in case it could be causative factor for them if we
now talk about modern grains we now see that grains have been dramatically
changed by geneticists by agribusiness wheat for instance now is not the four
and a half foot tall traditional plant we think of it’s an eighteen inch tall
what’s called the high-yield semi-dwarf strain stands about knee-high it’s thick
short it has very large seeds long seed head and the love that the farmers love
it because it increases yield as much as eight fold per acre compared to some of
the traditional strains and so virtually all modern we not
virtually all modern wheat is now the high-yield semi-dwarf strain of wheat
and that’s very very different there’s a whole catalogue of changes introduced
just the fact that it’s so different looking
of course suggests it’s genetically different but for instance modern wheat
has been enriched in wheat germ agglutinin that’s a protein that’s in
digestible humans and it’s very toxic to the gastrointestinal tract the reason
why it’s been enriched that is the content increased is because it’s a very
effective pest resistant protein it keeps molds bugs from eating the
wheat plant so farmers geneticists selected strains with higher wheat germ
a gluten content but it made it wheat more toxic they chose strains that are
richer and phytates because five tastes like wise our pest resistant now it’s
grains are much more rich in phytates but phytates buying all calcium
magnesium iron and zinc almost all in your intestinal tract and
so that’s why we have a lot of iron deficiency anemia zinc deficiency
magnesium deficiency and cows and inability to absorb calcium because of
grain consumption the gliadin protein people say gluten but a better way of
thinking about grains is gliadin of glider’s component of gluten but glide
has been changed dramatically and it amplified its opioid effects that is
glidin can’t be digested by humans fully it’s broken down to pieces those pieces
buying to the human brain the opie receptors and has peculiar effects in
people with schizophrenia it causes auditory hallucination hearing
voices it causes paranoia and people with and kids with autistic spectrum
disorder it causes behavioral outbursts and it reduces attention span people
with a tendency towards depression it triggers depression and people with
bipolar illness it triggered the entry of mania and P with suicidal tendencies
it triggers suicidal thoughts in people with binge eating disorder or bulimia
triggers food obsessions 24-hour day food sessions this is certainly
something that people need to be concerned about is there any way
I’m not advocating this but is any way for people to get non-genetically
modified or non genetically altered wheat or it does it not exist is it in
other countries is there any way to get in America I’m not advocating it but
tell me to my dismay you can indeed obtain older strains of wheat like red
Fife which was very popular in 19th century or Emmer which is the wheat of
the Bible or I in corn which is the ancestral form of wheat or spelt also an
old strain there are many many old strains and they’re kind of making a
small comeback and they are less harmful but at no point does to become harm less
so then now as I often draw is if I told you my low tar cigarettes cause a little
less lung cancer and heart disease than full tar cigarettes
does that make low tar cigarettes healthy same kind of comparison here
grains that are traditional are less harmful than modern high-yield
semi-dwarf wheat but never are they completely harm less there’s still
plenty of diabetes with the older strains there’s still plenty of
autoimmune diseases and still play other health problems with consumption of weak
so I wrote a book called the spectrum that was based on this finding that said
look you know if you go on a diet chances are you gonna go off a diet
because diets are all about what you can’t have and what you must do and even
more than being healthy most people want to feel free and in control and as soon
as I tell somebody eat this and don’t eat that they immediately want to do
these just the opposite you know it’s just human nature and when I lecture
sometimes I say it goes back to the first dietary intervention when God said
don’t eat the Apple and that didn’t go so well and that was God talking so
we’re not gonna be better than that so you can say look whatever you so if
you go on and die thinking we’re gonna go off it cuz people don’t like to feel
controlled and so on and then you have all those shame and guilt and anger and
humiliation and all those toxic emotions that really are bad for you so to say
look food is just food but some foods are healthier than others so I
categorize foods in the book from Group one the most helpful which are basically
the Whole Foods plant-based diet to group five which are the least helpful
which are your usual suspects you know cheeseburgers and doughnuts and things
like that and groups two through four in the in the middle and I say what matters
most is your overall way of eating living
so if you indulge yourself one day doesn’t mean you cheated or you’re bad
you know the whole language of behavioral medicine has this behavioral
change has this kind of shaming guilt you know toxic quality you know like
wagging your finger which people hate if you indulge yourself one day
it doesn’t mean you cheated or you fail just eat healthier the next you don’t
have time to meditate for an hour do it for a minute you don’t have time to
exercise one day do a little more the next day you know you don’t have time to
