Do magic mushrooms cure depression? They cured mine

Depression is a difficult subject. There is a lot that needs to be explained
in terms of the definition what depression actually is and what is not and there’s a
lot I could talk about regarding self-diagnosis. We would need to talk about the environment
and the people who surround you and because of this I would like to make a separate video
talking about depression and everything related to it. But before we go any further I would like
to ask you to connect with me on all social media and please read the video description. There are some things I want to tell you about
in it. The reason I’m talking about depression is
because I had it for more than 20 years. The whole process started when I was 9 when
my mom left and it defined and negatively affected the rest of my life. And I need to tell you that real depression
is immune to modern medicine. I heard so many stories about people using
antidepressants and most of them were not helped. The currently-used selective serotonin reuptake
inhibitors so called SSRIs can only address the symptoms of depression. They do nothing about the cause of depression
so it is a temporary solution that has its own range of side effects. And from what I read it can be dangerous to
take them. I myself have never tried them. I have no experience with antidepressants. I was always scared of what they do to people. And that’s the reason I tried psychedelics. It is because I read so many stories about
people curing their depression with magic mushrooms ayahuasca and so on. And recent studies actually confirm that. Modern medicine and pharmaceutical companies
are getting more and more interested in the therapeutic effects of psychedelics because
modern medicine is helpless when it comes to curing depression pretty much. And recent research confirmed that psilocybin
resets a brain affected by depression. So I heard about the effects of psychedelics
on Joe Rogan’s podcast with Amber Lyon and they talked about ayahuasca and magic mushrooms. And that was back in May 2015. And I decided that I’ve had enough and I need
to try psychedelics. So after a few months in August 2015 I finally
got access to cubensis B+ magic mushrooms and I took one dried gram. And within one hour for the first time in
two decades I felt normal. And I’ll describe now what happened. First within 30 minutes of me taking mushrooms
I felt an enormous rush of energy. I remember dancing and jumping to Nirvana
songs for about half an hour and I felt happy and relaxed like never before. After about 90 minutes two machine elves showed
up and if you want to know more about who or what machine elves are watch one of my
earlier videos. When they showed up they told me to lay down
and they started operating on my brain and this lasted for a few minutes and the moment
they finished I felt huge emotional weight just falling off. They showed me a heavy concrete vest that
I was trapped underneath the whole time. This vest was made of my fears and things
that happened to me a long time ago that were not relevant to my current life. They showed me all my prejudice and my ego
and all of this disappeared after they operated on my brain. And underneath this cast was a small little
boy who I hadn’t seen for many, many years. This little boy was the real me and he was
trapped there because I was pretending to be somebody else because I was created by
my fear and my depression. Machine elves explained to me that my whole
persona and who I was at the age of 35 was a result of fear, depression and the resulting
need to be somebody else. I was my fear. I was a creation of my past experiences that
didn’t matter anymore but I was still carrying them around as if this was a valid part of
me. So now my depression was gone and I was free
again. In the following months they showed up a few
more times to adjust some things in my brain but that was pretty much it when it comes
to curing my depression. But it quickly turned out that this was just
the beginning. Then the fixing process started. And this is what I called mushroom and machine
elf therapy. Within the next few years they started their
teachings which consisted of providing me with theoretical knowledge and analysis helping
to fix myself. And they started from explaining the underlying
cause of my depression which was anxiety. I have anxiety to this day but not to that
extent. The reason I don’t have it is because they
explained what it was. They said that my anxiety was a result of
a prolonged fear of my dad. The moment my mom left my dad became a very
stressed, very angry person and he took it out on me. Machine elves said that I sustained my depressive
state because I stopped seeing anything positive in anything that was happening in my life. In my mind everything had a negative outcome. And then they told me how to cure depression. The main thing, they said, was you need to
do things you liked and enjoy. It seems depression is a result of depriving
yourself of things that make you happy. And they said “when you came here you were
given an amazing gift that allows you to be happy and it’s imagination”. Apparently imagination allows you to rewrite
your brain. Daydreaming is responsible for reprogramming
who you are. They said relaxation is the medicine for fear. It’s the only weapon against it. I found out that this actually has a scientific
foundation. A scientist called Bruce Lipton explained
that your body in a relaxed state has a completely different biology than when you’re stressed. Machine elves told me to use the 434 filter
on everything that I look at. They said every aspect of your life, when
you want to learn from it or approach it, use 434 first. 434 is basically love understanding and lack
of judgment. If you want to know more watch one of my previous
videos about machine elves explaining synchronicity. One of the most important things they said
was that this positive euphoric emotional state on magic mushrooms is the default. This is what we should feel like in our lives. They said the good feel in your experience
on psychedelics is to show you what your life could look like if you filled it with the
434 principles. And then in the following months and years
they explained the reasons for my depression. They said that fear is a software virus in
our brains. They said fear is a programming parasite and
the reason I have so much fear apparently is because I have been paying attention to
chaos for too long. They said you came from chaos but it’s time
to rebuild yourself. And they said fear is removed in loving states
and by loving emotions. They used a very interesting analogy to explain
it to me. They said you grow your micro-problems from
tiny seeds into giant trees that block your view. You grow a forest that you carry in front
of you throughout the day and it stops you from seeing the world around you and what
is important in life. Cut it down, throw your problems away because
they fill up all your emotional life. They said reacting to a negative thinking
occupies your present moment and distracts you from love and gratitude. You need to keep an emotional open mind. And I also asked them about why it is that
we get depressed. It’s a difficult thing to have in your life. And they answer in one simple sentence they
said: “you’re here on a mission and all your pain is necessary”. Some time later they added “being in this
life is incredible because you’ve been invited to take part in something very important and
very unusual. It’s an honor to be a part of this and you
need to respect it”. They also said that a sane state of mind,
which means not being affected by negative thinking and emotions and stimulants, is very
important in this life and it’s quite rare among people. And this is something we should always strive
to have in our life. That’s what machine elves told me about depression. Now I need to address one more thing and that’s
microdosing. I recently read that some people believe that
you can cure depression by microdosing. It’s difficult for me to say if it really
works like that because my depression was cured immediately with one gram of mushrooms. But I know this – curing depression is made
of two stages. The first one is the physical effect psilocybin
has on your hormonal balance on your brain and that might be cured with microdosing but
the second part of mushroom therapy is the spiritual experience and contact with the
entities. And you will not achieve this with microdosing. So give it a try it might help you, but if
you’re expecting to get the most out of the magic mushroom therapy you need to have a
dose of about one gram minimum. Thank you for listening. Please read the video description. Join me on all other social media. I’ll talk to you next time.

