depression and mental illness (open eng sub)

Hello everyone Welcome back to my channel and I’m sorry if u hear the rain because it’s raining right now and yeah… I have no idea …orr I don’t think about anything much that I’m deciding to do this video In today’s video, It is very different from other video that I posted on my channel I just want to talk and focus on depression and mental illness today And as everyone might have already know about the latest heartbreaking news the death of Sulli, former member of f(x) last week I think we should take mental illness and depression more seriously because in each society, I believe that the education of depression and mental illness still limit And not everyone fully understand about this problem We tend to judge other people without knowing the cause of it that’s why I hope that everyone of us are willing to open up about our problems even though it is still hard for me and to other people sometimes to open up about their problems But as human beings, problems…I mean we all have problems million and ton of problems that we have to deal with and the weight on our shoulder that we have to carry and many things that we, people had and have to go through differently We’re all human, and problem is inevitable WE should try to open up our heart and our mind try not to judge other people just bc we think this way or that way is right We should not bully other nor harm them or say something that isn’t true we never know if our words hurt other people in what kind of ways Instead of judging, try to open ur mind to see things differently from different perspectives Be there for people who told us their problems who open up about themselves bc it is not easy to do so and we all know that Just welcome them with open arm and lend ur helping hands to them Being able to born and live till today is like no word can describe how amazing, meaningful, it is for you and for your family or your firends bc your existence mean a lot to them. Don’t judge other people’s decision bc we are not in their situations and we never experience it And ending your life is not a solution We human, we are more than that But I just want to say if one decided to do so please don’t judge their decision bc we are not them We have no idea and we don’t know what they are going through what had happened to them until which point that they decided to do so So please stop saying thing that isn’t true bullying other people, stop judging, commenting or saying bad words toward other individual bc we’re also human and if someone do that to us, we also get hurt and we don’t like it and that’s why we need to respect and value other people as well bc we value ourselves so much and we need to do that to other individual as well By talking about this problem, I hope that everyone each one of us will open up a bit more toward different perspectives of other people spread kindness and always be kind toward other people bc We are all human beings SO I really hope that everyone understand what I said in this video and please dont mind if I say something wrong Please if you have any problems that you’re dealing with try talking to ur friend ur family anyone that you feel like she/he is someone that u can talk about ur problems to you can cry you can just cry urself to sleep it’s okay to do so and just bc of crying you’re not weak at all crying help u feel better So I really hope everyone enjoy this video please Be positive Spread kindness and always be kind toward other people Thank you for watching this video watching my video, and I’ll talk to you guys in my next video. 🙂

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