Does CBD Help Anxiety and Depression? How CBD by Makes You Feel Good Naturally Thomas DeLauer

Let’s talk about anxiety and depression really
quick and how certain things can affect it when we understand what is known as the 5HT1A
receptor. Before you turn off this video and you’re
like, “Okay, this is way too far down the scientific rabbit hole for what I want,” let
me explain something really quick. It’s not as complex as it sounds. I just want to help you understand how your
brain works when it comes down to anxiety and depression, some of the things that happen. But I also want to understand CBD a little
bit more because there’s a lot of misinformation out there. A lot of marketers that are trying to push
CBD as this miracle drug. In reality is, it’s pretty impressive stuff
but it’s important to know how it works with the physiology of the body, how it works with
our neurochemistry, our neurotransmitters, so I’m going to give you a low down on how
it actually works because CBD does have a powerful effect on anxiety and depression. First off we have to know that we have CB1
and CB2 receptors in the body. Okay. These are the receptors that usually are acted
upon by endocannabinoids. Okay they’re acted upon by cannabis. They’re acted upon by exogenous sources of
things like that. Now the interesting thing is CBD, Cannabidiol
oil does not directly affect these CB1 and CB2 receptors. Okay? Now, CB1 and CB2 can give you those sensations
of well-being, that bliss, everything like that. While CBD oil doesn’t directly affect those
like cannabis would. What CBD does is it actually allows the body
to create more of it’s natural endocannabinoids so that those CB1 and CB2 receptors can be
acted upon by naturally produced endocannabinoids. Basically what that means is CBD oil allows
your body to create more of the things that make you feel naturally very good. Okay, so let’s talk about how it works when
it comes down to your brain and as a potential anti-anxiety and anti-depressant. You see we have this receptor in the pre-frontal
cortex portion of our brain and the hippocampus portion of our brain. It’s called the 5HT1A receptor. Now 5HT1A stands for Hydroxytryptamine. Hydroxytryptamine is a form, or a subset of
serotonin. But what ends up happening is when we are
depressed or when we are anxious we have less receptors for 5HT1A in the prefrontal cortex
and in the hippocampus. What that means is we have less ability for
the body to process certain types of serotonin. Serotonin is the feel good neurotransmitter. It’s the neurotransmitter that allows us to
get a sense of well-being. And if you’ve ever heard of Prozac or anything
like that, the whole idea behind those is to increase your body’s utilization of serotonin,
to help you feel better. So, it’s a good thing, we want to feel good,
but a lot of times if we go down that cascade or feeling anxious or depressed, we start
to lose our ability to process serotonin very well. Now what ends up happening is CBD directly
affects the 5HT1A receptor, making it more sensitive. So it’s not like we’re coming in and we’re
adding more of something that’s going to make us feel good, we’re making our body more responsive
to it. We’re helping the brain become more receptive
to the neurotransmitters that help us feel good. And here’s what’s really interesting. The same neuron that actually releases serotonin,
or 5HT1A is the same neuron that receives it, so there is a dispatch and a receiving
portion of this neuron. Now why on Earth would a neuron both release
and absorb serotonin? Well it has to do with the negative feedback
loop. Okay, what this negative feedback loop is
is very simple. When the body recognizes that it’s released
so much serotonin, it needs to be able to know how much is out there so that way it
can modulate how much more to release. So example being, the neuron releases a bunch
of serotonin and you only utilize a small fraction of it, well because the receptor
is on the same neuron it can scavenge the rest of it and say, “Oh wait a minute, we’ve
seen that there’s enough, we can stop producing it.” It’s your body’s natural way of modulating
how good you should feel, ultimately. So what ends up happening since CBD works
on one of these receptors, this hydroxytryptamine receptor, it allows your body to utilize more
