Emily Chambers Talks About Depression & Her Experience with Alpha-Stim

Hi, my name is Emily. I am 31, and I spent
the better part of those years in and out of phases of crippling depression. It
would come in waves, and every wave was a little bit longer and a little bit worse.
It got to the point where my idea of a good day was just a day where I did not
have a panic attack or cry myself to sleep. It was just a very hopeless
place to be in, and then I heard about Alpha-Stim a few months ago and decided that it was kind of my last shot. I really hoped that it would work and I
had read the research and it seemed like maybe this was something that could
actually make a difference for me. I knew that it could take several weeks
for me to feel any difference and I braced myself for it to be a good solid
three weeks before I felt any better at all. But I think it was the third day
that I have my Alpha-Stim when I startled myself because I was singing in
the shower. It was such a foreign noise and such
a foreign experience to me that kind of dropped everything and called everyone
who knew what a hard time I had been having, and said, “I was just singing in
the shower!” It was it was incredible. Everything just started to feel easier. I
stopped crying myself to sleep every night. I got my social life back, and that
in itself was huge for me. It had been months that I had just completely
isolated myself into this cave of depression and misery. It’s
been absolutely amazing. It has surpassed anything that I thought it could do. I
laugh again. I smile again. I talk to people again. I truly just
I would say that I’m a new person, but in reality, I am back to who I used to be.
And that is priceless to me. I use my Alpha-Stim every day and I use it for about 40 minutes. I could never have imagined that it would have such a profound effect on me and my life. I can barely put into words what a
difference it makes to wake up and not dread the day but to look at what’s
ahead and say, “Hey, I’ve got this. This feels easy.” It’s truly, there just
there aren’t enough words. I have my life back. I have me back, and I am so thrilled.

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  1. thank you Emily for sharing this with everyone! I know it takes a lot to tell your story… thank you.

  2. I'm so happy for you! I've been using the alpha stim for about a year now. In conjunction with meditation it helps. Some days better than others but it's something.

  3. Thanks for video! Hope it's still working for you. I just purchased one yesterday. Cant wait till it arrives. Looking forward to it! Hoping it helps insomnia

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