Depression and Laughter

Rudy Caseras here. You know, I get really depressed but I like to laugh about it. And I have a really dark, really dry sense of humor. And people always say like: “Oh Rudy. How could you laugh about such dark stuff?” And that’s what I love doing. That’s helps me get through the dark days. I like to hang around with other people who get my sense of humor; who knows what it’s like to struggle with it and make jokes about it. So that’s what I say to all of you is that it’s okay to laugh about your own mental health issues because that could be the one thing that helps you get through it. Thank you.

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  1. I noticed that when I'm the most depressed , I'm the most outgoing . I've been putting on the mask so long and trying but to be noticed that I didn't even realize I did this . And my sense of humor can be a little out there

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