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  1. You are right in putting out this information, you were one of the chosen, go farther with psilocybin, you'll find something deeper. watch Terence McKenna, spread the message

  2. 434 This is an interesting video, like the game snakes and ladders… Using the longest ladder to get up to the upper squares… Makes me think of what you have said.
    Regarding the depression, once lifted what did you feel after? Was it a renewed state of possibilities, potential and joy for life.. Or just a state of ending a bad journey but no direction in mind.
    The reason that I ask because after depression many people just feel disconnected to direction.

  3. Thanks for your thoughts, if you post more vids like this I will view them, too. I have depression, too. I will try DMT, hopefully it will help, if not, it's okay, I'm okay with seeing the universe and maybe machine elves, too.

  4. I love you and this channel keep doing what you doing I feel like you and me have ALOT in common I’ll keep watching forever 🙏

  5. Can you ask them about singularity and being the universe.

    Thank you so much for making this. I can so feel u while u explain. Just wow. Thanks a lot.

  6. Just mind blowing ….

    Bro I have my story and I want you to my story, you explain so we'll….
    , it was my first time with LSD , accidentally, and it happened. I was there being the universe. Crazy thing happened in real time as well. Tho I was not here. Security guard where also include. When I came back normal, my friend told me it was 700ug. And it was my first time. I want to share my story too. The way u explain. Is just mind blowing. Can plzzz you do it. Your mind blowing 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  7. I would like to know your opinion on research chemicals. I tried it, and had the rush of good feelings that you talked about and finding the child-like feeling in me that i missed for so long. It was a very interesting, and i would say it changed me somehow and definitely changed my outlook to life. However, I’ve never encountered any machine elves. Do you think it’s only through real having mushrooms you do make the connection with them?

  8. I've been following the research like a hawk for my wife, she suffers from depression and has been on terrible meds for over 15 years. Thanks for the video, fingers crossed that lawmakers open their minds.

