DON’T MISTAKE these 10 Japanese GESTURES!

I was speaking in English with just a normal Japanese guy and in like a business kind of situation and I stood up After a meeting and I stood up, and I’m going to shake his hand and we shook hands, and then we bowed very gotta like Hello everybody and welcome to the waka Pais We’re gonna be talking about Japanese Gestures and the body language in Japan if you’re a westerner coming to Japan you’re gonna notice that people use Kind of a different body language than we’re used to and it’s good to know how to read specific gestures You put up your pinky for a woman or a girlfriend Yeah, like this okay, and then you put out your thumb for a man This is most commonly used when someone’s on the phone, and you say that this okay like is it your girlfriend? Call it like yeah, like you know friend I’m making this kind of bold gesture, but Scratch the back of your head when you feel embarrassed Like whenever you see any drama or anime you probably notice that people just do this Often you see it as a form of saying no in a polite way Like they don’t want to say you know directly, so they would be like yeah, that’s kind of difficult And you’re supposed to take the message that is know exactly don’t I? Guess foreigners sometimes make this mistake in Japan that they want the explicit no to happen at some point they push like so they’re saying It’s difficult, but doesn’t mean no for you They just don’t like saying no yeah, yeah, it means no You make a small cup with your two fingers And you pretend to drink it to ask someone if they want to go up to for drinks tonight. Okay, yeah Like an offering a sock any couple like a small cup you put suck it and you go like that’s okay When you want to invite somebody from drinks suits me, yeah You point your finger to your nose when you address yourself to your nose you can point the face region Especially to your nose kind of telling the other person, but it’s like me, but my nose. Are you talking to me like? Okay, the way we do it in Europe is more of like this is like that like are you talking about me? you’re talking to me I Would never think about it, but yeah, it’s weird. Are you talking to me? This is the kind of stuff if you focus a lot of people do that’s truly all these Japanese gestures You kind of once you start noticing them. They’re everywhere, but before you notice them. You’re kind of Oblivious to them. Yeah sometimes you see a foreigner who’s been living in Japan for like twenty years And they have all the body language you have to have nice person which is confusing to me because we’ve you know foreigner foreigner you never know if you’re supposed to be playing the kind of the Behaving the Japanese way to each other or it’s so It’s often like a polite nod, but you don’t know if you’re supposed to do the handshake or you Know an x-point make a circle with your fingers like this Signal money for instance you’re talking about like a really fancy piece of clothing And then you want to ask how much it was but it’s not really polite to ask directly so you kind of go like this Also so to a person who photos and not like in a story, but yeah, yeah funny For us is this means like okay. Okay? Yeah, I think it has to be an assister angle, I’m Yeah Put your hands together in front of your face to mean please and “itadakimasu” Which is I’m gonna eat right now and “gochisosama deshita”, which is I’m done eating okay? It’s pretty common, right yeah. Yeah, you see that Your arm out. I kind of tilted to this side a straight stripped out Put it in front of your head And you go through a crowd, and if they see my sexy my fancy my family or something yes. This is very common Yeah train stations everywhere There’s a tight spot. Everybody’s trying to be be like coming through some people think you never like yeah Actually works, and it works. Yeah, cuz I creates this like this space around yeah It’s like magic really I I Think like I can magically make people move in other countries too because you’re supposed to just do that yeah And people kind of like it go around you magical feeling yeah, it’s really cool Waving your hand in front of your face to mean several things you can It can mean that I can do it or it’s not me or no. Thank you a lot of things It’s kind of like when someone’s asking your favor, and you don’t want to be too impolite. So you better like this You can’t did you do this and it’s not really me in them or or just some kind of service like a really kind thing that you can’t really eat or Like have enjoy that service Efficiently, so you kind of go like that yeah, it’s kind of like a no. Thank you Maybe if a restaurant doesn’t have something that you’re