Depression – Symptoms, Families and Medication

Many varities of symptoms tend to accompany depression people who are depressed tend tohave
changes in their sleep habits maybe they sleep
in longer than they would like to or maybe there are not able to sleep much at all maybe they have changes in their appetite they’re gaining or losing
weight may be there irritable maybe they’re
struggling to focus to concentrate there’s any number of symptoms that go
along with depression I say that going through life depressed is like going through life with the flu
only imagine that you’ve had the flu for so long that you forgot what it is to
not have the flu sometimes individuals have been
depressed since childhood and this is all they know this chance to negatively color their
beliefs about themselves about life about other people. Depression definitely tends to run in families it’s actually kind of
a double whammy in the sense that at one layer there’s a
biological or genetic component to depression so if water both have your parents
suffered from depression they’re likely to pass along that
biological tendency for you to be susceptible to depression
now at the same time if your raised by one or both if your
parents who are depressed they’re unlikely to have a certain
amount of energy to parents you in a way that let you
stay optimistic are hopeful about encountering new changes in life so without intending to depressed
parents are modeling for the child what it is to be an adult which naturally
goes along with being depressed when someone is suffering from moderate
to severe depression medication can often help them move to
that process more quickly so our therapists are
trained to work closely with the primary care doctor with OBGYNs and with the
psychiatrist to make sure you get a high quality medication evaluation which can be an
important part of the process to understand how depression relates to
you your body and brain chemistry consider this
the body naturally produces a chemical called serotonin this chemical is deficient and
individuals that are suffering from clinical depression serotonin does a lot of thanks for you
but what are the most essential thing serotonin does is it let you feel a bond that let you
feel love for other people so sometimes when individuals are
suffering from depression and are lacking this chemical they feel that their relationships are
strained I’ve seen many a marriage saved, when one or both the individuals were
properly medicated so they could feel that natural bond
with one another that had been lacking beforehand.

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