of it, so it’s allowing your body to actually absorb it rather than to just have to waste
it and turn off production, which leads me into the next section, SSRIs. Have you ever heard of a selective serotonin
reuptake inhibitors, also known as something like Prozac? Okay, these SSRIs work in a very interesting
way. They block the reabsorption of serotonin. So here’s what happens in your body, whenever
you have a natural production of serotonin. Your body produces serotonin and if it produces
too much it takes the extra and it reabsorbs it and releases it again later. It basically recycles it. Well, what CBD does, is it acts on the receptor
to make it so that it doesn’t have to recycle it and what an SSRI does, like Prozac is it
blocks the reabsorption. The reason you feel good when you take an
antidepressant is because it’s blocking the reabsorption of the serotonin. So the neuron released serotonin. The serotonin would normally go out to where
it needs to go, but instead of your body reabsorbing the extra, the SSRIs, the pharmaceuticals
you’re taking is blocking, artificially blocking the neuron’s ability to reabsorb it. So you have all this spare serotonin floating
around. You could see how that could be detrimental
in the long term. It just doesn’t seem healthy to just block
something. But what CBD does is it naturally allows this
hydroxytryptamine receptor to absorb more than what your body’s already released, so
ultimately there’s less to reabsorb because your body’s fully utilizing it. I hope that makes sense. It’s a pretty complex thing and this is about
as distilled as I could make it. Now additionally there’s another more long
term component that happens when it comes down to consuming CBD. You see, we have this thing again in our brain
called the hippocampus. The hippocampus is the portion of our brain
that is responsible for memory, long term memory, spatial memory, even navigation. And when we’re talking about navigation, we’re
not talking about just driving down the road, we’re talking about navigation through life. Spatial awareness in a room. I’m standing in a room right now and there’s
things all around me. If I didn’t have my hippocampus, I would be
completely disoriented and wouldn’t be able to even navigate my way through this. So again, it’s not just geographically, it’s
just in life and in general and emotionally as well. So what ends up happening is unfortunately
when people suffer from anxiety and depression there are a lot of studies and scans that
show that these patients end up having an atrophy of the hippocampus portion of their
brain. They have less activity, less neuron activity
and their brain cells actually start to die. So there’s an interesting study that was actually
published in the International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology. And it found that those that were suffering
from a shrunken hippocampus that were consuming CBD on a regular basis, so CBD that was administered
regularly for an extended period of time, actually started to have neuroregenerative
effects. They were creating new neurons in the hippocampus. New neurons in the hippocampus means that
new life could be breathed into the brain, but was actually starting to shrink. So the portion of the brain that was becoming
less and less active was now able to have new cells, new life. Something that quite honestly 50, 60 years
ago we didn’t think was possible at all. That neuroregeneration is extremely powerful. So not only can you have a short term effect
by utilizing CBD properly, you can actually have an effect that lasts beyond just the
actual utilization of the compound. So that’s why I wanted to break this down. It goes a lot further than what is just happening
in the very minute that you’re in. It goes beyond that and it reaches into your
overall nutrition and your overall genome and how your body is actually responding in
the long term. Again, the nice thing about CBD, if it’s good
quality, if it’s nice triggering the CB1 and the CB2 receptors. It’s allowing your body to naturally utilize
what it already has, just more efficiently so that it can combat all the craziness that
we go through in this world. As always, make sure you’re keeping it locked
in here on my channel. And any ideas for future videos, you know
where to put ’em, down in the comment section below. So I’ll see you soon.

