Depression | Dan and Libby’s Story

>>I lost my daughter,
my first born child. (soft piano music) My daughter, Libby, she
was a very active athlete. She was a swimmer. Had some of the fastest
times in the country, when she was around 10 years old. But around 12 or 13, she began
to struggle with depression. While she was in therapy,
it allowed her to go on through life. She graduated from college, started a family, took on a job. Friends and her new
family were not supportive of her going to see a shrink, going to see a psychologist
or a therapist, or being on medication. And so she, too often, tried to deal with it without the support, and without the medication
that helped her. My daughter, Libby, was 36 years old when she took her own life. So, if you have any sense
that you might be depressed, please don’t wait to go talk
to a health professional, that could be your family physician, that could be a mental
health professional.

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  1. To anyone out there dealing with depression just remember you're never alone no matter how hard it gets! I also have a vlog on my channel about my depression and tips on how i overcome it daily. Would love for everyone to check it out please I really wanna help as many people as I can! Stay strong

  2. How can you do it while you're a teenager? I feel like I'm pushed to say nothing is wrong by teachers and counselors but deep inside I know that one day, everything just going to end. I constantly feel like my life's over, nothing more to live for but one day it's all going down the drain. No adult takes me seriously, no one really cares. What do I do?

  3. I just watched this and it breaks my heart cuz im 13 and suffering from depression and im trying to talk to my family and i really sometimes i really get down where i sleep the days away and dont wake up wishing i was gone im so so sorry for your loss may she rest easy💚💚

  4. The only people I can tell are my friends, and even then I don't tell then the whole story. I'm way to scared to tell anyone because I'm afraid they'll doubt me or tell me I'm doing it for attention.

    I have 28/30 symptoms of depression, google based symptoms thought.

  5. I'm 13 and I'm dealing with depression. I was getting better but then a family issue came and I fell back to where I started, honestly I'm worse than before since now I started cutting

  6. Hope someone can tell me how to solve my issue, my family knows I have depression but still they don't do anything I told them how I feel but they don't listen l

  7. I’m sorry for your loss. I just hate it when people don’t take it seriously these days, because of this it’s hard to actually say instead of people making jokes and stuff.

  8. I have depression too but I'm scared to tell my parents bout it. I always show them my image as a child who always do well in her studies and have a great life. But I never tell them what I've been through to get me here today. Sometimes it feel more like I'm dead, but I don't think there's someone who will understand me.

  9. Depression is a silent killer no one knows you have it until the day you go so dark mined you kill your self 😓

  10. I have depression. I am really struggling. I've tried suiside, I do cut. But it isn't working. Yet my family have no idea. Even the smallest things make me cry. I cry myself to sleep every night. I can't tell anyone of the fear I will be bullied.

  11. I'm 10 I have depression I dont have a therapist bc no one has noticed I cry everyday in this pain

  12. What if i visited a shrink, was recomended another one more secialised in order to treat it but my parents refuze to help me? :))

  13. My dad says “every 13 year old girl your age fakes depression so just stop being dramatic” and then I go and I just sit and cry and I don’t know what to do… Ik im not fawning it because I can feel it like idk how to explain it… its like this cold monster that’s with me everywhere I go… like it has its arms wrapped around me trying to convince me that it’s protecting me when it’s not… or it is… I don’t know… no one will understand so idek why I’m commenting but yea

  14. I have depression and I have never told anyone. I helped people at bad times, always. But I never got help. Never asked for help. I don't think Im going to. Let's say Im not surrounded with the right people.

  15. How if i don't have anyone to help me..pls i need helps… I'm struggle for a long time.. No one trust me..

  16. I have depression and I used to cry myself to sleep every night before I told my parents. I wanted to kill myself. After I told them, I felt much better. They got me help with a very nice therapist. And I cried a lot less. I still cry often but it's nothing compared to before I told them. Listen, I know you may want to kill yourself, I did too. Don't. Tell someone, get some help! Trust me, It's not worth it. I've had many friends kill themselves and you shouldn't have to go through the pain they did. Please, tell someone. Your life is worth living.

  17. Even if I did talk to my family or anyone…no one would bother to listen anyways…so there's no point really…

  18. My parents are not believe in me I have major depression since 6 year they are thinking I do such a non sense drama

  19. I'm very sorry… Just know she's in a better place now.. I'm sure she's still with you.. I'm sure she wants you to move on with your life and be happy.. She's strong.. Like you 🙂

  20. Depression has been haunting me for years which i cant see an end to at the moment. My brother always calls me "Fat. Ugly. Stupid. Brat. and many other things. I tried talking to my mom and she didnt even care. my father is never home so i havent talked to him about it. But i just feel so lost and lonely. I have friends but they just say that im faking a mental breakdown for attention. But they dont understand my situation. It must feel great when someone actually cares about you. Its bad how on this earth they wait until something is gone to care.

