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Two three, okay, I hear you come finally Hi Is everything all right with your table? It’s great. Thanks Actually, look if you want me to move you to a different table I can yeah, no, it’s fine Okay, you said yeah. No. I just I need to be sure that you’re sure cuz I can move your table is fine No stunts. No, you can’t you touch that and if you’re sick Then I could get sick and I’m gonna be serving food and you would get sick then everyone gets sick. Oh my god, dude What are you crazy? No, he’s not crazy. He’s just showing the classic signs of Obsessive-compulsive disorder counting a constant need for reassurance excessive worrying OCD is a mental illness that causes uncontrollable and recurring thoughts and behaviors if you saw a waiter being taunted simply because he has OCD What would you do? I don’t know what your problem is, but you need to get it together. Yeah, I hear therapy’s great Our hidden cameras are rolling at Colonial diner in East Brunswick, New Jersey, I Guess thankfully. Um, can we start with just a house salad each two households? Our waiter John Marcos excessive whirring, sorry, I’m sorry does not go unnoticed Dude, what is your deal? Ugh? I have OCD obsessive compulsive disorder So you have a mental illness or you’re crazy. What exactly is going? It’s a it’s a mental illness It’s a mental illness and you’re here working it As he defends the waiter, this former waitress is out of her seat and offers to help Yeah, I’m sorry. I just I actually I’m sorry. I’m sorry and without missing a beat she grabs a different pen and goes to work I’m addressing just your regular like really good together Oh great, thank you. Thank you very much Peter thinking thinking. Oh, I’m sorry. Thank you Why would you help them? Why wouldn’t you that’s his job Insulting and while they had no problem speaking up this woman watches quietly until she’s overcome with emotion and hurries away in tears But when she returns Her emotional reaction makes sense after she tells us this How does it manifest itself a lot of racing thoughts a lot of repetition things like that What do you want people to know about mental illness that? We’re normal people We go to work we have kids. It’s no lesser than any disease that the body is just a disease of the brain We’re rolling again Okay, what’s wrong Sorry, I can’t pick up that fork. I just I’m sorry. I have OCD. Are you serious? Why are you working here if you have OCD? I’m trying to challenge myself and push through it. Maybe you should try like therapy This woman knows what it’s like to live with a disability and that shapes what she tells the manager I mean it’s none of my business, but I feel for them and I feel for him too, but maybe he should be With someone like standing next to him and let that person take the order. He has OCD. I’m trying to give him a chance Yeah, I know that’s very noble and give him a chance. I’m disabled. I don’t like I’m not gonna be a ski instructor at the same time But I feel he deserves a chance You were torn yes the night that I’ve wanted to tell her be easy on him but at the same time she wanted to get her meal and I felt like he was Sincerely trying and I thought I felt so bad for him I Can’t pick it up. What do you mean? You can’t pick it up? Well today people are very willing to defend our waiter who’s suffering from OCD Why is he looking at a restaurant? What is wrong with you men wide But no one comes to his rescue quite like Linda and her mother Ali, thank you I can hear you and I just I can’t pick up those two It’s you working in restaurant I know it’s got germs and I’m sorry I’m sorry. I’m sorry If she’s being very intolerant and very very rude Bring in Barry. Copy perfect. You should fire him is everything. Okay? Yeah No, she’s being very rude to you right now. Thanks for your ridiculous You shouldn’t have I would have no problem with him being moving at a while then maybe you should be I have no problem I don’t even we’re good. Sorry. Sorry yourself dude. That’s fine. Wow. You’re gonna lose more business with this one for you Get you some more coffee. Yeah, I Just saw I just don’t want to talk because since We all have our shortcomings you all have things that we need to try to deal with I’m doing and you were telling them and they were being really belligerent to you. So it’s you you were fine Are you okay he was so wonderful You were so sweet to this young man What were you telling him with that embrace that it was? Okay that you know, we were here for him and what they did was wrong and he did nothing wrong It just takes tolerance, you know, we all have to understand that World different you gave him a hug I did Why was that could see it was gonna start to cry and that one made me cry You

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  1. John Quinones: Hi I-
    Me: wait one second
    John Quinones: Um ok
    Me: Okay clears throat “Hi I’m John Quinones and this is what would you do?”

  2. It’s so hard to talk about these things god damn it 😩 I have only now begun to talk to my friends about my anxiety and depression….if I tell them about my OCD they’ll think I’m crazy and I hate that i can’t share that with the people that are close to me 😩 I can’t go see a therapist either because I live in a small town and literally everyone will know, not that there’s anything bad about therapy but honestly there are some ignorant people that think seeing a therapist means you’re crazy. The struggle is real 😩 if anyone here has these 3 mental issues im here if you wanna talk, we can share our story with each other, maybe it will make us feel better about it. Love y’all ❤️

  3. the only people who know i have OCD is my mom and my sister. They have it too, so they understand. My sister used to act the same as the actor, but now she has a new obsession because they go away and a new one comes. I used to have trich and since that went away, I have harm ocd which is terrible. I can’t tell anybody because everyone just thinks your crazy. So i just wish everyone knew that ocd is not just neatness, but it’s a really hard mental illness to deal with.

  4. This video made me feel great. Because I've gone through OCD aswell and it's not easy. It represents everything like touching things and counting steps. And people ask about it and can make fun of it but it's really hard to go through and I've got lucky and got away from it but some things still stayed that are minor. But it just made me happy that this is getting noticed because when I had it it made me feel out of the ordinary and weird and the only person with it. So it's just great that it is getting noticed and people are willing to stand up to help people with it.

  5. Something similar happened to me when I was in McDonald's so someone wanted apple pie and she waited for 20 minutes before she got her apple pie and she was mad and asking a bunch of times where her apple pie was and she was angry AF!