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  1. I've been working with a doctor in CA thats been doing testing on CBD and THC beating cancer. Hes getting around 70% of cancer cases to go away using full spectrum oil delivered in a way that blasts their body full of cannabinoids to boost the immune system and attack the cancer.

    I got into this about 4 years ago as a grower when a friend asked me to grow CBD for his cancer. He was 72 After extracting the oil from the plant and giving it to him, he went from stage 4 leukemia to completely clean on all his screens in 2 weeks. Hes still alive at 76 and takes it still in small doses. Once that happened i started to try to find ways to spread it to others.

    Taking the oil as a suppository has incredible effects and is something that is just now being explored. One lady has been taking it for a few weeks and along with stage 4 cancer she also had chronic pain and depression. This is the feedback Ive had back so far from her:

    "Hey Chet, wow let me tell you something. This morning she just took her fourth dose, which is really just a day and a half into it, and wow what a huge upswing in her mood and attitude ! My wife visited her at her home last night and she was very down and depressed. She has also been dealing with severe chronic pain in her hip and leg that the pain pills the Dr gave her haven't been able to touch. This morning she has no pain, her mood is fabulous and she's cleaning her kitchen and packing to go spend the weekend in the keys! Last night she could barely get off the couch."

    Let me know how this finds you, the doctor is getting meds to people all over the country and hes treated over 3000 people now. Most people dont realize this is an option even if they dont want to do it, they should at least know about it. I am trying to get CBD based youtubers to shout out whats going on and new options that are helping people all over so they can contact me if they need to.

  2. In the aforementioned double-blind study from 2007 on cannabis and dronabinol, they discovered that both substances improved the mood of the respondents and caused a 'good drug effect', which increased feelings of friendliness, stimulation and self-assurance. Interestingly enough, a low dose of THC seemed to induce more anxiety among the subjects than a high dose of THC or each dose

  3. I learned is is not possible to grow more neurons so how is that true. I learned we have the neurons we have and that's it. Once one dies it dies and that's it so we have to try and use our brains a lots in order to keep bridges aka the pathways in our brain alive and functioning but never that we could grow and actually generate new neurons…

  4. Its the high you get from thc thats what works notice that they are quickly losing there war on pot now there trying a differnt angle on it by saying just cbd is the cure all its bs hype

  5. Hey man, I'm 66 years old, and thought you were going to make this simple. Going by your looks, you look like a happy man.!! Thanks anyway.

  6. Can you tell me why Cbd oil actually give me More anxiety? Ive tried 3 different kinds now, in low doses, but it gave me panic attacks, and high anxeity…The very thing Im trying to help…Any answers why it does this to some?

  7. CBD did help, but I seem to somehow become tolerant to it fairly quickly. I still want to try a hybrid cannabis strain.

    Nothing I've tried yet touches benzodiazepines or Lyrica. But again, both are tolerance forming and highly addictive usually. So more useful on rotation than to stay on long term.

  8. After release from the psychiatric ward for major depression and trying numerous antidepressants which only made things worse I turned to CBD. CBD saved my sanity and possibly my life having been extremely suicidal. From there I added exercise, diet, supplements and fasting after gaining back the 17lbs I lost to depression. It's been 2 1/2 months and what a world of a difference these things have made in my recovery. Without the CBD I don't know if I would have made it this far.

  9. I took CBD oil for some time and I noticed a massive decrease in my anxious and depression bouts. I’ve since stopped using it primarily because it was very costly but working out and spirulina and other greens powders in the morning give me massive energy.

  10. Thank you for your video. I have suffered with anxiety/depression since I was 11 years old. Nothing has helped me. I recently took a DNA test to see what medication I should be taking but I am so over what they give you at the doctor. I am going to look into this. I deserve some relief!

  11. Lexapro has helped my generalized anxiety disorder so much, however not depression and dpd. Wondering if CBD will help..

  12. So, I was on anti depressants and started taking CBC oil. In a fee day's o realized I was not taking my antidepressants, nor was I having the brain zings. A few days later, I did get a brain zing and took 1/4 of th antidepressant. A week later, even with taking the cbd oil, I found myself in a tearful day. I thought perhaps I was taking too much, so i cut back. Anxiety was doing well, but the crying, depressive state remained. Some of my issues are loneliness and some are chemical. Been this way since age 15 and am far from that age now. Help. Any suggestions?

  13. I start using CBD before Christmas I was very very stress at work busy busy and last July I got shingles on my hand because of a lot pressure worse I had anxiety and depression kept drinking beer I thought it self help me a lot but nope worse while I had anxiety. So point that day before Christmas I give up done work I went to store what make me change better I see their company have CBD stuff I curious tried I feel bit high but first time use it omg It help me a lot I noticed I am focus whole get done work and fast speed my rate improving! Im not stress much I feel so calm and I suggest who people having stress use CBD it so champ than DOCTOR bullshit talk u know why they looking for $$$$$ than people's life! So I am sober of drinking in 4 months now almost will be 5 months alcohol not worth only is CBD SOOOO WORTH! I am so happy right thing is CBD idk why people talk crap over it just they are afraid it is belong to drug really It not true story!

