Dr. Pillai: People Ask If I Am Depressed

people ask me: ‘Are you depressed?’ ‘Yes, I’m depressed more than anyone else’,
I say. ‘Why?’ Because my depression is not because I cannot
handle my situation’. It’s because I want to find a permanent
solution for human suffering and that depresses me. ‘What can I do for Africa, or China, or
India where people are without basic needs?’ And then that depresses me, but then I don’t
allow that thought to overwhelm myself because I know how to switch to another thought right
in the next second. So it is impossible for me to stay in one
state of mind forever because I stay in ‘The Now’. So if you stay in ‘The Now’ there is no
way you can be depressed because experience is generated from a thought staying within
your mind. If you allow your mind to process thoughts
as they come and go, and never get attached to any of these thoughts, then there’s no
problem. The problem is you have to know that you are
bigger than your thought. You are not the thought. The Tibetan Buddhist’s would say: ‘Thoughts
are your guests. They come and go because guests cannot stay
here forever. They check in and check out’.’ ‘Thoughts check in and check out’. And who are you? You are the host to thoughts. So how can a thought stay there and depress
you for a long time? It cannot, provided that you play the host. There is also a technique that you can do,
it’s a Buddhist Meditation called ‘The Mahamudra’. ‘The Mahamudra’ simply means: ‘The Great
Technique’. You just sit and watch the gap in between
two thoughts. There is a gap in between two thoughts. Thought is not a continuous process. You just watch this thought, and before the
next thought starts there is a gap. In the beginning it will be difficult to perceive
this gap. But then with practice, you can see the gap
a little bit, and then eventually what happens the gap will get increased, and then you will
be all gap. Then you will be all gap. Then it will be difficult for you- like Raman
Maharishi said that his problem with thought is that he has to make tremendous amount of
effort to pull a thought into his mind, otherwise he’s ‘Blissed Out’. So you can do that. Anybody can do that. The easiest way of course is to do like Norman
Cousins and go and watch comic movies. Then after that what happened? That’s a problem, after you have watched
the movies, then you get depressed again. There is a saying: ‘Wherever you go, there
you are.’ ’Wherever you go there you are.’ You may go to Switzerland, Southern France,
but wherever you go there you are. If you are depressed you take your mind with
you. So you have to eventually find a way to deal
with your mind, and more importantly your soul.

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