Dr. Phil To Guest: ‘You’re An Alcoholic – And You’re Killing Yourself’

you’ve been in the hospital and you had to go into ICU you’ve had a blood alcohol level of 0.3 I wasn’t aware of that I’m aware but I went to hospital a point 3 understand that point 3 that’s when you start to go into a coma because your systems begin to shut down and then you die well they want me dead anyway you’re an alcoholic and you’re killing yourself I don’t believe that I am I just believe that I fell into some hard times and started drinking too much did you burn the Christmas tree down I know that the Christmas tree caught on fire I hate when they do that found unconscious when they broke the door down yeah I was gone I was on a respirator I was in critical care before I was in a coma for six days and then on the burn floor yes so you think I burned the Christmas tree down that’s great a good rehab yes why because you’re not an alcoholic well I went because I’ve been drinking because you went because you do have a drinking problem well I’m not an alcoholic well take a look at this video and tell me what you see I’m trying to get up hey get up please they’re gonna call police you’re gonna go back to jail oh I don’t remember that honestly that was your brother Jim that’s at the family reunion where you fell off the stage drunk Jim took me home yep Jim – Jim your distress to the family you know what you’re not much better yourself no no no no stop talk to me as well let you know they’re here how dare you well they’re mean because you don’t have the right to drive on public streets when you’re drunk and you think you have the right to get out there and drive you [Applause] you are a falling-down drunk have you looked at your face in your mug shots it’s pretty bad look at this this is from falling down drunk you’ve not been held accountable and you’re being held accountable now you need to straighten up you need to get yourself under control the question is what do you want to do about it I’m gonna stop you want to get healthy you want to just keep doing this until you die no I want to get healthy and I want to I’m gonna stop

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