  14. Yes the oil works. It’s much better than prescribed antidepressants. However, in States were T.H.C. is legal, C.B.D. oil mixed with a low dose of T.H.C. works much better. Cannabis recreational legalization should be Nation wide. This is medicine. Low doses of T.H.C. DO NOT make you feel high. It leaves a nice feeling and you remain FULLY FUNCTIONAL. Responsibly used, cannabis as I mentioned is medicine!!! The cost of medical marijuana is too high for seniors on fixed incomes and Veterans who are in the same income brackets. I personally find it absolutely absurd that alcohol is legal and cannabis is not. Write your Representatives and DEMAND COMPLETE LEGALIZATION NOW. My late nephew had to resort to buying cannabis illegally because medical marijuana isn’t legal in his State. Cannabis worked for his pain. He didn’t want strong opiated painkillers that took him away from reality in his last days. However, even if medical marijuana was legal in his State he wouldn’t be able to afford it. It’s not covered by insurance. This nonsense has to stop. And YES I’m very angry having seen my beloved nephew have to try and get what he needed in the way he did. He couldn’t know the strength of the cannabis he was getting. He finally was moved to hospice. Once there he didn’t have access to cannabis. He was opinionated and completely out of it his last two days. Visitors came and couldn’t communicate nor say goodbye. I don’t want anyone to see or be in this situation. And no, I don’t use cannabis myself although I tried it in a State were it’s legal for recreational purposes. I tried the blend with C.B.D. oil and the lowest dose they had of T.H.C.. It relived all of my pain and anxiety. I tried the C.B.D. oil alone also. It did help but not as well as the two mixed together. As I said I’m angry and think we are living in an upside down world.

  15. I just want to ask, can CBD oil addictive for depression??? I would like to try it out for my depression but i am afraid i might rely on the effect too much if it works too well.

  16. I've been on different antidepressants over the last few years , none have really helped , I also tried smoking weed, that made things far worse.. I'm going to try CBD oil from today and see how that goes , one quetion is are the ones in pill form any good?

  17. I'm ordering 2 bottles of cbd oil and he recommends 2 10 ml droppers for me a day. I have severe anxiety disorder and manic depression

  18. CBD did not help my anxiety.
    Not at all.

    Edibles (THC) had a very pronounced effect on curbing my anxiety and I did not feel "high" or even impaired.

  19. Great explanation 👍 This stuff has been life changing for me. I was on antidepressants for 22 years. I still felt anxious, irritable and depressed (strangely when I was doing the things I loved the most). I now feel better than I have in my whole life. If you are hesitant to try this don't be. It's worked for me it could work for you. It's expensive but worth every penny. I am loving life again.

  20. All the CBD ive seen is from HEMP. It needs to come from the CANIBIS PLANT NOT HEMP to have the anti inflammatory effects! Where do i get that?

  21. If a person is taking prozac would you have to stop as soon as you start taking the cbd? Just wondering if it would interact with the prozac?

  22. Cbd is a joke just like anything you interduce to the brain.just like drinking or smoking cannabis.your taken away from you current problem.cause your brain is getting a high like feeling weather your getting a buzz or not.chemical balance is adjusted.cbd is a joke.does nothing for chronic's the new gold Rush of our era..that's it.

  23. I just tried cbd tonight smoke hardly any of my joint n my pains gone and my anxiety! 💗💗💗

  24. If you take it sublinguily (under the tongue) it bypasses the digestive system (including the liver) and goes directly into the bloodstream.. also , probably the main reason it reduces anxiety is because it contains mostly Magnesium and Phosphorous, both of which , when there is a deficiency, cause anxiety and depression..

  25. May I use CBD Oil when I take 20mg of Prozac and 150 mükrograms of L-Thyroxine for my hypothyroitism, because most supplements cause problems with those two. Thank you

  26. Please, how strong does the cbd has to be, like 5, 10 or 20 Percent? My pharamcy sells different ones. Thanks

  27. Great info! CBD is known to have anti-anxiety properties and helps with anxiety. Many people believed that CBD attaches with CB1 and CB2 receptors and reduce severe symptoms of anxiety and depression. But it actually interacts with the receptors and directs the body to use more of its own cannabinoids.

