Depression – How can counselling help if I feel depressed?

Hi I’m Laura Hollywood from and I’m doing a series of videos for Mental Health Awareness week today I’m going to talk to you about depression. How might you know if you are starting to
feel depressed? You might lose interest in things you normally
enjoy doing, you might want to isolate and not socialise
with people or talk to your family and friends, you may have physical aches and pains, you
may feel that you have no energy, you might also really struggle to get up in the morning,
you might feel like there’s just no point, or doing anything, you might feel really sad
or you also might have just have a feeling or emptiness. That’s what depression is like. How I would work with you around that is.
Counselling gives you time and space to talk about however it is that you’re feeling and
so often if you are feeling like that you might have thoughts of hurting yourself, or
self-harming yourself or you might even feel suicidal. This is really a space for you to
be able to talk about how that feels. We can also talk through practical things to do that
might help you in terms of stuff around ‘food and mood’, stuff around sleep, relaxation.
Just trying to do small steps each day, trying to make sure that you get out once a day,
go for a walk this kind of thing. Over time things do get better. If you’re interested
in any of that please do get in touch with me at you can phone
me or email me I’m always happy to answer any questions. Ok, until next time take care.

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