trying to order. They would something to do that or not Yeah Make a fist with your right hand and hit your left palm open palm with it And it means I’m listening to you usually occurs in a first time like you met someone for the first time in Conversing and you can tell them how I’m listening to you by building that oh, I never knew and I think this is in Western countries is used to signal, but oh I got it or something right Never made this gesture Oh Okay kind of like okay, I acknowledge what you’re saying and it’s really interesting kind of thing okay? I think it’s like a this one’s difficult. I don’t have it in my body. I don’t have it Use your index finger to draw a line or dots from the corner of your eye, you know yeah, right? Yeah, yeah people blow their nose a lot more when their cry in America then wipe their tears So that’s why it’s like covering their nose at that Already cry they go like this Memory like memory and then tears while in Japan is blowing you’re super rude. Yeah, they just don’t do that Do you anyone they cry yeah? This is this might be a myths I mean when you cry your tears go through here Yeah, trust me I would know This reminds me of like anime yeah when you have like the like tears coming out of animated characters They’re usually like on the outside anything You help numbers by folding down instead of 49 this one’s confusing. I know I don’t understand fit fun. Oh one two three four five That’s so weird. Hi. I don’t understand because I think if I if you raise your hand like this, and I’m a hound You you always countdown me the way I do like you count from your thumb to your No, I would do my get is like 1 2 1 2 3 4 5 I feel like it’s psychological because when you show it Like that I feel like you kind of so so do it 1 2 3 4 5 and I think if it’s here, I don’t know I think yeah Actually, I think I’m Japanese okay. I could do Japanese be chopping Despite your weirdly good English you are a Japanese hands your home This makes sense to me because you see that many fingers right one hanging your two fingers three two things and with this It’s like I think in some countries they do Also know some yeah, they do like this was like that like a thing in Inglourious Basterds the movie well nevermind You bow with your hands on your stomach in a 45 degree angle I think this is pretty standard generally, okay. I think it just yes Yeah, I’m just gonna add that foreigners are not really expected to do The proper technique of bowing yeah in Japan, so you don’t have to worry too much like if your bow is not Proper Japanese sense of the way well obviously the bowing is the huge Japanese Gesture and body language element that we’re only Mentioning here because it’s I think too obvious even for this for this video that people bow they don’t Shake hands unless they want to be like cool Western nice You could make an entire separate video about hand shaking in Japan because yeah often times. It’s super awkward Yeah, what is when people want to shake your hand and you’re done You know you just don’t know how to approach the situation I was speaking in English with just a normal Japanese guy and in like a business kind of And I stood up after meeting and I stood up, and I’m going to shake his hand and we shook hands and then we bowed very Gotta like nah, dude We immediately decided we shouldn’t shake hands, and we kind of shook hands like across each other I don’t but it’s just like a bad omen in Europe About I don’t know if it’s even a thing in the US but in In Poland for example you’re not supposed to when two people are shaking you’re not supposed to shake across well I don’t think they were aware of that During a restaurant and you want to pay you just do this two index fingers crossed and this means check, please So they’re just gonna come up one write you a check what’s kind of interesting is how you get people’s attention? In Japan for example you’re sitting in a restaurant and and you want the waiter to notice you in general it’s polite to call people just say sube us and pretty loud sometimes which is sometimes weird for four days because In Europe it would be kind of impolite to do like Excuse me Sounds Excuse me. It’s fine. Yeah, or just get somebody’s attention anyway possible just like wave your hand or anything Thank you wrap it up. The big Japanese just you two Stop whatever you’re doing if you’re filming in a place where it’s not allowed Okay, so this is if you see that stop whatever you’re doing Alright, thank you very much thank you Lane something new I sure did make sure to LIKE this video if you found it helpful and Share it with your friends and subscribe to our channel. Thank you. Hey Yeah, that was really fun