  6. Me: *gives homeless kitty food and adopts it*

    John: Hi I’m John Quinones and this is what would you do so what made you do that

    Me: I love animals and it’s the right thing to do

    John: oh nice so what made you pick up that penny the other day


    John: uh no we just happened to see

    Me: hmmmm

  7. I hate having OCD. I… didn't know people were discriminatory against us. Granted, my OCD isn't as drastic as the waiter, but it's still pretty bad. When I was younger I felt like if I touched something with one hand, I would have to touch the same thing with the other hand. Hell, I still feel the occasional urge to do it nowadays. It's so weird how the human brain works lmaooo

  8. I have bad adhd and I’m so hyper and sum times it’s fun but sometimes it’s hard and frustrating especially in class

  9. “He just needs a little kindness, that’s all.” 😭😭😭💕💕💕
    “I can’t use that pen, oh it’s okay. I have my own pen.” 😭😭💕💕

  10. I don’t have ocd but I get so satisfied when my steps are perfect numbers. Like if I have ten steps or 15. Or if the volume is 25 or 20.

  11. it means so much to me seeing people stand up for him <3
    I have OCD too and seeing people being so accepting feels so good and truly warms my heart <3

    I had a period in life where I couldn't sit down, obsessively washed my hands, legs etc and showered until my legs had big wounds on them and I constantly deal with repetitive thoughts etc. I couldn't even touch the floor without socks without panicking (even if it was just one of my toes who touched the floor).

  12. They have some shows that are out of bounds, because they lean towards the far left in some of them and you have to be aware of that, but, in the good ones, you learn a lot about yourself and how you can make yourself a better person. With OCD or anyone else with a disability, I guess you have to try to get takeout or you just leave, if it comes to that, because you don't want to get anyone with a disability fired. If you have the time for patience, then show it!

  13. This is VERY unrealistic. I have OCD, and I appreciate this video to raise awareness, and it is very beautiful, but 70% of this video is an OCD strereotype. But I do appreciate this video. No hate. 🙌🏻

  14. I have OCD and this hits really close to home. So I would definitely say something. It hurts my heart to see people calling him 'crazy'.

    We are not crazy. We are normal people with friends, families, jobs, hobbies etc…..in the end we are all human and we all have the same emotions!

  15. I really don't like the second lady she was kinda rude im not saying this bc of her disability she just came of as rude

  16. Why is it that every wwyd scenarios always have someone els that has the same problem as the main charcter, it's like it's scripted

  17. You need to do one about joint hypermobility also known as esd also known as elo danlos there are diffrent types what i now of is type 1 type 2 and type 3 hope you do one because this means alot to me because my mum has this and its upsetting seeing peoples faces when they look at her

  18. person: may i offer you a free t-shirt with your purchase?

    me: no thank you

    hi i’m john quinones with WWYD

    me: i- i’m sorry?

    john: it’s just a TV show, we are trying to see how many people would take a free t-shirt with their purchase. tell me, why didn’t you take the t-shirt?

    me: i mean… i-i just didn’t want the t-shirt…

    john: so brave. i can see this is obviously very emotional for you.

  19. lol I love that girl in the corner booth, just reading, ignoring the world…… that's probably most of us tho

  20. I remember treating this guy so bad in grade 7th, we all used to insult him

    I never knew a thing called OCD. because he had OCD.

  21. the disabled lady is literally the worst type of person bruh he should be able to be employed at a mf DINER just the same as anyone else and it takes an absolute split second to pick up a fucking fork off the ground. waiters break their backs as it is, disabled or not.

  22. I’m confused. If he has ocd wouldn’t he deny a hug? OCD friends I know don’t even like to be touched or handle dirty things…

  23. When something like this happens in a resturaunt or a market and someone says why would u help him/her u gotta know john is coming for u

    John bursts through the wall

  24. I have OCD and I get bullied at school for counting my steps and spending my whole break and lunch washing my hands 😞

  25. Exactly why would someone with ocd even work as a waiter? That disabled woman also said nothing wrong. She was being perfectly rational. Use ur brains instead of ur emotions.

  26. My brother has major OCD and also has disabilities causing stress and outburst so
    I also have some OCD as well

  27. I have ocd since 17 years. unfortunately in my country they don’t even know about ocd. Im not leaving home for 10 years now. I have no friends

  28. OCD has a Good Effects also . Just like keep Memorizing a Topic or a School Lesson over and over . People with OCD , most of them know that they have OCD and they know that their Worries/anxiety are irrational but still do the what others called "rituals" to ease their Anxieties. We also don't tell others our worries . It is just in our minds and we do things the ritual thing to counter it on our mind. OCD people try to hide our condition to our family and friends . Hoarding ,germophobic , always washing of hands and feet , typing a long Chat and deleting the whole because a single word is misspelled are signs of OCD . We also do things step by step . We construct a set of steps/procedures even on simplest Task like washing Dishes . If one step is not done or skipped , our mind will whisper us that we must do it to accomplish the Task appropriately . We do not let others notice that we have OCD.

  29. This remind me of what I said to a friend.
    He was sorting out things and I offered help. Told me he had OCD.
    I said "Oh, perfectionism".
    Few minutes later, I realised what I said, and felt horrible.
    When I looked up, felt extra horrible.

  30. Me drops pencil and picks it up

    John jumps in from the window

    Chases me down the street

    John: now why did you do

    Me:uhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh

  31. Waiter: i cant touch that it has germs!i have the ocd!
    Me:bro it doesnt germs have the 5 second rule ! LOL!
    Like If You agree☆☆☆☆☆!

  32. You know this youtube channel proves somewhere in this world has few people who are willing to show kindness and also proves the world is not perfect

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