  9. Last time I tripped on four grams of shrooms I had a moment where I was looking at my limbs thinking that I was an alien who incarnated into human form because me myself looked alien.

  10. You say the machine elves told you that the way the mushrooms made you feel should be normally felt by everyone all the time, I just don’t understand how anyone would deserve that at all.. I truly don’t think we deserve it, at least at this stage in our evolution.

  11. They also pretty much cured me of my depression and anxiety. It's like being taken on a journey in your mind, in which you are given insight that feels as if it is coming from another source. I have never felt such deep appreciation, tranquillity, connection, or beauty like that before. I realised how I could become a nicer, more compassionate person, and that there is no reason to dwell on who I was if I want to change. I became closer with my family and friends. I was shown how my negative thought patterns would spiral me into depression, and for the first time I was shown how positive thinking can bring you to a state of absolute bliss.

    I considered myself a stern atheist before my experiences with psychedelics, and although I still have my doubts when I'm no longer under the influence of them, I still take an immense amount of comfort in reminiscing on my experiences. Without psychedelics I would not have taken up the productive hobbies I confide in now because I was stuck in such a rut when it all seemed meaningless.

    They're not for everybody, they can be very scary, and you must do your research – but my God are they life changing and immensely beneficial for your mental well-being. I could speak about my experiences for hours, and it still wouldn't touch the cusp of what they mean to me.

  12. LSD has given me the most positive and enlightening effects, out of the 2 times i did mushrooms they were a nightmare trips, that doesnt mean im not willing to experiment with them again i was just in a terrible point in my life. I dont wanna get into the details but i dont think that a simple shroom trip will cure your depression, you must set your intentions and have a proper setting , 3 years later i can look back and see i learned alot but i had terrible side effects for weeks. Setting and Intention is everything.

  13. I took SSRIs for 2 years and they were awful, I felt fine for a while but once I realized I wasn’t actually fixing the problems I was dealing with I stopped taking them. I would take them for a few months and then stop taking them for a few weeks and then would go back to taking them once I realized how terrible I felt from the severe depression I was enduring. I would go to therapists and tell them how I hated the way the medication would make me feel. And after a while my primary care doctor kept bumping up the dosage to adjust the feelings of worsening depression. At the height of my SSRI medication usage I was taking 150 mg and felt numb. I didn’t have emotions, I felt like a sociopath because of my lack of empathy for others and myself. I couldn’t handle the feeling of being numb and realized that there are two ways out of that. End my own life or just quit cold turkey and risk the very real and dangerous side affects of quitting something at such a high dosage. I ended up in the ER for 6 hours because I was genuinely worried that I was actually gonna kill myself. And from that day forward I haven’t dared to take any sort of SSRI because I know how damaging they are to the human psyche. Another reason why I stopped taking them is because I heard this shortly after being out of the hospital that a fair school shooters are on SSRIs themselves and that’s just another reason why I believe nobody should take such a thing.

  14. Nearly 10 years depressed ever since my bro got ill and eventually died from cancer. Glad to see u have the same view on anti depressant i'm not taking them nether ever.. way to dangerous indeed.

  15. they healed me after years of heavy drug use gave me back my wit and personalty god bless new subscriber keep up the good work

  16. My depression was cured by a mystical experience, no mushrooms, drugs or elves involved though. But I still feel it was the same thing, just in a different way since everything you say in your videos was the same stuff I learned. Not once have you said anything that makes me feel like you've been misguided, and that's pretty rare. Thanks for making this channel, every time I come across other people who know the same things it makes me feel a little less crazy, it's really helpful.

  17. “Fear is the path to the dark side…fear leads to anger…anger leads to hate…hate leads to suffering.” – Master Yoda Teachings we must not forget.

  18. Hi 434, its amazing how much information you are given from the machine elves and the way they cured your depression. Have you thought on making a video about who they are and where they come from (m.elves) ? Did the machine elves ask you for something in exchange because of what they gave as information and that they cured you from depression? Something like energetical exchange or I don't know.

  19. I was only able to get mushrooms through nature. So my first amanitas rotted, my second (next year) gave me intense nausea and I didnt find psilocybe… So maybe they said to me I am not ready

  20. Terrance McKenna says you should have 5 dried grams. I'm going to have my first shroom in a couple of days but I don't know how much I should use. I have extreme depression and anxiety. I've only smoked cannabis and nothing else. I don't know if 1gr would really be enough to reach machine elves.

