you wouldn’t actually feel that something was wrong just horrible and
also any kind of injury so that was probably just one of the ten just by
chance that my grandma ended up being diagnosed as well after Wow she probably
had afraid so it’s something that myself so I need to make sure that I remained
at a healthy weight and exercise interesting he wasn’t like maybe normal
borderline yeah because you might think it might be someone who’s really
overweight yeah wow yeah I think if you have sort of a predisposition for yeah
just as you start creeping up a little bit that way be enough to do it and also
during pregnancy out of my NTT group of seven two of the girls ended up with
just you know diabetes and were told they could not eat over a certain amount of sugar so no chocolate, no cakes, no biscuits. It was a nightmare for them. Especially when you’re pregnant that’s all you want! i recessed it a little bit extra sorry
my pregnancy both my pregnancies and I never ended up so yeah be concerned
about your blood glucose level if you have a family history of diabetes you
can easily check it yourself so kinetic well-being does this liquid component to
it and it’s super easy to use that I know but it’s super easy and on here
there are different settings for different depths of skin whether you’ve
got thick skin or thin skin I’m sorry like a two or a three
okay you can make it skin you just remove the cap actually doesn’t look too
intimidating because I think I mean I never ask me that looks quite hey yeah
my dad used to do something like this and you just turn that to load it and
then click the button I’m not actually gonna do today but you just prick your
finger and then you take a strip and put it directly where the little drop of
blood is and then it would give you every day oh great so you need to go to
the doctors or anything easily do so and it’s so portable if you’ve got any questions or comments
or want to show you any experience of anything we’ve talked about today maybe
it’s anxiety depression diabetes any of it we’d love to hear from you so you
please do leave a message or comment and follow us if you’d like to and

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