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  1. i suggest that when the cell turns to a cancer cell, telomerase activity increases massively… but while beeing a "normal" cell that gets in contact with a lot tabacco, its matabolism is very low so it will not replicate very often and telomerase activity is down like in most of somatic cells ..

  2. How does Telomerase get produced or what activates telomerase? It's a question for my paper, but I don't find anything about the production of Telomerase or the steps of activastion of it. Somebody can help me?

  3. Well, it is an enzyme; a protein. So I might imagine that is is produces by genes during protein synthesis. Don't take my word on it, I'm still a student.

  4. Telomerase, a specialized ribonucleprotein reverse transcriptase, is important for long-term eukaryotic cell proliferation and genomic stability, because it replenishes the DNA at telomeres. Thus depending on cell type telomerase partially or completely (depending on cell type) counteracts the progressive shortening of telomeres that otherwise occurs. Telomerase is highly active in many human malignancies, and a potential target for anti-cancer approaches. Furthermore, recent collaborative studies have shown the relationship between accelerated telomere shortening and life stress and that low telomerase levels are associated with six prominent risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

  5. Alla luce di queste considerazioni, il governo deve riconsiderare l'età pensionabile dei caregiver familiari, riconoscere tale attività come lavoro usurante.

  6. Very good subject. However, her voice sounds like she is talking from underground or a cave. It was so hard to listen to.

  7. No Annette
    Is not a kind of formula; your specting of life depends, yes in teh genetics, but in your environment/life factors too

  8. I love telomeres.
    BTW, there are some crooks out there trying to peddle their bogus telomere-enhancing natural drugs.
    Watch out for them folks!!!

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