Drs. Rx: Depression Therapy You Can Do Anywhere

According to the World Health Organization, 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression. There are a lot of tools that can help. Today we’re gonna share a surprising way that may help coping with depressive symptoms, and it seems bizarre, but reading crime novels. Okay, so it’s based in bibliotherapy, which is an expressive therapy that focuses on reading as a way to heal. And there actually have been some good meta analyses synthesizing studies that show bibliotherapy is superior to weightless control groups, and also about the same as effectiveness of some types of group therapies. And so the way that it works, is very similar, actually, to cognitive behavioral therapy, which is an evidence-based psychotherapy for depression. And it changes your thoughts and your behaviors, to then change your emotions, and I think crime novels specifically can be really helpful because they’re trying to solve a problem, and they get to the end. And often times when people feel depressed, they don’t see the end to that. I think the idea of being immersed in a book and caring about the plot line, Yeah.
and being invested in it, it kind of takes you away from whatever else you might be ruminating about, Exactly.
or thinking about. A good book is awesome. Yeah, and I think crime novels have that satisfying outcome, Yes!
so I think you can see how it all comes together and unravels, and that’s gratifying. How about watching Law and Order on TV? (laughing)

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  2. Reading crime novels huh…well if it works for somebody, fine but it seems odd. I would suggest spiritual reading, specifically the bible. And actually go all in and develop a saving relationship with Jesus. That's what i did and the end result was and is an inner peace that was not there before. If anybody is interested in taking that path, a knowledgeable Jesus loving bible teacher is important to each you all the ins and outs. I like…teachingfaith com. All their content is free…Start with a series titled, 'change of mind'. That one has all the basics…

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  4. this could be put into the context of soo many things, not just crime novels. any type of healthy escapism can help

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