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  1. Big thanks to you, doctor .. for your work) I watch you every day (I am from Ukraine), unfortunately, the videos are not translated for us as much as we would like.

  2. My brother has schizophrenia. He is now 60 years old. I was hoping you were going to say that there was a certain vegan food one could eat to reduce the effects or reverse the disease. Something cruciferous perhaps.

  3. High quality of your work. I follow you from Switzerland. I'm a professional of health. If you need collaboration just tell me. Thank you Doctor.

  4. Gut biome and schizophrenia are linked. Would patients with toxoplasmosis suffering from schizophrenia be helped by a change in the gut biome as well?

  5. How cool would it be if some researchers saw this video and actually set up a study?

    Great video Dr G 👍

  6. What foods or herbs kill these parasites or harbour these parasites? Pumpkin seeds are proven to paralyse intestinal worms so they get discharged into the toilet.
    I was diagnosed with schizophrenia.
    I personally think many people are wrongly diagnosed.

  7. It would explain normies.

    Normies: "our PM/president is a liar, as are most in power".

    Also normies: "our government would never lie to us about vaccines".

  8. I wonder if some of our behaviors are activated similar to the toxoplasmosis pathway. We know for instance that the smell of lavender may improve test scores.  What is the sex behavior complex but a violent way to force organisms to inter breed.  Schizophrenia sufferers may be more sexually active. What will AI do to us when it manipulates these triggers.  Facebook now controls the human brainstem via apps. Nation states war for profit and control populations like they are Borg.

  9. Amla and Broccoli to the rescue. Not for us, but for the cats (there pee) and cows (to offset undercooked meat).

  10. How about using Markus Rothkranz's Parasite Free formula & cleanse? Not to be gross but having had only liquid green juices for a week to 10 days, I saw actual worms. Following healyourself101 (It's free). I've never been diagnosed with anything as in the video. But I was always a worrier. Since starting Markus' healyourself101 program, I just feel better overall, less worried, more energy, more laid back, more confident, more focused on others with love, more gratitude for God & people like Markus, Cara, Dr. Greger & my family. He has ebooks too that would target problems like those mentioned in the video. I'd say, give it a shot.

  11. It's almost as thought the research using the four counter-indicated anti-parasitic drugs was deliberately designed to produce unfavorable results. We wouldn't want to hinder the super-lucrative schizophrenia treatment trade by treating the disorder as a pathogenic infection, would we? It would be wrong not to speculate, as they say; the NIH features no citations as to this possible origin in their entry on schizophrenia. TFP!

  12. Interesting study on Curcumin (Turmeric) and Toxoplasma. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3377031/

  13. Wow! As someone who has had cats as pets off and on since I was a child, I find this information important.

  14. Maybe dr Gregor should get a grant and put a team together , so that he could conduct a research study 📖

  15. Toxoplasma gondii Life cycle from the CDC, here:



    Unsporulated oocysts are shed in the cat’s feces. Although oocysts are usually only shed for 1-2 weeks, large numbers may be shed. Oocysts take 1-5 days to sporulate in the environment and become infective [persistent up to a year!!). Intermediate hosts in nature (including birds and rodents) become infected after ingesting soil, water or plant material contaminated with oocysts. Oocysts transform into tachyzoites shortly after ingestion. These tachyzoites localize in neural and muscle tissue and develop into tissue cyst bradyzoites. Cats become infected after consuming intermediate hosts harboring tissue cysts .

    Cats may also become infected directly by ingestion of sporulated oocysts. Animals bred for human consumption and wild game may also become infected with tissue cysts after ingestion of sporulated oocysts in the environment. Humans can become infected by any of several routes:

    -eating undercooked meat of animals harboring tissue cysts.

    -consuming food or water contaminated with cat feces or by contaminated environmental samples (such as fecal-contaminated soil or changing the litter box of a pet cat).

    -blood transfusion or organ transplantation.

    -transplacentally from mother to fetus…

    Be it Lyme's Disease or Toxoplamosis, the key is understanding its life cycle, always!! Look too experts in parisitology and infectious disease, and always, consult with the locals or those living in the thick of it. Tru not to get sucked in by outdated wives tales, charlatans and the pish by chemical corps selling antiinfextives and killer (___cidal) chemcals–though drugs and chemical warfare against disease has its limited judicious place if behllden to the precautionary principle and do first do no harm, especially to the natural world. The American Chemisty Council and their industrialist peteochemical lobbies-especially those tied to KOCH brothers—and their countless offshoots and Western Petroleum lobbies et al are doing all they can to avoid the precautionary principle IMHO.