  21. I don't know if anybody will see this but I suffer with depression it feel weird saying it but I was diagnosed with it about a couple of months ago but I think I had it for longer like 2years I just sat there in silence and no one knew it was torture even tho people know I feel like I still have to lie about it all the time I have no irl friends only online but it's like I'm putting up a character for them I'm scared the will not like me or care I have major trust issues so I think everyone hates me and lies to me all the time. I got Meds for it but it didn't work at all so I stopped my family knows that I have it but I still fell soooo alone I tried everything and I just want to be better but I don't know how it feels like there's no escape

  22. I have a question, if we wanna tell our parents or people we trust but they doesn't care and say later but that later never been a later what should I do? Cuz I had been depression for 14 years and I never tell anyone about it. Any advice?

  23. I'm on my brother's phone right now but I am going through depression i have sense i was 8 I was abused my whole life, bullied, and never expected, I am almost 13 and I still feel like nobody wants me around nobody listens to what i have to say only one my boyfriend but i feel like he is tierd of hearing my problems so i started to keep everything inside so now i cut myself anywhere i could but the horrible part i keep thinking of doing suicide but i don't want to leave my brother's behind. I just don't know what to do please help?

    P.S. my name is Shyann

  24. I’m really scared to go into middle school because I don’t want this to happen I don’t want to die but sometimes I do I have severe depression and anxiety but I never show it but middle school is going to be hard because I have diabetes and one of my “friends” told everyone and I know some people going there and I’m scared the word will get out then I will get bullied but my mom says why are you so scared if people find out you have diabetes but the thing is I’m not scared that people will find out I’m scared I will get bullied for it and another reason is I don’t like myself but I put on a mask to hide my emotions and people might make fun of me for how I look I never wore shorts to school and never took of my hoodie because of my body I hate it

  25. I told my parents that I was struggling with painful thoughts that were usually suicidal they didn’t take it seriously at all and just said, “You have a perfect life, you shouldn’t be the one having depression, it should be those homeless people.” No one understands, and I’ve cried for help, announcing to my classmates that I would kill myself, that’s when they took it seriously. And now I’m finally getting professional help.

  26. Idk if I’m depressed or not like I am sad everyday but I also don’t want to kill myself I hate myself I’m hungry but I don’t want to eat and get fat but idk 😑

  27. I'm very sorry. I have depression and I'm suicidal, and a therapist but even though I have the therapist it doesn't help and I feel no emotions or happiness towards anything, can anyone help?

  28. I’m 13 and struggling with depression along with some of my friends. In one school year we had 7 scares. Some people think they’re to many so they were fake but they were terrifying. Story’s like your’s help us and we thank you so much for sharing it. I am sorry for your loss.😔❤️

  29. I have depression. My parents always ask me what’s wrong before that I had a doctors appointment and he asked me if o was depressed or overly sad and I said yes. I allowed my doctor to tell my mom and well when we got in the car she made me try to seem like I’m not depressed. But do I look like I’m not depressed when I don’t eat a lot or sleep a whole bunch when I waste my whole life sitting inside a household not wanting to go anywhere and Isolating myself from the outside world and staying in my room. ALSO watching videos to keep me positive and having NONE of my friends understand and don’t help what I go through???? If my mom does not suspect this is depression idk what is. I resist urges from going downstairs and trying to cause myself pain. I have anxiety and paranoia also. I know I don’t need help because I can somewhat control myself. I let my inner demon stay and how badly I want it gone but I’m its home. I can take are of myself no one worry about me I won’t die anytime soon just putting my story out there

  30. I'm also struggling to my depression
    ;( Im really tired of everything I wanna die, my self confidence is very low and I don't have that much friends 😭

  31. I’m just hear to get ideas cause I don’t know what I want if I want hang my self or take some pills? Idk I just want I to all end already befor school starts in 3 weeks 😭😭😭🤧

  32. My name’s Libby too. I hate my life. I don’t feel happy at all. I’m good at disguising it. I just don’t wanna talk to anyone about it because it makes me feel worse. I used to keep a diary of my feelings but I got told off for it by my progress manager. Since then, I have kept my feelings inside and not even wrote them down. I feel useless. I feel like everything is my fault and there’s nothing i can do to change it. Right now, I’m in my room, away from people. We just came back from holiday. The car journey home from the airport was really hard because I kept nearly crying and I literally had to hold my breath to stop myself from bursting into tears. Those who are depressed knows what it’s like. For me, it’s like there’s a never ending pit in my body that I’m falling into. I find no joy in anything and I just want to end.

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