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My name is Luke O’Shea And I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I discovered Wim Hof in 2015 From the VICE documentary Shortly after I downloaded the 10-week online course And now I’m here. What attracted me to Wim Hof it was Who is this crazy guy doing all these amazing feats of endurance in the cold? And then I started researching his story, you know, with his ex-wife That really resonated with me. I went through a pretty messy divorce With two kids involved and I went down Some wrong paths, with drug addiction and depression, anxiety My health was suffering My family relationships were suffering Everything was, you know, collapsing before me You know, with the Wim Hod Method that sort of turned everything around. First time I tried the breathing experience I never have felt like this for as long as I remember I felt this calm and Power and strength Which I hadn’t had for a very long time in my life, control. The ice baths are my favourite! It sounds crazy, but it really just gives me Focus and strength I get distracted very easily From life and as soon as you’re in the ice bath You have no choice but To really focus on your mind and being strong. It gives me power like I’ve never had before! The 10-week course was challenging at first. I think as I got through the first week I just You know, I got stronger and stronger, and I I started to love the ice showers. I started to love this part of my day where I’d put aside this time I just have a renewed energy for life Which was missing for a long time. The Wim Hof Method influenced everything in my daily life. I spend half an hour every morning doing the breathing Doing push-ups, doing the stretching And finishing it off with An ice-cold shower. Every day I’m ready to go. I just want to go out and attack the day like I never have before. I’m not scared of anything, I’m not scared of confrontation anymore. Yeah, it’s changed everything. The Poland expedition has been probably One of the greatest experiences in my life! Just to be able to share my journey With many other people who are on their own journeys As part of this Wim Hof tribe It’s been amazing, you know We all look after each other and to me when I’m off was the ultimate for me Because I feel he saved my life! If you haven’t tried the Poland experience I would recommend it 100% You will find your tribe And a new family And yeah I cannot recommend it any more!

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  1. Gee, Luke, Melbourne is so dull and boring, it's a good that you don't speak Malbornish, or no one would know what you said ☆♡☆

  2. I noticed the Scotland shorts. Reppin my country 😁 it’s lovely to see someone’s mental state improve so much. Congrats and I wish you future happiness too 🙂

  3. An addiction is a terrible curse but everyone deserves a 2nd chance or 100 chances for God forgives you for every sin you commit all he ask is you do the same to your sisters and brothers.

  4. I am struggeling with very bad anxiety and panic attacks for many years now, got hooked on medication from doctors. Now im scared for my life to be honest, only have few days totally free from the drugs. I WANT TO DO THE WIM HOF METHOD, i need it beacuse i am getting desperate here. Any tips on how i start by myself, already doing cold showers. I want what Luke got, a life worthy of living

  5. I think for people that are going thru some major issues this is great. I am just interested in becoming stronger and healthier. I still believe this can help me lots. Well done mate.

  6. The wim hof method has helped me get over myself. The mind is all of our worst enemies'. Everything may seem like it is collapsing but if you implement this simple method with consistency it really helps. I absolutely enjoy the cold showers because it puts me in the moment in stability and harmony in my mind. Thank you Wim.

  7. Thank you for sharing this Luke!! I’m so happy for you getting your zest for life back!! 🙌🏻 I’m also from Melbourne and suffer with terrible anxiety and PTSD. I’m on day 3 of WHM I’ve followed him for a while and think he is amazing and inspirational. Now I’m doing the breathing I will be doing cold showers again. I want to want to get out of bed in the morning instead of being struck down with fear and anxiety. Thank you Wim for everything you do!! We can access your method for free and I am so incredibly grateful for that!! 🙏🏻 It would be a dream come true to go to Poland to do the WH experience!!

  8. I've just done my first cold shower after 3 rounds of breathing (4th round during the shower).
    I feel AMAZING. Seriously… try this!

  9. Is it male only, why so many dudes? Or is it segregated? Good work wim changing lives one breath at a time 😁


  11. Willl the cold not do harm to the body? I don't get it. I have nerve inflammation and whenever I'm in a cold environment it gets irritated.

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