Dog Massage : Dog Massage for Stress & Anxiety

In this clip we’re going to talk about how
to relieve stress and anxiety in your dog through a massage. Now there’s acupressure
points all throughout the back of the dog’s neck, right in the occipital ridge and by
bringing your fingers in and giving about one to two pounds worth of pressure, a lot
of times they will lean their heads right into your fingers. And you can follow through
this motion into their necks. And just give a great pull on either side of the necks,
stretching out these muscles and follow back up through to the occipital ridge. You can
use your fingers, your thumbs, your forefingers and this is going to help relieve any stress
or tension you’re going to be getting the acupressure points that are around the occipital
ridge to help relax them. One other point that’s great for relaxation is on their paws.
And if you come right below their wrist, and just massage in an up and down motion. This
a lot of times will help to relieve any tension and stress that they’re having. Again, this
has to do with acupressure points. They are just helping to relax your dog and make them
feel more comfortable. And lastly, you can always come up through the ears and just massage
the tips of the ears. And again, having to do with the acupressure points, you’re helping
to relax and calm them.

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  1. Great tips thanks, i did this on my mad little jack russel cross and he calmed down after about 2 or 3 minutes of the ear massage. im gonna keep on massaging him after very long walks to release the tension in his muscles.

  2. It seems to me that instead of "relieving stress" from your dog, your causing your beautiful dog to have more stress.

  3. serious question

    what stress, does it go to work or come home to nagging wives and kids, does it worry about morgages or recession?

  4. i did this on my dog. after i finished, she was groggy and staggering until she propped down on a pillow. its so effective.

  5. This is great! I have 3 dogs and normally, they have to wait me till I come back to home from my work so they have a lot of stress, so when I back to home, after saw this, I do massage to them almost every night. And it very helpful!  Thank you and thank you.

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