be with your friends and family one day spend a little more time with them the
next day then you can’t fail it’s a much more compassionate approach because
there’s no diet to get on there’s no diet to get off and the other thing that
often brings meaning to people when they change their diet is to realize that
it’s not just helping you that what’s good for you is good for the planet
you know what’s personally sustainable is globally sustainable you know more
global warming is caused by eating livestock than all forms of concern all
forms of transportation combined it’s one of the reasons why I used to get
into debates in a very friendly way with Al Gore and say you know it’s great to
drive small cars and have fluorescent lightbulbs but you know you should be
eating a plant-based sign and you know years ago he became a vegan to his great
credit not because of me because he wanted to do the right thing and you
know even though he’s a cattle rancher I think it’s it’s a great example for
everyone and and so when people realize and it takes ten to fourteen times more
resources to make a pound of meat based protein than plant-based protein so we
have enough food in the world to feed the hungry you know worldwide no one
need go hungry if everyone reading a plant-based diet it’s completely
preventable we it’s not like we need to learn something new we just need to put
that into practice so maybe you’re not ready if you’re watching this to be a
vegan or a vegetarian or whatever maybe have one meal a day you know you know
I’m choosing to have a meatless Monday because I want to it’s gonna help me
it’s gonna help the planet it’s gonna help feed the hungry that’s a good
choice you know start slowly and then as you begin to do it for others it brings
meaning which makes it sustainable and as because these biological mechanisms
are so dynamic you’re gonna feel so much better when you have that one meal a day
that’s plant-based you know think well maybe I’ll have two
meals you know and then it kind of comes out of your own experience and that
ultimately is what makes it sustainable alright now let’s have a look at your
nutritional protocols your lifestyle like if you could help the person that’s
watching whatever background there from whatever they’re doing right now
wherever that they are in the world they’re suffering from depression or
anxiety or something of that nature and they’re looking at well how do I get
better the drugs don’t work so what did you do how can I do that let’s can you
take me through each of the steps cuz you’re very good at this you’ve been
through the program challenge you’ve done it yourself so take me through each
of the steps so I could just see what what are all the major things that I
need to do and how my day would look perhaps the order in which I need to do
these things and the duration and so forth so leave me okay
well physically what we want to do is get back to a place where our thoughts
are going to be better that’s what we do and when we build our body back up so
nutritionally I make sure that I stick to a plant-based diet you know that’s
all I eat now and I make sure that I get the specific nutrients that are very
important for mental health you know I get my MIT omega-3s I get tryptophan and
get my vitamin b6 and calcium all those things that I know are important for the
formation of the right neurotransmitters that are going to keep me happy so to
speak so that’s my that’s where I start and that’s right with breakfast the
early part of my day is where I pack kind of my anti-depression lifestyle you
know I get up in the morning I pray right away and then I drink 20 ounces of
water and then I go out and I exercise for an hour and then I come back and
then I eat my nice complex carbohydrate breakfast which is usually like oatmeal
with a couple of fruits maybe strawberries and bananas or depending on
what time of year it might be some other nice fruit I’ll put some pumpkin seeds
on there that are rich in tryptophan maybe some soy milk and sprink little
flax on there and then maybe I might include a nice smoothie that has some
tofu thrown into it maybe some flaxseed in there also
frozen fruit and make a nice big nutrient packed smoothie should give me
a breakfast lunch and dinner for like a great plant-based days okay
plant-based fruit and vegetables that mostly what we’re looking for
I mean grains if you think grains quinoa nuts things like that we do we use
quinoa as like oatmeal yeah okay well it’s better than I mean it has way
better than oatmeal and I we like we get the black quinoa or then black quinoa
has a lot of the same antioxidants in it that blueberries and blackberries have
okay and it it’s right there ready and available and then same with the red
quinoa red quinoa has all kinds of things that benefit the heart they’re
very very helpful so it’s not just the white quinoa that is real you know very
widely used we use all three we get different kinds the so starting today
with you know maybe a quinoa oatmeal with berries and you know walnuts okay
then having in the mid morning maybe a
grapefruit okay for lunch solid with avocados spinach avocados walnuts or I’m
sorry almonds and maybe some cranberries and some apples in there or something
like that you know in you want your oils okay here’s your chance
get your avocados there get your dressing with your olive oil and maybe
you know vinaigrette or something like that you know at night
split pea soup with carrots and parsley in the soup mmm onions would be very
good in that that meal and then before you know a lot of times going to bed