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  1. I wanna laugh at the fact the gesture for drinking is the same as we have but only in a bigger glass kind of gesture instead of a small cup lol

  2. So what's the gesture mean where it kind of looks like they are fanning themselves saving their hand back and forth ( probably describing the gesture poorly)? I have seen this in numerous anime and real life people as well

  3. yeah Japanese actually hit their fist on to their palm meaning oh I got it, oh now I got it, oh so that’s the way, so that is if you ever watch One Piece Luffy from time to time do that and say “naruhodou” meaning “so that is” and many other anime characters often do that meaning showing “oh I got the idea”, “oh yeah”

  4. If you bow with your hands on the stomach people would of think if you are suffering from stomach pain

  5. When I want to confirm if it’s me I’ll just use my index finger of one hand and pointing to myself but never to my nose and use the other hand palming toward my chest

  6. Great video! Thank you for sharing! I am going to Kobe this summer, so it was very insightful. I'll try my best when bowing😂😅😂

  7. In Malaysia, we count number with our right hand like,
    1 – point finger up
    2 – point finger and middle finger up
    3 – three middle fingers between thumb and pinky up
    4 – all up except the thumb finger
    5 – all up

    The moral:
    Countries have different ways to solve problems (but not all of them)

  8. I had gone to a food court one time to eat my lunch and i was finishing up with my table, n it was really busy and crowded. This Chinese family of 3 (husband/wife/child) were lookig for a table to sit down and eat their own lunch. I offered them mine cause i was done and the father said something in Chinese, i assume thank you, and he bowed to me. Ive never had someone do that towards me in thanks. Because im not Chinese i felt a little awkward and kinda pleased at his gesture and just said your welcome and have a good day. It was the first time i had ever experienced this other type of gesture of thanks from some where else… was cool.😄👍

  9. You know I do these gestures all the time, but I didn't realize that I did them till I watched this video.

  10. 5:44 Yes, you're right. I'm from the USA, and here when I or other people use that gesture (hitting a fist into an open palm), it means "ah-ha!" / "I got it!" (like you got an idea / light bulb moment)

  11. The last gesture, crossing the arms in front of you is meant to convey that you are Ultra Man and about to lay down some titan ass whooping.

  12. WOW, I have been wondering for a year now why Nami in One Piece does the OK sign with her hand, but it's because she loves money! All this time and it should have been obvious to me… doh! T___T

  13. 3:44 – 3:55 The expression for closing your hands for "Itadakimasu (Let's Eat) and "Gochisosam Deshita (I'm done eating) also have several meanings. It can be:

    > Begging or convincing others to do a special favor.
    > Praying and Meditating.
    > Thailand way of greeting.

  14. these are chinese/korean gestures as well dudes
    not just japanese
    the chineses and asians when want to say "no they scratch the back o f their heads
    when they want to talk about themselves they use the index finger on their faces
    to mean "i" it is a chinese thing

  15. This Kris is so ridiculous – how can a man ever present himself to the public whilst just wearing an undershirt ?On the other hand, having all These primitive, cultureless People around, I am no longer afraid of WW III, lots of nukes included – it would be like a nice cleaning – up.

  16. Lmao that drinking gesture, it’s pretty common in the UK too but with cigarettes. If someone’s going out for a smoke break but they can’t say it, they just make the gesture of smoking and point that they’re going out. It’s also used to ask someone discreetly if they have a cigarette too.

  17. I thought that when you want to cut trough a crowd you place one hand in front of you as was shown here in a sort of cutting way and you say: “Dozo Sakini”.

  18. The nose thing in North America can mean “ on the nose” which is another way of saying you agree with a person. The drinking one could be taken as “ are you drunk or are you a drunk”

  19. What about the Japanese "come here" hand sign which is significantly different to the English speaking country version?

  20. What’s with the thumbs down sign? 👎🏻I read somewhere that thumbs down means “fuck off” in Japan. I’ve seen it in anime, someone confirm??

  21. At 8:30 telling that not bowing properly will not be that of a big deal for a foreigner is followed by the guest scrubbing back of his head… made my day =^.^=

  22. funny thing I did the last one to my japanese boss once when he said a joke to me about switching our shirts, now I get why he bursted out laughing

  23. watch out, a Sonic the Hedgehog fan in the crowd
    I have noticed Sonic is touching his nose pretty frequently while speaking in games or animes so I presume it's because he's talking about himself?
    Seems weird but he does rab his nose a lot of time in Sonic X when something concerns him more like he's embarrassed to talk about the subject.

  24. I feel like a lot of cutting is done just to minimize the number of times and extend of time the Japanese guy uses on adjusting his hai

  25. I'm just amazed how a very ancient culture developed its many ways of nonverbal language in a so concrete fashion and how it can make people's lives so much easier.

  26. I kind of have my own hand gestures I guess. Some people are not quite sure what I’m trying to get across but my friends seem to eventually understand 😂😂 I found through watching this some of my gestures are similar to Japanese gestures interesting

  27. 5:47 how I know this means you are angry or you want to beat some one or box you and then they hit they palm as they where hurting you…

  28. It was so freaking cute when she told Ryo that a lot of females in the comments section were saying how hot they thought he was and the way he blushed was just too freaking adorable. He was blushing so hard too, hahaha. Ryo is too sweet though. He's so shy too which is also adorable. But he is cute, I'll give him that. It just cracks me up how so many girls in the comments of every video always say how hot looking Ryo is and keep asking if he's single and shit, hahaha. I'm sorry but I just find that funny. Great video though. Thank you, this was very informative and if I ever get the chance to visit Japan like I hope to do someday, I will definitely remember these. Thank you.

  29. Wait what if u have an itch at the back of it head when someone asks u a question? Do you suffer with the itch or explain that u have an itch…akwardly?

  30. And you go through a crowd, and if they see my sexy my fancy my family or something yes. This is very common

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