Don’t Live in Doubt

A few years ago I went to the doctors and
sat there and said I don’t know what’s wrong but something is. I had some blood tests
and my platelet count was low and my liver count came back high. I had some further tests
and a few weeks later I had a letter saying ‘you have hepatitis C.’
I found out that I first had it when I had a blood test, I was devastated. It hit me
a lot. It’s hard to explain; it just felt like things were coming to an end. The treatment
that I went through was so easy compared to what I’d heard about the last treatment
he used to do. The last treatment I’d seen was a guy doing injections and it made me
really ill, but this treatment now is so, so easy.
I remember sitting in a room with a doctor who said normally I’d be telling you to
go home and make your arrangements, but I’m going to get you on this new treatment that
is nothing like the one you’ve just had and he was true to his word. Compared to the
old treatment, this one was a walk in the park. 12 weeks popping a few pills. I could
carry on working, I had my life back. I am so glad I had this treatment, got tested,
and I’ve done it now and that’s it; I’m over the moon with it.

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