have here’s some grapes or a pear or something like that it’s a little
something sweet you know a lot of people instead of ice cream now give me give me
day two because I know you like to vary so what would day to look like if that
was day one dd2 we might go more with like root vegetables mm-hmm you know
maybe yeah start off with maybe maybe we’d do oatmeal for the next day you
know so you know it again sorry no no no um
there are you know if it’s organic yeah no if it’s not organic be prepared you
know because if it’s not organic it’ll have 95% more pesticides and
herbicides in it than an organic oatmeal okay
I’ll throw in day three here for breakfast Jason reading what do you
choose there we go that’s where I was going
yeah GOC pudding and that is this one that we have you know that’s a Newsom
house that could if we don’t make enough it could cause problems wait then
normally we just use coconut milk and then we’ll put berries in it or
something like that and normally that you Auk with stevia we can use stevia
yes absolutely is it true that stevia is not as sugar
essentially yes it’s not a sugar doesn’t did it stimulate the brain to say this
is sugar not that I’m aware of yeah I didn’t cluesive on that so that’s
that’s interesting that you haven’t seen that experience so somebody that said
because I’m a sweet tooth so I’m just trying to work out whether it’s so I
don’t you know have refined sugar as much as yeah stevia is actually has some
very powerful effects like metformin which is
type 2 diabetic medication okay has some effects where your it enhances your your
insulin sensitivity and you know no sugar would have that effect it’s you
know in that particular compound is uh is it’s pretty interesting it’s also a
pretty good antibiotic and I microbial interesting so it can kill some bacteria
bacteria and parasites so did chia seed people could use almond
milk well macadamia my macadamia or coconut hemp hemp milk yes exactly any
of those rash really well and you just soak it overnight yeah in that chia
seeds swell up it’s a good meal what’s so good about it well you get your
essential fatty acids they have all kinds of vitamins and minerals and chia
seeds chia seeds are packed with nutrition very very nutritious
interesting thing with seeds and nuts that’s extremely important is whatever
plant that that seed or nut comes from will grow an entire new plant okay so
all the information all the genetic information to grow that new plant is in
that little seed okay so as there’s research that’s being done has been done
for years on the efficacy of seeds in in you know providing the nutrients
necessary to heal our DNA and they’re so packed with nutrients the one thing that
most seeds need to have done before you consume them though is that you soak
them yeah we have in my book we have a list of you know like cashews catchers
usually soak for maybe two hours whereas almonds you need to soak them for about
eight hours and you know back and forth is you don’t soak all of the you know
all nuts and seeds the same amount of time
the each one has a kind of a breakpoint because a lot of times the the seat
itself will get waterlogged gonna start to just turn into mush you know and that
that’s not what you’re you let the crunchy you know good tasting seeds and
nuts and whatnot but we do have that my book detox for life whatever that listed
out so you can go in and it’s we actually have it in that kind of a
cartoon form that’s kind of cool thanks okay so now just we got to breakfast so
lunch and dinner just for day two so just were probably we do a beet beet
quinoa salad that’s awesome and we normally will pickle the beets yeah
prior to to making this salad so that would be for lunch and then in the
evening maybe a nut butter with apples or hummus and carrots or something along
those lines in the evening and then the date next day we do that you know we do
the chia seed pudding in some strawberries blueberries maybe some
blackberries in there you know and that for breakfast maybe some celery peanut
butter or something like that for a snack later on solid for lunch later in
the day maybe another one of the we we do a squash soup that’s phenomenal and
you know I have soup and maybe some probably there’s some kale salad or
maybe some steamed broccoli or Brussels sprouts or something like that okay with
that so you know so you think about it look at all see the the variety the
variety we’re eating we’re not eating the same thing over and over and over
okay it’s a very wide variety of fruits and
vegetables and things that you’re eating in we actually have in our book we actually have 50 of these
recipes laid out in our book so it makes it simple I had a purpose to keep going
forward now and then from there I you know left the program it’s the first
time I felt peace you know where nothing’s going on like I could say
before I hated my parents but then they came back and I was actually I was so
happy to see them and it was no euphoria it was just joy just peace and joy what
did that mean to your parents and when I saw them after the program ended they’re
like this is like this is like my son like this is the son I knew when he was
growing up that kid that was happy about that knew God I wanted something more
and they’re like my dad I don’t know why scissors but he did say it so I can say
it he was like you’ve given me my son back
did you enjoy this episode are you feeling hope are you seeing that it’s
possible it’s possible for you and it’s something that is a clear pathway that
