Dysphoria 2012 studio update: vocals tracking

Hi, everyone! My name is Max. I’m from Dysphoria. Lots of guys would like to know which vocal techniques I used for new album. We tried to achieve maximum transition of emotions through vocal lines. Vocals vary from guttural lows to hysteric extreme screams. Unfortunately and for the pity of all deathcore fans, Dysphoria’s new album shall not contain any vocal takes doubling, sorry guys! Every phrase and word is a result of exhausting rehearsals and constant work on me and the sound coming out of my throat. Do not delete this one! Let’s listen to it! During listening to new material you won’t hear billions of doubled vocal takes. Because first of all we would like to be honest both with you and ourselves. One more time!0:03:18.004,0:03:23.011For the new record I wanted to emphasize vocals attack and readibility. Hope I achieved maximum density and saturation of my vocals sound. So that you guys could listen to it and enjoy. For making a high quality record and in order to achieve most dense and top notch vocal mix I would like to highlight two factors: technical component and professional skills of the musician. I would like to be honest with you, guys: even if you have most skilled sound-producer, most expensive equipment, but if you don’t have any attack in your voice and cannot produce a proper sound coming from you diaphragm – it’s not gonna be a top-rated record. Lyrics of the new album are poems about man’s absurd existence. About relationships between men and factors and things which influence men’s life. These poems are about mechanisms of total slavery which opress our liberties and block us from using ours rights to choose. Humanity has always been a major issue on Earth. We are the cancer, a disease which needs to be cured.

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  1. Хуйня полнейшая,ничего не ясно ни одного слова.

  2. We sincerely hope that you'll be able to enjoy official music video to one of the songs from new LP already late August! Video production guys LOVE to say "meh" when client starts talking about time schedule or upcoming release dates=D

  3. Lyrics actualy ARE in English=D Which means as soon as new album is released, we shall immediately upload full lyrics package at various major metal lyrics sites!

  4. пф… 3-4 года слушаю deathcore и подобное… вооообще ниразу меня не интересовали слова песен… это не Арея, это ебашилово 🙂

  5. 2:40 -ВСЕМ ДОБРА. Ахаха я был удивлен, он дукалис №2, а гроулит как монстр

  6. Tutorial for this amazingly brutal growls please :p Love the album, got it already and it's fucking AMAZING!! Horns up all the way from Costa Rica!

  7. guys! you don't have to spend so much time on this vocalist. i blow him out of the water,and i don't even need fifty takes to get my voice warmed up for thre lines in asong either

  8. топ-студия. если не секрет, то какое оборудование используете для записи?

  9. Бля, это ж хрущовка, 25 квадратов. Там такие тонкие стены, что соседи, наверное, охуели от ваших репетиций. Не надо так, скиньтесь на гараж что-ли.

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