Dr. Slump Gameplay – 11

“Hoyoyo~~ I wonder where Midori-sensei is. Let’s find out, Ga-chan.” “Kupipu~” Doesn’t look like I need to kill them. So let’s just ignore them. Gamera? This… Looks like the right path. Nice! That other one was the right path then. One eyed chickens wearing sneakers and throwing coconuts at you. That’s the world of Dr. Slump. Left or right? “Oi, get out. This whole area is my domain you know.” “Uhohooi~ Look at the size of that octopus!!” “I’m a crab, a CRAB!!” “Say, say, do you know Midori-sensei?” “Guahahaha. If you manage to beat me then we’ll talk..” “Janken…” “W-What…?” “Rock!!” “What are you doing?” “Rock-Paper-Scissors. Since you played scissors, I win.” “You little!! I won’t forgive that!! Taking advantage on me like that!!” “Get ready!!” “Uh oh.” “Say, say, where’s Midori-sensei?” “S-She is being kept in the fort right over there…” “Hoyo? I think this is the fort.” “A-Arale!! Right here, here!!” “Enyatoto!! Enyatoto!!” “I found Midori-sensei!!” “Help me!! There was a big ape and he was planning on eating me!!” “Okay. Small!!” “I wanna play a little more so just wait a bit and then we’ll go, ok?” “P-Please just make it quick.” “Say, say, sensei. Where’s that big ape?” “Behind the fort when the path forks you make a turn and then just keep going straight. Then it should be right there…” “Okaaay.” “A-Are you…” “I’m going to play with the big ape!!” So if the big ape is to the left… Then we go to the right. Can’t resist a shiny poop. I know the excitement bar is full but come on. It’s her hobby. First was to make a turn and now to go straight. So we take the turn and go look for more poop. There we go. Maybe it was the last one. “Hoyo~~” What if… Shortcut! “Ncha!!” “Who the hell are you? Did you come here to get in the way of my meal?” “T-That is the one!! That is the ape who was planning on cooking me for lunch!!” “Hm? What do you have there, is that my meal?! So you snatched her!!” “I won’t forgive you for that!! I will eat both of you!!” “Say, say, are you strong?” “You bet I am! Attack all you want I guarantee I won’t feel a thing.” “So cool!!” “Is… Is it? Gahahaha! Well, I guess falling from up here might be pretty bad though.” “I’ll push you down then.” “Like hell you will!! You’re the one who’s getting hurt here!!” The pot is just for decoration it seems. “Gahh!! I can’t see!!” Could it be that she needs to literally push him down? “Whoa whoa whoa… That was a close one. This is dangerous!!” “Did you hear me, stop doing that!!” “Ugh~” “Kyahahahaha. That was funny!!” “A-Arale. Shouldn’t we get going soon?” “Okay!” “Phew…” Sweet. We got all of them. Now I get why this chapter was called “Crazy Honeymoon”. Thank you for watching!

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  1. Love the music. It takes me back even though I never played the game. I'm guessing it was made with a music software used for a lot of games back then, so it still sounds familiar.

  2. The music of this game is so good is a shame there isn't an official ost, or… at least on this side of the planet :/

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