Early intervention in schizophrenia is key for the long-term prognosis of the disease

In the early phases of schizophrenia that
is exactly the critical period where we need to hold on to all the relationships around
the patient. Because we see sometimes those who are chronically
ill, nobody is left. That’s right. I think that as you said, the early phase
of the illness is critical because that’s sort of where the patterns are set for what
follows. And if we don’t get good control over the
person’s illness with them, then the illness becomes I think more severe, and more treatment
resistant. So those early years I think are really key. People sometimes lose sight of the fact that
just a few relapses early in the course of the illness, can have really really bad consequences. Whether it’s getting back to school or back
to work or having friends or having family relationships. Those things can be eroded very quickly if
you have a few relapses.

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