Depression and Anxiety

hi it’s me again sorry I haven’t published anything for the last week I was well busy eating my ice cream during puberty sometimes feeling sad irritable hopeless or even worthless or having difficulty concentrating is normal usually these feelings will come and go but if you notice that these feelings continue for longer than a week or two you may be depressed sometimes when a person is depressed they think about hurting themselves or even committing suicide if you ever have any of these feelings or thoughts it’s important to know that people care about you talk to a parent or other trusted adult about how you’re feeling they can find you the help you need to feel better similarly many things can make a person feel nervous or worried like a fight with a friend going into a new situation or taking a test this type of worry is normal but if you’re having a hard time focusing on anything but you’re worried you may have an anxiety disorder anxiety disorders are conditions that cause people to feel an excessive amount of anxiety fear nervousness or constant worry and can make a person feel overwhelmed by every little thing this can affect the person’s outlook sleep appetite concentration and confidence people with anxiety disorders might avoid talking about their worries thinking that others might not understand but anxiety disorders are fairly common so there is nothing to feel embarrassed or ashamed about talk to a parent or other trusted adult they can help you get the care you need to feel like yourself again till next time don’t forget to visit me at amaze org or go to my youtube channel to watch more bye [Music]

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  1. I have anxiety and I was depressed for a couple of months before….I am in school and I'm bisexual but I can't talk to my parents because they say I'm just saying stupid nonsense….I can't focus but I dont have a disorder that makes me not focus….I'm perfect on the outside and messed up on the inside….

  2. It’s bin a solid 7 years of depression and anxiety. Sometimes trusted adults don’t care as much as they should so I just make moody posts and commons on social media

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    please like it took me 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 years

  4. I’m having in Zaidi well I have anxiety ADHD and very rare hypersensitivity allergies to pollen

  5. I have both and i told my mum about anxiety and im going to ask her if i can speek to a therapist. Can you do a video about how to overcome some fears? Like coming out or maybe finally trying to skydive etc. And if you already did may i please have a link?? That would be very heplful

  6. Are suicidal thoughts normal for a teenager? I get them a lot and I don’t know if it’s just because of hormones or from actually being depressed
    (I’m 13 if that makes any difference)

  7. I just went to my therapist yesterday, and found out I had anxiety and maybe depression. I did cut myself for a lot of reasons. Also I’m 11 but I don’t really think anyone cares.

  8. I think I have been suffering from depression and anxiety for a few years now… but I'm not sure cause idk maybe I'm making it bigger than it is…

  9. I wish had a trusted parent to talk to. I love my parents but they betrayed my trust once and I can’t trust them aging.

  10. That’s me I’m in 5th grade and all of those things you said are all the things I’m going threw I rlly love this channel

  11. I have really bad anxiety and depression, I am scared to talk to anyone because I feel like they won’t listen and that they will give me advice that I do not want to do..I am 11 years old and I’m cutting myself. I have four deep cuts on my arm and I am really scared to show it. I do not know why I am posting this comment but it just makes me feel better. I really don’t feel loved by my family, I feel like no one can love me but I think I can just love someone then get broken hearted. I do not know what to do anymore, I want to do something even worse to myself than cutting…I need help

  12. My friends don’t understand. I told them I had depression, and all they did was shrug it off and laugh. I am not friends with them anymore obvious, and they even told a lot of people that I was lesbian. At least i have my girlfriend with me.

  13. My parents said kids don't have depression unless they're abused and I'm like I had depression for like 3 years and my parents didn't abuse me

  14. I'm depressed and when I was talking with my friends about it, one of them no joke, said, and I quote "You need to stop being depressed, it's bringing down my mood!" I mean who does that??

  15. Bad thing is I started getting anxiety and depression from my fourth grade teacher. Up to this day I still suffer but good thing is I have a friend Courtney to understand and ACTUALLY listen to me. She's been getting me through it but I still suffer depression and stress in the daytime and anxiety at night.😧

  16. depression and major anger issues . . . they don't go together, and considering my parents don't know i have either of these, well . . . yeah . . . it sucks

  17. I have been extremely sad for 7 or less years now, i honestly feel like i cant manage myself anymore, i feel like one day im going to freak out im going to end up hurting myself real bad, may just be me thinking dark things (cause im just of that nature y know?) But im honestly scared, i lately been having irrational fears (many due to trauma kinda?) Like i can handle myself well, i can push all this baggage and depression aside cause ive learned the hard way that no one is going to help me but myself, but honestly things are getting worse, when ever i talk they say to me that im not valid because i haven't been through what they been through, it hurts me bad, hope that one day ill have peace

  18. If we're being honest it doesn't work, my mom doesn't care about my anxiety . "as long as I don't have depression" I'm okay in her eyes

  19. What happens if you sometimes don’t necessarily feel sad, just empty, also what if you end up overthinking so much that you start panicking and stuff.

  20. If I tell, I’ll just be embarrassed, and the adult will think I want, I can’t get help….:(

  21. I know I am late but what if your parents say we just need a better environment and diet (our home is messy and I dont eat well) I have tried changing this but it hardly helps dose anyone have some advice?

  22. Depression doesn’t make you any less worthy.

    That’s the message in Endgame. You are still worth something =Hug=

  23. I have depression it's really hard I really do need help please help me in the replies I'm only 10

  24. I’ve tried to kill myself twice by hanging, I had enough courage to hang myself but I also though about how it will affect my family, friends, and religious reasons. I then decided not to and one day wanted to tell my mom about this moment in my life and all she did was just scream, call me names, and being rude to me instead of being supportive and or caring. Life isn’t easy with foreign parents 😒

  25. When my sister told my parents that she had anxiety and they said they didn’t believe her I told them “YOU ARE UN-AMERICAN, YOU ARE A PIECE OF GARBAGE.”

    I slept on the ground that day but shanked my dad the next day

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