  21. Bro, again, thanks for such awesome videos.
    English is not my first language, sorry if the structure doesn't make a lot of sense.
    I'm a scientist and have always wanted to make videos about science and ancient spiritual traditions, as well as the occult/esoteric and psychedelics, as I believe science and spirituality are just two sides of the same coin (as above so below), and you have inspired me to stop wasting time and stop procrastinating. I absolutely love the way you make your videos with the cool voice animation, I don't want to be a copy cat, but I would love to do something similar but with geometry, just until I can save enough and get my hands on a good camera. Which software did you used to make that animation, and could you point me to some tutorials if you used any?
    Thanks a lot bro, love and good vibes!

  22. Im surprised you were able to contact entities on just 1g of dry mushrooms. 3.5 g is where people will get an average trip and 5g+ full blown egodeath. Ive contacted entities only on 3.5g trips and more so im surprised such a low dose impacted you so much.
    But the lessons you got are also the lessons i got from my trips definitly

  23. You added in stimulants when referring to a sane mind, at the end there…. do you think caffeine should be avoided? Or can you elaborate maybe on why you mentioned stimulants? Aren’t mushrooms stimulants low doses. Just curious on your thoughts about this.Because I do drink a lot of caffeine and my gut tells me I shouldn’t but I usually don’t resist the urge.

  24. You either got strong stuff in theses B+ or you were really the right person for this kind of therapy. 1gr does not sound like much – congrats on your progress!

    Following the new research from the UK, I gave Cubensis a try – despite taking 2-3 gr dried, I am still in a microdose territory (a little enhancement of 3D-view, no bigger visual effects). Yesterday was the third time I took them (with pauses) – and something in my compuslive disorder/depression/bipolar symptoms has changed today. I am calmer, in a better mood, more relaxed/balanced.

    The "diagnosis" of the psychotherapists that I had conatct with was so bad that I did not take antidepressants despite 20+ years of suffering. If they cannot diagnose me, how dare they prescribe random drugs. The best diagnosis came from a social worker – he knew how to ask questions that really get to the core of the problem. The "professionals" seemed to run their standard precedure and did not ask "follow up questions" … Now I got a private therapist (group therapy 12x1day a month), the aforementioned social worker and Golden Teachers – things are coming together, finally. (knock on wood).

    I will go on with psilocybin, combining it with lion's mane and Niacin (Staments Stack protocol). When the time has come and the setting is right, I will try a heroic dose and see if even an atheist/nihilist can get into contact with the elves 😉

    The great thing is that psilocybin really does CHANGE the brain according to the resarch of the 60s and the first new studies (MRI). Parts of the brain make new connections – while antidepressants just tamper a bit with your mood. No addictive quality (in fact the ability to overcome addictions), effectiveness with few doses that last for months – even without the elves, this is almost to good to be true. I am so glad that I have the oppertunity to try it.

    After Terrence McKenna, Psyched Substance, Hyperraum (German Channel), I am very lucky to have found your channel – that is exactly what I was searching for & connects well With McKenna. Your style is unique and on-point while introducing us the wider perspective of metal health.

    Thanks for tyour great video, all the best … Contacted you on FB today ….

  25. “A single exposure (dose) to the substance Psilocybin produces substantial and enduring anti depressive affects. Such an affect is UNPRECEDENTED in the field of Psychiatry.”
    – Leading psychopharmacologist Roland Griffiths –

  26. Wow, so amazing. God bless mushrooms, dmt and the machine elves ❤️. I wish that everybody in this world becomes healthy and happy ❤️
    I am damaged too, been through a war as a child, and later witnessed unhealthy relationship between my parents, so I am considering to take mushrooms cause that may make me a better person, better husband and a even better father to my son ❤️

  27. My girlfriend left me with our 3 year old boy. I haven't seen her since August 2018 and I have been depressed but I'm starting a new path. Thank you.