  28. I have social anxiety, I got it because I was always self conscious about my hyperhidrosis. Since I became distant from people and avoided socialising I started to blush anytime I was talking to anyone. At first it was only public speaking, then it was at the cashier, and now I blush whilst working. My co-workers have noticed it . Now because of it I am severely depressed at work. The minute I get on my packing station, I want to drop to my knees and cry. I tried CBD oil, took half a drop as instructed, it didn't do anything. I was still depressed and blushing. What am I doing wrong? Am I not taking enough? I am considering therapy but all my money is going to go towards that and I don't know if it'll even work .

  29. Iv been weiningn off klonapin after 5 yrs since iv been tapering its been absolute torchure since iv used the real stuff not that isoaate trash its become muxh easier hemp heals PERIOD

  30. apparently octagonal biolabs likes thomas and thomas likes the paycheck. They have no information on their website to prove their products are better then anyone elses. are they organic … no. are they extracted using a co2 method … who knows?!

  31. Great Video – thanks alot. Would be good to have you explain the differences between CBA and CBD-A and THC and THC-A as the way you explain things makes it easy to understand and you also back up your discussion with alot of strong technical info. Thanks alot for this video as it helped me further understand how the receptors work.

  32. Nah hemp derived CBD oil is trash. Marijuana derived CBD which is medically prescribed is the only potent one. Hemp derived CBD oil is nothing more than a vitamin.

  33. How strong of CBD Oil do I need? Every now and then I do suffer from stress which leads to anxiety but more importantly I have lower back pain & have trouble sleeping & that’s daily.

  34. I have been watching your videos, you are very good and totally explain things very well.

    I started out using CBD cream about a month ago and it worked well for my back, I then started taking sublingual CBD oil (lab tested) and my back pain has almost totally gone away. This is after suffering for the past 25 years +

    As a side note, I find that I'm much calmer and my concentration at work and attention to detail has improved. Along with that, I have had some of the deepest sleep I have had in years, and wake up refreshed and ready to go.

    I wish this was available years ago !!

  35. Is all CBD the same, other than the potency? What potency is needed to be effective for anxiety and depression?

  36. Ok I hope someone can answer a couple questions I have.

    1. So when I am done/can't afford/have gaps from when I'm taking it, will I feel withdraws or go back to my normal down and saddened self?
    2. Should I keep taking this til…..whenever or?

  37. I've been a hard smoker of THC for many years.
    I was having trouble with strong anxiety in a very hard class. I try CBD for my first time with a vape pen without THC . And let me tell you. It help me a lot. The second day. On my test I was so calm. You just feel natural calm. I love it.

  38. Thank you for the informative video and content very useful will use information to better my business

  39. I wonder how clinical trials will be able to successfully prove this process w/ the 5HT1A receptors.

    In addition, it has been clinically proven already that we can experience a period of generating new neurons.

  40. 1/ What does happen after you discontinue CDB oil (without any or minimal THC) – do the anxiety/depression symptoms come back? Did anyone try to go off of this after some months of constant usage?
    2/ Did anyone do testosterone tests after months/years of usage? THC downs testosterone for sure, CDB research data is limited. Any news on this?

  41. I’ve been taking antidepressants for over a decade and they only seem to work enough to keep me from suicide…. this has given me hope to live a better life with less depression and anxiety!
    I want to begin with taking a full spectrum CBD oil, however I am not familiar with the best Brand, do you have any recommendations???

  42. This video explains how CBD affects serotinin in your body to help you overcome anxiety and depression. Have any questions about how to use CBD oil? Share your personal experiences with CBD in the comments below. Visit us at

  43. I wonder how many pot heads with no formal medical training understands this right now. This dude is talking fast and even I am having trouble following

  44. Thank you so much for making this video. It was very clear and informative. I feel like I've suffering from a mild depression lately, so I'm going to buy some CDB oil tomorrow. Looking forward to feeling better soon! 🙂

  45. Okay so I bought a bottle of Cibdol CBD oil 2.5%. How many drops should I take and which part of the day? I have quite a serious anxiety issue and depression and I haven't taken antidepressants yet.

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