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  1. This may be treated with disregard, mockery or just be plainly ignored, but for that one, doomer or zoomer who might stumble across this I would like to translate, to the best of my ability, a section, a part from the first Homily or word of Fr Gheorghe Calciu from 1978 right before the secret police imprisoned him and sent him through one of the most horrific systems of torture the left hand of Nihilism produced, i.e communism. The program he was a part of was a "Soviet origin experiment aimed to achieve re-education through systematic torture that transformed victims into executioners and again into victims, turning the innocent into the guilty, in a spiral of impossible violence". You can find the details online. Some went mad, some succumbed… Fr Calciu did neither. He knew at the time that these words would get him trouble, but he had no idea of the extent.

    So I give you this translation my friend, the words of someone who survived something impossible with his humanity intact, in this age of inhumanity that has now hidden its face and placed velvet over its claws but seeks to devour us all the same, that no longer stalkes and prays on us like a pouncing beast,but has become an "evolved monster" that would have us walk willingly into its maw.

  2. I'm a bloomer. I know people can be shit towards me, and things will happen to me but i learned that I can still smile and find the silver lining. and try to first see the best then worst in people and try to evolve.

  3. I'm still recovering from my past doomer lifestyle, it was utter an nightmare that I don't want to relive, I'm not sure if I'm slowly becoming a bloomer or an ascended doomer.

  4. Doomer is not an involuntary celibate. That's an incel. Doomer is someone who grew up in the mid 80s to mid 90s and went from the fun childhood ignorance that the Gen X and boomers had, but grew up around 10 years and on right around the time 9/11 happened and the internet evolved into what it is today. We were raised around the new recession and the beginning of the ERA OF TERROR that was born on 9/11, and slowly witnessed the downfall of modern society as the recession and wars and poverty and ultimately social/economic destabilization accelerated. We have a general negative outlook on life because our generation is the first generation to have it worse than the previous. We are the first generation to be poorer than the last, and far more divided is our society now than ever before. I've slept with 14 women and I'm 25 years old, almost all which admitted I was the best lover they ever had. i'm not an incel, so lack of sex is not my source of negative outlook on life. I will admit I haven't dated anyone in over a year but I'd prefer to keep it that way. We are generally stuck in a dead end or unsatisfying job, ultimately seeing serious ethical issues with most types of work because we see it as meaningless. We are Absurdist or Nihilist, so aside from our views of how work in a capitalist society or any society for that matter is wage slavery, and a form of servitude, we also struggle with the reality that human beings are the most toxic species on planet Earth and the Earth would be better off without humanity. The only species that has seen to benefit greatly from humans our portions of some species that we keep as pets, because they live a life of luxury and relaxation, although this also means they forget the instincts and skills that DEFINE THEM. We are a sub-section of MIllenials. Who recognize the world has and still is ruled by kings and queens, general elites. That the poor and working class are still stepped on and almost always have been anywhere in the world, with few exceptions, such as the Boomer Era of the 1950s-late 1970s, when the American Economy was better than ever before.

  5. Looks like I am in between a Doomer and a Bloomer, leaning more heavily on the Doomer side… I think it’s called ‘a waste of shit.’ 🥳🌎

  6. Im definitely 100% a doomer. I dont walk around with headphones either. The world is fucked up. There are so many impoverished people out there that work HARD to pay the checks of the fucking greedy corporations and government whom do absolutley NOTHING BUT THINK OF WAR, MONEY AND HOW TO MAKE MORE OF BOTH! The world is fucked unless we all wake up and em race a worldwide resource based economy! No more MONEY!

  7. essentially, boomer make zoomers, which turn to doomers, who then realize that life can be good sometimes, and then they evolve into bloomers.

  8. I went from a bloomer to a doomer just cause of one panic attack, now I'm suffering from depression and anxiety cuase of that one event.

  9. My life explained in 7 minutes 😒 except a boomer knows more than the bloomer and the zoomer combined. We doomers just don't want to except it because we think its retarded!

  10. Even if I don't identify, I'd say I am closer to Doomer and it was worse back in time, now I care a bit less.

    Lonely walks in the city at dark was my thing, I was thinking too much and too depressive about things, from my life to innevatibility of some awful things in the world.
    Now I am a bit less in this state, maybe I am older and I obsess less.
    One thing that helps and gives me meaning is a hobby but one that serves as a special interest. I was lucky to have one even at my worse times. I also had this negative feeling that "I have this hobby but no life, it's not normal, yada yada yada". All perpetuated me. But it saved me,. I was right. I am more like an incel but don't identify as such because I stay in my place and do the things I love. Without a hobby, I would be 24/7 at the incel forums. Now, I don't exactly identify as mgtow or either, but I might be a bit closer. I just think I am not in as bad condition because I focus on the things I love, assuming these are not just food, video games and masturbation, but mainly a creative hobby (some community with people of similar interests also) that makes my day worth. Of course I could fix some other things in my life, but it's better cherishing your special interests instead of feeling guilty about them (because of the stereotype of the loser nerd who engages in such hobbies). Because without them, things could be worse.

  11. 🤣🤣🤣 Everyone is lowkey booty hurt. Tbh I feel like Gen Z have their moments where they are a bloomer and could easily go back to being a doomer and back to bloomer almost simultaneously. (By the day or by the hour.) Nether more we all have striving potential that needs to be unlocked. All in this generation get a piece of the pie you just have to see through and work smart to get to it, Believe in thyself. May the force be with you all. ✌💯🔥🌊

  12. True fact: All of us Gen-Xers are Doomers, pretty much. You guys don't even notice us. S'okay. We're all killing ourselves with Opioids. We didn't like you either.

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