Elton John Reflects on Getting Sober After Hitting Rock Bottom | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN

You’ve been sober
now how many years? – Seven.
– Seven years. What turned you around? [APPLAUSE] What was bottom for you? Or was there a bottom? Bottom for me was
being with Ryan White the week he died
in Indianapolis. Seeing his family so dignified,
forgiving people that have been horrible to
them, losing a child, and having so much dignity. Whereas, I in my life would
complain about everything. And I just knew at that point
that my life was out of whack. I knew beforehand, but that was
the point I really realized it. And months after that,
I got sober and clean. That was a real big
turning point for me. I read in an article– because you never
know what you read. But that you saw Elvis, and
that was also a turning point. And that you didn’t want– Well, Elvis, when I saw him
in Washington, bless his heart– and I’m a huge Elvis fan– it was so sad, because he turned
into this big man with no eyes. They had sunken in
the back of his head. And it was pathetic. And in the end,
there are pictures of me when I look at them and
think, oh, my god, you know? You turn into Elvis. You just shut your door,
and you gained weight, and you did this,
and you did that. And you didn’t
care how you were. And it’s very easy to do that. But when you saw him,
you thought you didn’t want to end up like that. I knew he would be
dead within a year if he carried on like that.
And he was. – And he was?
– Yeah. And he was. [INAUDIBLE]. I knew I had a problem. And the hardest
thing for me was I thought I could solve
everything myself, you know? I can do this.
I’m intelligent. I’m wealthy.
I’m rich. I’m successful.
Why can’t I do this? I can do this.
I couldn’t. And for 16 years, I
couldn’t say I need help. You know that? Those three words which will
save your life, I need help. And as soon as I said
that, I was away. And haven’t looked back since. – Haven’t looked back.
– No. Just say those–
if you’re in pain and you’re afraid to reach out
because you think people will think you’re weak, or you feel
ashamed of asking for help, just swallow your pride.
Your pride will kill you. Just ask for help,
and people will be there to give it to you. I think you just saved
somebody’s life tonight. – Well, I hope so.
– Yeah. Yeah. [APPLAUSE]

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  1. Its really fun I was just thinking about Freddie Mercury and Elton John and I was wondering if Freddie Mercury was still alive if Oprah or Ellen would have interviewed him cuz in my eyes the next great one is Elton John I'm so sorry I'll deny nose number to but Freddie Mercury was one of my favorites hey but number two was not bad😘
    Can't wait to see rocket man 😉😉

  2. You know what will be a turning point for me? When my son and I finally get the truth and respect that we deserve…

    That being said; BOTTOMS UP! 👍

  3. Been sober
    More often than not
    All words were true
    Rock bottom?
    😂 Nah
    I just don't trust white folk enough not to put something in the crop
    And dont trust black folk enough to care to ask
    So until I own the field
    No, I don't smoke weed

  4. I love Sir Elton John's music and I'm so glad that he was able to pull it together. You would be surprise at how much you can help others by exposing your struggles and living your truth.

  5. Why do people applaud for somebody not being an alcoholic or a drug addict? Oh well done on having some self control

  6. Oprah @ her best, a nice interview. One thing about Elves he could always sing even @ the end. RYAN WHITE now in Heaven. God Bless his family.

  7. it is much easier for someone with a lot of money to get sober..i will admit it is nice of him to try and relate but it is like night and day


  9. We all need forgiveness….we all need compassion.we all deserve LOVE. ABUSE IS ABUSE ….ALL DEPRAVED ARE THOSE WHO ABUSE EGO PRIDE ONE SIDED JUSTICE..ABUSE IS WHAT IT IS AND ALL THE VICES. love .self discipline patience ,this is love so….if you aren't any of these virtues then you might be abusing .it's something that perspective is needed.

  10. In a Kate Bush documentary, Elton Said the song that got him through getting sober was the hit song : Don't give up by Kate Bush + Peter Gabriel 🙂

  11. I've been showing signs and screaming for help my entire life. But nobody had shown interest to help. It's different with celebrities and wealthy people that people feel seduced to help and pay attention to. Because for some reason they matter more.

  12. I seen his movie rocketman it’s so amazing and sad I’m so glad that he went to rehab and got sober and finally was his true self I love you Elton John I love your movie ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Elton John you are an amazing person I wish I could meet you in your movie I saw you when you went rehab and you asked “what if I’m not good with out the drugs and drinks” well Elton when you were sober you finally found who you are your an amazing person

  14. I've delved back into his catalog after seeing Rocketman and have discovered a whole lot of material I've never heard.. wealth of awesome tunes..

  15. Now after watching Rocketman and the scene when he goes to rehab made me make a decision to get help. Bless sir Elton John

  16. Recovery is a process, and the longer you’re sober the better your vision will become…IF you live in the “steps”.

  17. after watching rocketman without ever having seen young elton john, taron really does capture something of him in his acting wow

  18. I need help. It’s horrible knowing the person you are capable of being and the things you can achieve but you choose to drink instead. I woke up this morning and my elbow is sore and bruised, I faintly remember now falling down at home, losing my balance in the black out drunken state I was in. I need help.
    Thanks for the video, I will try to be better for myself!

  19. Sick man, with sick comments. Speak to your Gays community, not to the normal people . They are not interested about Homos.

  20. Ive been sober for 7 years now.
    I was locked in a mental hospital because I wanted kill myself and I also have depression
    Having depression bulmia an alcoholic is a horrible i'llness

  21. So very glad Elton was blessed with a recovery, Elton deserve's better, happy for him. Not everyone is able too get honest & get the help they need.

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