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There are all sorts of things that make us
sad. Things that don’t go our way leave us feeling disappointed and helpless. But that’s not what depression is about.
Depression is much more than just disappointment or a negative thought or even a chemical imbalance.
It is the dark cloud that never really goes away. Welcome to another Whack & Epified episode.
This week, we’ll be talking about depression, the silent killer. And how it can be managed and cured with a little more
support and understanding. There are several reasons for depression.
A bad childhood, stress, self-doubt, social rejection, illness could all lead people down
the dark path of depression. As depression grows, people tend to avoid
social interactions. They are more irritable and angrier – things which their family and
friends will definitely notice. Along with the constant low moods, depressed
people also suffer from lack of sleep, lack of hunger and lose complete interest in things
they used to love before. Long story short, life sucks. To cure depression, it was important to understand
how neurotransmitters work. Basically, our brain is a complex network of tiny cells called as
neurons. These neurons send each other messages through chemicals called neurotransmitters.
If there aren’t enough neurotransmitters or if there are too many, it
can literally drive you insane. Doctors figured neurotransmitter imbalance
must cause depression, since anti-depressants which neurotransmitters often managed to cheer
the patients up. Although these medicines took almost 2 weeks to take an effect. Which was weird, because if it was just about
neurotransmitter imbalance, the relief should have been immediate. But as the researchers
found out, one of the main reasons for depression was the decreasing size of the hippocampus, the part of the brain which
stores memory and feelings. Depressed people have fewer neurons that lead
to smaller hippocampuses. Antidepressants helped because more neurotransmitters encouraged
the growth of more neurons, thereby increasing the size of the hippocampus. This was why
people felt better. A study of 800 people also revealed that depression
might be in our DNA, in a pair of genes called serotonin transporter genes. These serotonin transporter genes come in
an efficient long form and inefficient short form. We get one gene from each parent. People
with two short genes are most prone to depression. People with one short and one long gene are
better off, while people with two long genes well they are the safest of all. Research has also found that women are more
likely to be depressed than men. But this could be an indication that depression in
men is simply not reported. Our society doesn’t encourage men to talk about their feelings.
They prefer angry and frustrated macho men who have muscles instead of emotions. Depression in women is also more symptomatic
than in men. Which means, they tend to feel more anxiety, more loss of appetite and more
pain when they are depressed. Another reason why depression cases are found
more among women than men. Right now 16% of Indian adults suffer from
depression. And if you count people who have suffered from depression at some point in
their life, that number increases even further. Depression is age proof, gender proof and
even social status proof. Even the funny and the rich can be depressed. Remember how shocked we were last year to
find that Robin Williams had committed suicide, after having done nothing but made the world
laugh during his career? Closer to home, there is Raj Kapoor’s classic film, Mera Naam
Joker, which explores a broken man hidden inside a comedian – the ultimate
irony of human life. Creative people are anyway deemed more at
risk of depression. They are usually more sensitive, more disorganized in their thinking
and have to always convince the world of their original ideas. And by all accounts, it can
get quite stressful. Depression is definitely not something you
can snap out of, or wake up from, or convince yourself that its not happening, or however
ignorant people think depression should be treated. It’s a disease which eats you up from inside. In fact, depressed people tend to also be
affected by a condition called learned helplessness, a psychological barrier which doesn’t allow
them to get better even when they can. It’s the same disorder in lab animals, who don’t
know how to escape even when they’re given the chance. But there is help. Researchers have even developed
a phone app which warns people of oncoming depression. This is done by analyzing the
voice of the recipient. If the voice is too low and hoarse, there might be a
storm brewing on the horizon. By the way, animals also suffer from the same
sort of depression as people. The only gap is their inability to express their anger
and helplessness. Scientists, when testing neurotransmitters on lab rats, detected paranoia
and anxiety just like people who are depressed. The most important point to remember here
is that depression never really goes away. Even people who have been cured, they need
to keep getting checked. They need friends and family, who they can reach out to whenever
they start to feel low. They need the help. Staying happy is indeed a tough task, in a
world moving farther away. But we, at Whack & Epified, will do all we can to help you
feel better and think better. If you think this video can help someone you know please
do share it with them. Like this video and subscribe to our channel. Leave your comments
in the space below and share your thoughts and feelings with us.

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  1. hello Freishia B  ,
    good work in your all videos, but who is recording video and making pictures on board……love it…

  2. Hello Whack and Epified! As always Loved your Combined videos! I wanted to know if you can do a video about Dr Syama Prasad Mukherjee & Pt. Seen Dayal Upadhyaya's mysterious deaths! I don't hail from any political outfit-Just another curious Indian! As usual keep going – Keep enlightening us on more pressing issues of the day!

  3. I really like your videos, especially this one. I studied a lot during my graduation and i felt like that has been epitomized in this 5:52 min. Going great!

  4. please share cast based reservation system of india in different states and what are the causes of these..
    I believe somehow depression is a byproduct of this system…

  5. Thank you , But how to manage depression and make it small . I think its better lifestyle and living more with nature . and maintain our biological clock

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  7. Looking at your commendable work and enthusiasm we can say that
    You are definitely blessed with 2 long DNA as genes from your parents!

  8. Well i never thought that it could be the depression or maybe not i'm just disappointed in my self although the above mentioned symptoms are there in me..well i'm confused and that too for a long time …writing here in comment section about it may not solve my problem.but i thought about it and see no harm coz no one cares what i write in here, its internet..i wish i just have those two big DNA.. want to feel happiness again….it's been long time i

  9. This episode on depression really cheers me up, I'm a student of fashion design, i decided to choose a creative field because of my tough childhood, i do not have a father, its just me and my mom, she tried to raise me up in the best way she can by providing me all sorts of luxuries, since i didn't have a sibling to share my feelings whenever required, i realized i was filled from inside out complete lacking companionship, during my college years my character had always been hard on me, because of it i've been left out more often then anyone, finally after many rejections i discovered a girl and now i'm in a very healthy relationship with her but i still fear a lot that my previous traits would affect my current happiness, do i need a therapist ?

  10. i really Appreciate you and ur team for makin such a grt channel… for whatever reason u present such awesome stuff, it's a big thumbs up from me !! (Y)

  11. if you allow unpleasat conditions of external world to dominate you then there will be a big crisis.society is imperfect and v should tolerate everyone including ourself.plz understand depression do not help anyone.

  12. Every Video which I have seen in this Subscription is really very amazing and useful, hope to see same again and again.

  13. Could you please share more details on the app you had mentioned.
    any keywords, link or more description might help…

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  14. The Main cause of depression is social problems. People who think that the are depressed need to delete the unnessasory people from their lives and need to bring nessasory people in their lives

  15. This video is quite helpful to a certain level but I seriously need some more advice from you people regarding this.
    Actually there is someone in my family really close to me and he has just started going into depression, although we went to doctor and are giving him the prescribed antidepressants but i don't think only the medicine are going to cure him completely so therefore i need some personal advice from you people ,like how we should talk and behave with him and what else can be done. Please help 😔

  16. This is all rubbish. I had faced depression when I was just 18. Depressed people look and behave like any other normal people. But their minds constantly eats them inside. My parents never able to understand through what I was going. They were constantly scolding me for my poor scores in the exam. But later I got good freinds and their warmth of friendship cured my depression. Really, time is a good healer. CONSTANT COMPLAINING ABOUT LIFE LEADS TO DEPRESSION. SO BE GRATEFUL; DEPRESSION COULD NOT EVEN TOUCH YOU.

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