Depression and Men

Well I think there’s some important trends
and shifts going on in terms of both how depression is diagnosed and expressed
differently potentially by men and women. Men more often than women are
externalizing symptoms of depression. They’re acting out. They’re working too
much. They’re running into other mental health or physical health problems in which
their depression is being manifested. But it may not be traditionally captured by depression criteria in the ways that
most health care providers are defining it. Also what we know from the
literature there’s just a lot of stigma around men seeking help for any kind of
mental health problems as well as physical issues, so while women have been
diagnosed traditionally with depression two to
three times more often than men, men are committing suicide at rates of four
to six times more often. They use more lethal means and they’re
successful in their attempts far more often than
women. Fortunately there’s beginning to be more
research looking at how we get men to be more open and to acknowledge that seeking help is actually
a sign of strength not weakness. And I think that’s an incredibly
important area of research that we need a lot more work on.

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