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hello you guys my name is JR Lopez
Gonzales from The PoliTikalon Blog TV and this is the second episode for
season 2 and as you may know in this vlog series we talk about different
things we talked about philippine society we talked about philippine
politics but for this time it will be a very important issue especially
regarding mental health in the philippines because i’m a couple of like
days ago you know we actually hear it in the news here in the philippines that
I’m a famous mmm starlet you know a teen star her brother
committed suicide like maybe like um two weeks ago and then we also know about
you know chester bennington story you know the lead vocalist for the band
Linkin Park killed himself a couple of months ago too so you know the root
cause of all this suicides are actually well only one culprit it’s depression so
for this episode I’ll be talking about depression and why we should care why it
means a lot and it should mean a lot to everyone because I’m you know the the
facts the statistics from World Health Organization will tell us that 300
million people suffer from depression of across all ages okay and in the
Philippines the figure says that in 100,000 people there will be 3.8 um
Filipinos that suffer from from depression
actually this um figure increased skyrocketed compared with say those
figures from five years ago so it is an alarming thing because a lot of people
it seems you know if we base it on the figures that a lot of Filipinos are
actually not doing well mentally so let’s have the distinction first between
you know a regular depression and sadness because as others were just uh
you know lightly use the word the press like they would say ah I feel
depressed but you know on the very eve term on the very meaning of its medical
term depression is actually more than ordinary sadness it is um it’s
debilitating disease where you feel or a person suffering from it would lose you
know the will to live there will be a change in his behavior drastic weight
loss of course and one thing is that their daily routine is highly affected
by depression so it’s a really debilitating mental disease but just an
ordinary sadness that would just go away so that’s one thing about depression now
um we were talking I was mentioning more about depression because um honestly
speaking I feel that it’s um in in the Philippine society we do not look at it
seriously but it is a serious disease what do I mean by this in the
Philippines if in a person would confess that he has some mental issues or mental
problems in the Philippines we have this stigma you know that you know you’re
here you’re there’s something wrong with you you’re nuts we get really bad
criticisms from people when they hear about a person undergoing psychiatric
help so we have to change this mentality because it is a disease now um in the
recent years especially since last year there was a great development on mental
health awareness and and help literally like 24-hour help and that’s the hope
line in the Philippines the numbers to contact if you’re hearing the
Philippines is you know with the area code 0 to 800 for hope H ope so that’s
like on four six seven three okay on also you can call zero nine one seven
five five eight still h ope that’s four six seven three so those are the numbers
to dial and if you know someone you know who is suffering from depression or you
feel had you know some suicidal thoughts please do not hesitate to help him or
her you know as a friend you can just you know lend him a hand you know tell
him that you are there for him or her please do not leave him alone there are
a lot of reasons of course it can be family problem
you know self-esteem relationship um or maybe just his own confidence level goes
down so please please reach out and help out
people because it is a mental disease and if it’s the severe case they have to
go and seek for professional help so that’s the message I’m telling to all of
my listeners this is more like in PS like a PSA so it is an awareness to
everyone that mental illness is a serious thing and thank you for watching
this video and you can also always share your thoughts you know about mental
mental illnesses and your experiences with it if you were successful in
dealing with that please feel free to share your story here in our comment
section and I’ll see you guys next time you tell you guys thank you so much for
watching all of my videos please um if you haven’t subscribed yet please do the
comments are of course very much welcome here on my youtube channel if you have
some concerns inquiries please feel free to voice out their opinions and also
will you share this video I find if you find this interesting and I’ll see you
guys next time then in our next video so goodbye
bye bye

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