  16. If I have a strong risk factor for schizophrenia and a very high chance I have toxoplasmosis (outdoor cats my entire life), what can I do? What kind of doctor should I go to?

  17. Can you do a MCT oil video? I’m always confused on that stuff. I have some but just to wash my face.

  18. mind blowing.. I have schizophrenia which has gotten me hospitalised many times.. still waiting for a cure. I hope someone hears your call Dr Greger. I reached out to dr McDougall for a solution years ago but we didn't get far. To anyone reading this do not try to come off your medications with alternative therapies and diets the consequences are disastrous (at least from experience). Hopefully in the next few years this potential solution is researched

  19. If you have an adult child diagnosed with schizophrenia, you would also appreciate some suggestion for what should be done to help that child that will not accept the standard treatment of anti-psychotic drugs. Please help.

  20. Well, if I cured my hepatitis B and C with plant based diet then the same strategy of keeping the immune system in ready mode and avoiding other pathogens and viruses should help. There is also good reason to believe that dropping dairy will stop schizophrenia…check Fuhrman. Makes sense because just as there is a link between dairy and type 1 diabetes due to immune system malfunction the same goes here. Not sure why Dr. Greger chose this topic at this time, but maybe it is good to reflect as other viewers suggested one may want to avoid domesticated or wild animals or hunting or eating animals. I know I have been much healthier without sickness since I took that path, and to a certain degree other that avoidance includes sick humans…as the flu, measles or ebola outbreaks would suggest.

  21. "The time is ripe to evaluate antiparasitic drugs in Toxoplasma infected patients with schizophrenia." Then it goes on to point out that there actually already are multiple studies of exactly that. How many with toxoplasma don't have schizo? How many with schizo don't have toxoplasma? Show me the relative overlap. Focusing on schizo patients particularly is strange since there are ethical concerns in experimenting on such mentally ill people who aren't able to give consent. How about keeping it simple stupid and just testing antiparasitic drugs on parasites. Improvements in whatever the symptoms will reveal themselves downstream if at all.

  22. Guanabenz can treat Latent Infections in Mice models


  23. This is a serious public health concern. It's depressing to think of how many people's lives might have been ruined by schizophrenia symptoms caused by a parasite.

    Cats ought to be routinely screened for toxoplasmosis gondii in order to get licensed every year. It'd be ideal if they could take an antiparasitic drug routinely as prevention, just like monthly heartworm pills for dogs. Of course most people don't license their cats anyway though. 🙄

  24. Why do we never hear schitzophenia existing in 3rd world countries or outside of Europe and North America? How can people just start hearing and seeing what’s not there to begin with? I’m saying it’s from something initiated or ingested from the external….. like how ingesting LSD works……

  25. That’s the pork parasite people. Most dangerous THING on earth. Never ever eat pork. Or get pork cross contamination. Doctor this is most important.
    However it me out of 5 children and adults are put on ADHD, ADD, BI POLAR, ANTI DEPRESSANT medications and or several of them. Big money maker for BIG PHARMACEUTICAL.
    COOKED PORK DOES NOT KILL THE EGGS of the pork parasite.

  26. How about they try anti-parasitic WHOLE HERBS as grown in Nature? They work like charms and they are less toxic and technically are FOOD and we all know what Hippocrates said, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food". But NooOooo. The medical establishment can't make any money that way.

  27. This is genuinely very interesting, it could lead to nothing, but I'm very glad how you've gone about this video, I think everyone is fallible and guilty of flaws and I have felt that you've used a certain amount of rhetoric on some arguements, even saying that less than 50% is a small chance is a bit surprising, however, I really love that you weren't just straight claiming we can fix it through diet, but rather "Oh look at this, we need to study this more cause it could mean something" it's really nice.

  28. My sister took dexitrim diet pills when she was 12-13 years old to help her lose weight. They were available over the counter and she would get packs off them. A year later, she went into a deep depression for about a year. Then in her late teens she started exhibiting signs of psychosis. She was hospitalized and diagnosed with schizophrenia at around 17 years old. I think the diet pills she took in her early teens may have caused or triggered the schizophrenia.

  29. Of cause it should be looked into more! It is known that when young people who have died from high risk behavioral activities are being autopsied, the pathologist checks for toxoplasma infection as it is know to cause changes in human behavior such as showing no or less fear.

  30. since tg infection can not be cured, then prevention is the way , cat free zones towns for safe minded. food from such too, will it end scitzophrenia…

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