if you follow it you will get results you will see a lot transform this is
cause and effect the problems that we’re facing are due to actual things that
we’re going through it’s not in our heads it’s not some genetic thing that
we’re predestined to that we’ll never be able to turn around we have the power we
have the tools isn’t that liberating isn’t it amazing
if you can believe that one thing the world is your oyster you’ll be
unstoppable you’ll see what’s possible you’ll see the promises that are in
store for you for me I believe that God has just given us so much in life and I
feel that we are we are really given the keys from from God through these amazing
experts that have given their life to studying the natural aspects of medicine
and and the root causes for the problems
that we’re experiencing today and through that key we can unlock the
health that we need to have the life that we longed to have with our family
to take care of our spouse our children our grandchildren our friends extended
family members to to be clear and present with them to be able to give our
lives to mission to services that are meaningful to us you need your mind to
do that and I’m here to help you take those steps that you need to have a
clear vivacious mind that is happy and and and in a on fire in a good way it’s
firing properly having the spark of life within it because it’s filled with the
right things and the toxic triggers that were harming it are uprooted that’s what
we’re doing in this next chapter when you take action today and support our
mission you’ll be supporting our course so we can continue getting this message
into the world and you’ll be supporting yourself you’ll be having a tool that’s
in your home library you can watch re-watch send it to your family and
friends get them to check it out you’ll get a free body pot so you’ll be able to
get an extended posture so your your friend can log in and and watch
themselves or you’ll you’ll get a second printed set of of the major portion of
the series so that way you’re able to share that precious tool with your loved
ones with that you know double set that you’ll be given these are some of the
amazing tools you’ll be able to ask your questions live on our live question and
answer call so you can get help as you go through the protocol the depression
anxiety and neurodegenerative diseases we’re going to be diving deep in this
six module course and each week you’ll be live on our course and you can look
at the schedule that we have just click the link below and you can see we have a
limited time off please don’t miss out on that we’re really giving away this
really special discount because we want to reward people for taking action on
their health and we want to make it possible for everyone and when you take
action you’re supporting us to keep going and keep spreading this message of
love of healing of truth into the world save and change lives forever and you
are a part of that when you take action you’re actually helping other people and
I’m not kidding you just in the same way you receive this we were able to give
this to you for free many many more people hundreds of
thousands even millions of people that have not yet seen this and maybe one day
will even reach billions of people will see lives changed will see people that
have given up hope will see all the people that would have committed suicide
but because they applied this knowledge and truth that they’ve learned in this
series their lives will change forever and it’s because of people like you that
choose to support this choose to get behind people that are out there whether
it’s me whether it’s somebody else getting behind people that are doing
good work that makes sense that helps to heal so get behind people that you trust
and you like their mission because that’s the only way we’re going to be
able to change this world if you believe in what my wife and I are doing help us
continue help us continue to get this message to other people that need it
desperately help us to help heal that the heart and mind of a suffering world
by giving tools that help us be our best selves and let us shine a light the
beauty of who you are the beauty of who this this world is made up of wonderful
creative intelligent loving individuals that are so often impeded by so many
struggles that we don’t understand and it leads us to be often ourselves and
it’s got to stop the judgments got to stop the judgment that we have over
itself the judgment we have it others it’s got to stop and we’ve got to heal
let’s commit our lives to healing be a part of that mission help us to get this
mission to heal more lives take action on your own healing journey be your best
self don’t sell yourself short never sell yourself short in life be your very
best self protect your heart protect your mind and the Bible has an
incredible verse on this it says protect and God the high god the hot for out of
it spring all the issues of life now the hot is really deeply connected to the
gut and and the mind and when you speak about
I’ll give you my heart it’s actually talking about giving the deepest part of
ourselves and all of our thinking comes from from our gut function and from our
brain function so protect God your heart God your God your body God your brain
your gut by doing the right things for your health and take action
I appreciate you I’m looking forward to seeing you in the next episode click the
link below to learn more about what we’re doing to help support you and I’ll
see you really soon

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