Depression Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment for Children, the Elderly and Other People

– [Narrator] Healthbreak
is brought to you by HCA Virginia Health System. – Statistics that show
16% of the population will suffer a major depression at some point in their lives. Dr. Martin Buxton explains
why the historical stigma attached to depression is diminishing. – The head is connected to the neck, which is connected to the body. And depression in the
brain is part of the body. There’s no extra credit for having one disease versus another. – [Amy] Children all the way
to the elderly are susceptible to depression, especially
during and after the holidays. – [Martin] If you already
have a predisposition for problems, it really
can trigger and precipitate a significant depression. – [Amy] No matter the season,
Chippenham’s emergency room is open 24/7. – And people can walk in off the street and get immediate attention. So, we’re quite proud of it. – For more information
or physician referral, call 804-320-DOCS. For Healthbreak, I’m Amy Watson. Healthbreak was brought to you by HCA Virginia Health System.

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