Disney Pixar Inside Out Sadness Figure Tomy – Unboxing Demo Review

Hi everyone! Welcome to Keith’s Toy Box! Today’s surprise toy is an adorable blue
friend from the Disney Pixar movie Inside Out! Can you guess what it is? It’s a Sadness figure, from Tomy! There she is! Isn’t she so adorable? This Sadness figure is available for $8.99 at Amazon, Toys R Us and Tomy. She lights up when placed next to the
console which is sold separately She also comes with her own memory sphere So let’s open the box and take a look! Here are the instructions and here’s the memory sphere You can’t see it very clearly in the video but it shows a scene of Riley when she was sad and crying on the floor This memory sphere works with the console or with the headquarters if you have it and projects on the screen And there’s Sadness! Sadness is the glass half-empty side of Riley. It’s hard to stay positive when
she’s seen ice cream scoops fall to the ground for no reason. She’s also smart and Riley’s voice of reason. This figure looks just like Sadness in
the movie The details and colors are amazing. You can turn her head left and right and move her arms up and down She’s so adorable the expression on her face reflects her
personality exactly in the movie There she is holding a memory sphere. Her hair is painted a bright metallic blue You can’t move her legs, though Sadness: Awwww, this is hopeless! I think I’ll just lie down for a few hours! So that’s the Disney Pixar Inside Out
Sadness figure from Tomy Please like this video or tell us what you think in the comments below Thanks for watching Keith’s Toy Box and
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