  28. Would you recommend doing shrooms on your own for the first time? Im finding it hard to find a trip buddy

  29. i think of all this stuff, depression is a brain pain that you must cure by listening to your brain, finding your true peace

  30. I was born in Afghanistan and have been through a long rough road. I had developed severe insomnia, depression, anxiety and server acid reflux. I was on pharmaceutical medication for almost a decade with virtually no result and no hope for a normal life again. finally I had to resort to alternative ways of dealing my conditions. After I learned meditation, slowly I began to live my life again which was a miracle. I have been meditating for almost 5 years now and meditation is like crutches for me to go through my life. However, depression is like cloud that if I have 5 sunny days, on the 6th day dark clouds emerge on the horizon and soon the storm begin to disrupt everything. After an extensive research I have to conclusion that I need some of these miracle medicines to connect my consciousness with collective super consciousness. Cheers

  31. Well, my experience with mushrooms is kinda different. For around a year and a half i had suffered from depression, and had overcame it with willpower or something of the sort, but i did mushrooms around a year later and my depression instantly came back, this time stronger. My world literally turned dark. I also got severe social anxiety from the mushrooms, not just the common shyness but full blown shitting my pants even thinking about talking to people anxiety. I began being scared to answer questions in class, and even scared to talk to some people i previously had no issues talking to. The depression lasted around half a year, and the social anxiety a while longer, but im back to my normal self now, which im glad for. I did a lot if research trying to found out what happened to me, and was really confused as the majority of people praise mushrooms for curing depression etc, and i ended up finding out that i had experienced a form of ego death, and some parts of me were stripped away, and these were the parts of me that made me proud of myself in some sense. However, the mushrooms did change my perspective on the world and altered my way of thinking and allowed me to understand things more than i previously had, and help me make some hard decisions that i might not have made prior to this. Anyway, its been a year since i did mushrooms and im really interested in dmt and want to do it in a few years time as i dont want it to fuck up my plans for the future by changing my way of thinking even more haha. Im out

  32. I've had rage, anger, and depression since I was like 10 years old I'm 28 today and I'm really considering of taking psychedelics instead of antidepressants love your YouTube channel peace and love

  33. We helped al lot of people beating depression already. We did it trogh guided magic mushroom trip in combination with helathy food and training surrounding the trip.
    More info:

  34. Was this your first psychedelic experience? Or was it one you mentioned prior about taking 5 grams and being put through hell as punishment

  35. I have a person in my life that is toxic. Unfortunately, I can’t cut them off from my life (at least not yet) because I share a child with this person. This person has abused me physically, emotionally, financially, etc… I can’t have a normal discussion with this person because he doesn’t tell the truth. He will lie then deny lying even if it’s obvious to anyone speaking with him that he is lying and then lying some more. He also projects his awful qualities on to other people. I’m still traumatized, hurt, angry, and worried about my child. Will he pick up these habits? Will he be abused by him in some way? Do you have any suggestions on how to help me? Or how I can help myself in this situation?

  36. I had the exact same insight about how fear is a software virus. I was on shrooms and I saw a vision of complex, intellectual energies that appeared microscopic. They had properties analogous to a software bug and I saw that the physical manifestation of a software virus/bug is a reflection of this underlying reality.

  37. Hey man, first of all I'd like to say thanks for your videos they are much appreciated, i just have a question for you abit off subject but I'm struggling to find info on the net, where do you get your channels art from? And what softwares do you use for it? I'm wanting to create a channel and I'm enjoying using krita to make graphical art but I don't really want to make art for each video. Thanks in advance

  38. Only about 15% of people taking antidepressants benefit significantly. Think about that; the vast majority do not benefit. The majority do not even get symptom relief, let alone have the cause of their depression treated. Anti depressants generate lots of $$$ for the pharmaceutical industry…

  39. Someone that by allowing depression anxiety into your self and also loss etc this allowing of symptoms breaks down the rigid ego resistant. We always look for ways to rid your self of depression but we never welcome the pain. That's what someone told me anyway, weather it's true or not I am not sure. Still.microsing could help maybe

  40. Another amazing video. Sometimes I think that the opposite of depression is expression. So, if someone is depressed it just means that that person is not expressing himself enough (or not at all) emotionally, creatively, intellectually, sexually, socially, physically, or in a word, not expressing the true nature of one's own true being to the world. The reason for that is, of course, fear and that fear comes from distorted view of oneself due to some early childhood trauma or misinterpretation of events from the same period. What are your thoughts on this… ?

  41. My first time on mushrooms I felt nothing but pure joy for a short moment
    I was smiling the whole time
    I don't think I've ever been that happy

    For a bit I did go into negative thought loops but I think the dosage I took was small enough where I could still pull myself out of then

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